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New Book Flat Earth; Investigations into 500 years of a Massive Heliocentric Lie

This book is like no other book about our modern history. For open minds, it may begin a whole new awakening as to our understanding of who we are, where we came from, and a very profound and powerful re-connection to our common Theocosmology, that has been occulted from most for over 500 years. BlackContinue reading “New Book Flat Earth; Investigations into 500 years of a Massive Heliocentric Lie”

The FUTURE is approaching faster than one can handle….!

  2017; The Year the Ministry of Truth Shuts Off Alt. The Legalization of Child Pedophilia; A Very Sick World California is Dying; So Goes our World A fascinating perspective on the near future and its effect on various industries and people:   The FUTURE is approaching  faster than one can handle….!   In 1998, Kodak hadContinue reading “The FUTURE is approaching faster than one can handle….!”

California Tree Die Off Accelerating

  (due to Geoengineering of our skies for decades with heavy metal toxins and Man’s anthropogenic polluting ways, we have blown a hole in the ozone that is emitting hugely elevated (over 1000% above EPA figures) of deadly UVB rays. This, is the primary causal factor for the tree die off around the world. WeContinue reading “California Tree Die Off Accelerating”

More Proof Satellites Don’t Exist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weUzJ2LBXrs WHY!!!??? Facebook and Microsoft Are Laying a Giant Cable Across the Atlantic See Related: Satellites Don’t Exist | https://aplanetruth.info/2015/11/24/satellites–dont–exist/ Nov 24, 2015 – Hat Tip to Modern Gnostic http://www.themoderngnostic.com/?page_id=55474 Satellites Don’t Exist Arthur C. Clarke The origins of satellites … Proof Satellites Don’t Exist II https://aplanetruth.info/2015/11/24/proof-satellites–dont–exist-ii/ Nov 24, 2015 – Note How all Undersea CablesContinue reading “More Proof Satellites Don’t Exist”