The Legalization of Child Pedophilia; A Very Sick World

December 29, 2016  by Aaron Kesel

WTF?!! California Democrats Legalize Child Prostitution

Pizzagate wasn’t only meant to raise suspicions of a pizza shop owner in DC and a whole DC strip. It was meant to convey the meaning of “cheese pizza” as pedophiles use it – code for child pornography. Now California Democrats have done the unthinkable – they just essentially legalized child prostitution by passing SB 1322.

SB 1322 states that children caught committing prostitution can no longer be arrested and charged with the pay for sex crime law. The law bars law enforcement from arresting underage sex workers only allowing them to temporarily detain kids caught in very limited circumstances.

Yes, you read that right, you don’t need glasses this isn’t a dream you can stop smacking yourself in the face to try and wake up. This is our sick reality.

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Rape trees are trees or bushes that mark where sexual assaults have occurred by arranging the victim’s undergarments on or around the trees branches or on the ground. “Rape trees” are commonly and increasingly found along the United States and Mexico borders as illegal immigration grows.

‘Rape Trees’ Common Along Immigrant Smuggling Route

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2 thoughts on “The Legalization of Child Pedophilia; A Very Sick World

  1. I thank you for profiling “prostitution” as a subject that many people should talk about. However, I would hope, as someone who is close to this issue and as someone who works to abolish criminalizing children, that we begin to talk about what arresting, jailing, and then releasing -after a minimum sentence- accomplishes only for them to return to the streets.

    When people think about “prostitutes” they imagine a degenerate, drug addicted ADULT. However, these are not women, some are, but they also need intervention. They are underaged children and teenagers by an alarming percent. The idea is to de-criminalize the victim by setting up programs to help them escape their captors who traffic them.

    In no way, this law is about legalizing pedohilia. Victims who are trafficed from neighborhood to neighborhood out of fear to protect their families from harm and mortal danger (this is an understatement) should be protected. How children are lured in and how to intervene is what activists have been focusing on. Movies and popular culture has absolutely no idea how sex trafficing works.

    Most Americans use what they see on tv as a reference when facts and statistics do not enter the cultural imaginations of those who are privileged enough to never think or worry about children who are easy targets. Of course, racism and classism fuels these stereotypes. Also, who actually cares beyond reading a book enough to see how complicated and saphisticated sex trafficking is? Society is complicit in that they do not care who the children are and how stereotypes about “prostitutes,” which I call sex-workers, convince everyone to look away and in the same breath claiming they are pro-life. Are you kidding me?

    The “real” pro-lifers are lobbying to get our representatives to spend money on intervention strategies to educate law-enforcement. Rather than arresting them and sending them back into sex slavery, the goal is to set up centers to send the teenagers and children to safehouses so they can be RESCUED.

    Also, what lawmakers in California are doing is increasing the penalties for “johns” and helping the victims through counceling, medical care for std’s, chronic rape, and most important Shelter. In fact, many of these initiatives has resulted in taking the funding out of catching and releasing victims of sexual exploitation and putting them in safehouses so they can escape sexual exploitation.

    I understood you read a book, but please understand, the sex workers NEVER want to do sex work. Once you and your family has been threatened with death and if you are 13 (common age) you would do anything to protect them, because being poor means no one cares what happens to you. Lawmakers are starting to wake up to this -thanks to activism that was spearheaded in Boston over the Catholic Church. The truth is always more shocking and pervasive than anyone could imagine. If the Catholic church could convince families to ignore allegations, then how much more for the poor?

    The extent of sex trafficking is so profoundly underrated and misunderstood that if you sat down and talked to a 13 year old girl who was lured and captured into the industry then I would hope you would understand that decriminalizing the victim and providing “shelter” is the first step.

    Finally, I want to thank you for the time you spent bringing this issue to the foreground, but please understand, abolishing penalties for victims and intervening is what law enforcement are supposed to do. They are supposed to protect and stop re-victimization of children. Protect and serve should mean something.




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