Pineal Gland Connection to Spirit

The Cedar Pine Cone has a voice. We know what it is. Whether it’s similar or even a fractal version of pineal gland is irrelevant. Pineal is not its primary meaning, though antiquity was brilliant with multi use symbols (symbolic double engenders).It’s a… Cedar… Pine Cone!

From the… “Tall Cedars.” From the… “Cedar Forest” (Both literal and metaphor for where Shining Ones are made). We know Cedar is a symbol of Heaven, a correspondence of Fire, Red, and blessing. We know it’s juxtaposed by Earth, Water, White, and together are the origin of a baptism- Fire and Water. Cedar Pine Cone/Banduduu Bag= Baptism-Blessing origin.This is why even today Freemasonry has an adjunct body called “The Cedars of Lebanon.“ This is why an endless parade of usurper temporal monarchs, capitalizing on the hoary age of Apkallu, were referred to as… “Cedars, Tall Cedars,” etc. This endured for thousands of years following Apkallu and Assyria, Babylon, and Sumer’s demise.This is “Noah’s ark”. Its talking about storing things.

A pine cone is the safe container of seeds. Angkor watt holds clues. Look at the towers. They are pine cones .BY THE WAY….Turpentine is a fluid obtained by the distillation of resin harvested from living trees, mainly pines … Turpentine and petroleum distillates such as coal oil and kerosene have been used medicinally since ancient times,

The pineal gland, the greatest secret of mankind The pineal gland is also known as the “headquarters of the soul”. This small gland is responsible for adjusting the sleep-wake cycle, dreams, emotions, behavior, intuition, memory, learning, body temperature, hair and eye color. The pineal gland is located in the middle of the brain between the two hemispheres and is associated with the sixth chakra, known as Ajna or the third eye chakra. The lessons that this energy center offers us include the realization of truth and illusion, spiritual development, intelligence, and intuition.

Some time ago the pineal gland was considered a gland without a specific function. Nowadays science and medicine accept its worldly functions, while the mystics have known the spiritual and supernatural abilities of this gland since ancient times. People have been denied divinity with a certain part of the brain, known as the pineal gland or known as the third eye. The reason why this gland is called the “pineal gland” is due to its shape, similar to a pine cone. This small pine cone is responsible for the production of melatonin, a hormone that affects the cicadian rhythm, including our seasonal functions. This small pine cone can be found in the brain center, between the two brain hemispheres.

The reason why “they” try to keep this information of humanity is due to the huge potential held by this small gland. For humans, this gland is a portal between the physical and the spiritual world. When it is activated, the feeling of euphoria and unity with everything that exists fills a person’s mind, giving him a sense of cognition. This small gland can be activated by yoga, meditation and a variety of other methods. Once activated, the person is able to travel freely in other dimensions, the travelers known as astral projections or remote viewing. Through ancient methods and practices, a person can even manage to control the thoughts and actions of other people on the physical plane.

Although it seems impossible, the former Soviet Union, as well as various secret organizations have researched these effects for a very long time, keeping all the information away from most people. The reason why we are not able to use all these amazing powers is the very large amount of sodium fluoride that we digest daily. The pineal gland absorbs most of the sodium fluoride that gets into our bodies. Thus, the activity of the pineal gland is inhibited and it is no longer able to contribute to maintaining the hormonal balance in the body. One way to combat these effects is reverse osmosis or water distillation, distillation being the cheaper option. A direct connection between the brain and the immune system, discovered by American doctors American scientists in neuronal science have discovered a direct link between the brain and the immune system, unknown until this study, which could be used successfully in treating serious illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, plaque scarring and autism.

The discovery was a great surprise to Professor Kevin Lee, director of the neuronal science department at Virginia University in the United States. “When colleagues first showed me the preliminary results, I said a single sentence,” They will have to modify the anatomy textbooks, “said the American professor at a press conference this week. Study Coordinator Jonathan Kipnis, a professor at Virginia University’s Cerebral Immunology Center, shares the same view. “When we discovered lymph capillaries in the brain, we were extremely surprised because, according to anatomy textbooks, these vessels should not be there,” said the American professor. Previous studies have consistently affirmed that there is no direct link between the brain and the lymph system, but the new scientific research published in the journal Nature has computed a computerized model of the lymph system in the human body that includes the brain.

Although not part of the immune system, this capillary system carries the lymph, a colorless white-colored liquid that helps remove toxins from the body. The lymphatic system is connected with all the other systems in the body, and the researchers thought he was stopping at the base of the skull. Scientists, however, noticed something unusual when they examined microscopic films on which membranes extracted from the brains of mice were exposed.

They have thus discovered a series of lymphatic vessels, which have never been seen before,above the base of the skull. Professor Jonathan Kipnis says these vessels were not seen in the past because they are “well hidden” behind a major blood vessel in a brain region difficult to analyze by scientists. Although their observation has been carried out on mice, American researchers believe that these anatomical structures exist in humans as well.

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  1. Adrenochrome is made from the pineal gland when luciferians, new age third eye chakra raising your consciousness and alchemy black magic casting spells and voodoo and shamanism. They do it by eating and drinking the blood of babies and rituals sacrifices to stay looking young and keep from shapeshifting into a demonic reptilian. The world is governed by fucking reptilian s. Royal blood lines and shit. That’s demonic disgusting evil and the most HIGH YAH is coming for them that’s an abombination.


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