Zika Virus Outbreak, GMO Vaccines, Bill Gates and Depopulation

How hard is it to connect dots between this years Bird Flu, H1N1, Swine Flu, Whooping Cough, Measles, Regular Flu, and the MIGHTY EBOla outbreaks to this years “Zika” outbreak? Big Pharma’s gotta sell product so….the Fear Mongering, Product selling Headlines Zika virus could be bigger global health threat than Ebola, say health experts So,Continue reading “Zika Virus Outbreak, GMO Vaccines, Bill Gates and Depopulation”

Big Brother 24/7/365 “Smart Dust” Surveillance Cities Coming Near You

Big Brother ‘Smart’ Cities: Denver vies to become the Future of Police States (also home to the Occult Denver Airport and mass Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB) There is a town 31 miles west of Tokyo where street lights turn on as people walk past at night. Rooftop solar panels power the hundred-plus homes duringContinue reading “Big Brother 24/7/365 “Smart Dust” Surveillance Cities Coming Near You”

WE are ALL Corpses in The CORPORATION

from: The Modern Gnostic Incorporation, n. The act of uniting several persons into one fiction called a corporation, in order that they may be no longer responsible for their actions. A, B and C are a corporation. A robs, B steals and C (it is necessary that there be one gentleman in the concern) cheats.Continue reading “WE are ALL Corpses in The CORPORATION”

CIA Operation Mockingbird & Control of All Mainstream Media

“Operation Mockingbird [was] a domestic propaganda campaign aimed at promoting the views of the CIA within the media. Reporters shared their notebooks with the CIA. Editors shared their staffs. Some of the journalists were Pulitzer Prize winners, distinguished reporters who considered themselves ambassadors without portfolio for their country.“ ~~  From Lifting the Veil Chapter VII onContinue reading “CIA Operation Mockingbird & Control of All Mainstream Media”

Enslaved & Sold by Our B(e)rthing Certificates

…so to run up further debt, increases the debt servitude obligation for every “person” contractually obligated through their Strawman creation at b(e)rth. Birth & Marriage Certificates Scam : Corporations make bonds with them : You are money : Meet your Strawman? YOUR BIRTH & MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE IS A FRAUD IN ALL COUNTRIES: WHEN A POLICEMANContinue reading “Enslaved & Sold by Our B(e)rthing Certificates”

Show Us the Pear Shape of Earth, NASA and “Mr. Astrophysicist”, Neil DeGrasse-Tyson!!

Neil deGrasse Tyson Verified account ‏@neiltyson Earth is not only oblate — wider at the equator than pole-to-pole, but pear shaped — slightly wider just south of the equator.  Sep. 19, 2014   Things that make one go …hmmmm. FAKE CGI FROM “OFFICIAL” NASA PHOTO “BLUE MARBLE” from NASA Website LOOKS ROUND TO ME!!…PRE-OBLATE, PRE-PEAR..,Continue reading “Show Us the Pear Shape of Earth, NASA and “Mr. Astrophysicist”, Neil DeGrasse-Tyson!!”

Destroying the Programmed Parrots of Newtons’ 3rd Law of Gravity

Destroying the Programmed Parrots of Newtons’ 3rd Law of Gravity Folks, Every-thing, I mean EVERYTHING about heliocentric theory, hinges upon Newtonian gravity “proof”, yet the premise in itself is absurd and ridiculous for anyone with a clear mind to think for themselves. This has been ingrained in every school child since the early 1900’s withContinue reading “Destroying the Programmed Parrots of Newtons’ 3rd Law of Gravity”

How All Are Under Psychotronic Remote Mind Control

Jeff Rense interviews Dr. Patrick Flanagan. Topics discussed are The Lilly wave, mind control, social engineering, Smart Meters, microwave weapons, GWEN, electromagnetic wave pulses, cell phone radiation, and more. In 1958, “Dr. Patrick Flanagan invented the Neurophone – an electronic nervous system excitation device that transmits sound through the skin directly to the brain.  Flanagan receivedContinue reading “How All Are Under Psychotronic Remote Mind Control”

WiFi & Children = Cancer

Worldwide cancer cases expected to soar by 70% over next 15 years! January 1, 2015, New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/02/technology/at-cdc-a-debate-behind-recommendations… When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published new guidelines 18 months ago regarding the radiation risk from cellphones, it used unusually bold language on the topic for the American health agency: “We recommend cautionContinue reading “WiFi & Children = Cancer”