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Drain the Swamp; Updates from Hurricane Harvey and the Victims Plea’s

Here is the go fund me i’ve set up to help NO and HH victims.
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Best of Zeus Revelations; Vatican Tribunal World Laws

Roman Tribunal of False Judgement

 The Roman Rota is the highest tribunal of judgement in society. They are selected priests that operate as judges and auditors which claim to have the highest authority over all truths and over morality. They work closely with the Zionist Sanhedrin in Israel and the Evangelical Council of Christian pastors. They operate under Canon law and think they have the right to know every single thing about a person and use Rome’s massive intelligence network to gather information on those they have declared as heretics. 
Members of the Roman Rota are professional liars that are extremely ruthless and conniving. They are all false accusers and lying hypocrites also involved in framing their victims. Canon, Talmudic, and Shariah law systems are the same concept and used for condemnation on anyone who opposes their fascist regimes.
If a person gets condemned under their secret court they issue and finance persecution which often leads to death or imprisonment. Persecution is carried out by paid members of secret societies. The United States is currently under Canon and Talmudic jurisdiction which is why most Supreme Court Justices are Roman Catholic or Jewish.
All Supreme Court justices are trained in either Canon law or Talmudic law. The British Crown controls Talmudic law which is covertly taught in law colleges like Yale and Harvard which were issued by the British Crown through Crown Colonies. The British royal family run Talmudic law in the United States and use it to persecute those they have declared as outlaws. The word Rota means a wheel or rotary. The House of Theodoli in Rome oversees the Roman Rota and have a wheel on their coat of arms. Maurice Monier is Pro-Dean of the Roman Rota today. Monier is similar to the Italian word Moneta which means money. Canon law judges involved in murder and persecution are paid very well to ruin the lives of others. These false judges are mass murdering tormentors and pathological liars that condemn innocent people to death and torment for the slightest thing.

Best of Zeus Revelations; Vatican Imperium

Pope Benedict XVI leads his Wednesday general audience in Paul VI hall at the Vatican November 18, 2009. REUTERS/Tony Gentile (VATICAN RELIGION)

Vaticanus Imperium

 The structure of the Roman Catholic Church is based on the Roman Empire. The Pope is based on the Caesar and uses the title of Pontifix Maximus just as the Caesar used this title which means “greatest bridge builder” in reference to building bridges in society that connect back to Rome. The Pope can be seen waving the Caesar’s salute today. The Vatican and Holy See use Latin for the official language and official documents just as Latin was used in ancient Rome.
 The administrative body of the Holy See is called the Roman Curia just as ancient Rome used the term Roman Curia for its court rooms. Ancient Rome’s Tribunal was transformed into the Roman Rota or formerly called the Tribunal Apostolicum Rotae Romanae which uses judges and auditors. Ancient Rome used a College of Pontiffs to oversee the various cults and mystery religions just as the Roman Catholic Church uses a College of Cardinals. The United States is also structured off the Roman Republic and is covertly governed by the Vatican today. The United States Senate is based on the Roman Senate. Rome developed the concept of a Republic based on an intentionally misinterpretation of the Greek City State Federation.
The Italian Nobility that are involved in running the Vatican and Rome are ancestors of the Roman Gents. The Massimo family claim to be the Fabii Maximi clan. The names Massimo and Maximi mean “greatest” or “massive”. The Colonna family claim to be the ancestors of the Julio-Claudian dynasty which conquered the Ptolemaic dynasty of ancient Greco-Egypt. When these families conquer their rivals they intermarry with each other.
The Colonna family’s more recent ancestors from the Counts of Tusculum used the name Ptolemy. The Doria family name comes from De Auria which is the same as the Auria gentile family of ancient Rome. The Giustiniani family of Venice is the modern day Justinian clan. The Italian word Giusto means good or just.
The Medici family are the Princes of Ottajano today and Ottajano translated into Latin is Octavian. Nero was an Octavian. The Greek House of Glucksburg take the given name Constantine for the Constantinian Dynasty that ruled the Byzantine Empire and Nova Rome or Constantinople.
The Catholic Church covertly incorporates many Roman pagan beliefs into its religion. The Cathioino ai Monti is a church in Rome right above Campus Martius or the Field of Mars. Martino is a saint and an allegory for Mars the god of war. The Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Ravenna Italy is allegory for the Temple of Apollo. Sant Apollinare is depicted in the basilica with a golden sphere that appears like a sun behind his head. The Cult of Cybele was located in Rome at Vagitanus Hill where initiated priests would become literal eunuchs to honor their goddess Cybele. Catholic priests are celibate or eunuchs as a continuation of this cult.
Nuns are celibate as a continuation of the Vestal Virgin Cult.
The Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church practice mock rituals of drinking wine as a metaphor for blood and eating bread chips as a metaphor for flesh and this ritual is a continuation of the Cult of Dionysus the deity of grape harvest, ritual madness, and theater. The Sileni were the intoxicated companions of Dionysus and there is a statue of Silenus at the Vatican Museum in Rome. The Italian Nobility which established the Vatican still control it today and have built pagan statues all over Italy.

Best of Zeus Revelations; Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus are a Roman Catholic military order that operate internationally. Knights are military servants. The Knights of Columbus (KOC) take their name from the Genova born Christopher Columbus who was partially funded by the Doria banking family of Genova who are intermarried with the Colonna family of Rome and the Savoy family. The names Colonna and Columbus both mean a column and Christopher Columbus was really a relative of the Colonna family. The District of Columbia takes its name from Columbus.

The Knights of Columbus use the Roman fasces symbol for their logo and the Roman fasces symbol is also all over federal buildings and seals in the District of Columbia. The Knights of Columbus are structured like Freemasonic Orders with degrees and initiations. The KOC was developed as an alternative to Freemasonry since Roman Catholics are not supposed to be official members of Freemasonry although that is not always the case. The Knights of Columbus are headquartered in New Haven Connecticut which is also the headquarters for the Yale’s Skull and Bones. Many police officers, lawyers, judges and politicians are members of the Knights of Columbus and are covertly serving the interests of the Vatican.

The KOC endorsed Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito who is a suspected member of the KOC. The KOC claims in their endorsement of Samuel Alito that Roman Catholics are not fully accepted in America yet 5 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices are Roman Catholic today. Jeb Bush is a fourth degree Knight of Columbus and his wife’s name is Columba Bush. Dennis Savoie is the Canadian ambassador to the Holy See and has been Deputy Supreme Knight of the KOC and Supreme Treasurer of the KOC. Dennis Savoie like the House of Savoy which ruled Italy and put in the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in power who established the Vatican as a nation through the Lateran Treaty of 1929. The fasces symbol used by the KOC is the origin for the word fascism which means a centralization of power. The Knights of Columbus are a secret society directly controlled by the Vatican.

They are involved with persecuting those the Pope of Rome declared as heretics and they carry out this persecution for money.I know of the persecution carried out by members of the KOC from my own personal experiences. The Italian Nobility are the owners of the Vatican, the Society of Jesus, the Knights of Columbus, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and the Italian Mafia. The Italian Nobility use their Knights of Columbus to infiltrate police departments and court systems in the United States which assist the Italian Mafia.

The Colonna family are the primary owners of the KOC and they also own the Colombo crime family. Carl Albert Anderson is an attorney who worked under President Ronald Reagan’s administration and is the current Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus.