The Spiritual Nature of Hair

Why long hair is so important?To say it in front, hair is antennas!Long hair receives all vibrations and frequencies, and so everyone can feel much more. For long, it was normal that women had hair to the floor and also the men (the old germanic, Indians, etc. ) wore long hair.

When more and more the vibration was changed to negative, especially the hair in the man was cut short. This began later with women, that more and more of their magnificent antennas were in place. This was explained by the fads or the convenience.In the military, it was introduced to carry an extreme kurzhaarfrisur(short hairstyle_)

The reason for this is because it does not make men feel more and so to become “these” without becoming a insubordination. Because we remember the old warriors (Indians, promote, etc. ) all had a long hair and were still great fighters.Only now so slowly, more and more young people start, especially women, to wear long hair with pride.

They feel in their deepest inner that long hair is something wonderful. Young men also start to grow long hair again. They usually have a few little problems with their relatives, but they still do it and feel good. Since emancipation has been growing more and more in recent decades, men who have long hair will be sure that many women will not be able to cope with them, even formally. This has to do with the man with long hair more sensitivity than the woman with her hair and she feels this. If the woman has long hair and still glare the man, this has to do with “competition” because he has now become very sensitive.

The following quotes show the importance of long hair:Willy Prolong, reports 1963 on page 620 in ” the other world “, ” all occult weird “”hair as sending and antennas”:When the Philistines-do dalila the nazirite judge simson in sleeping the curls Abschor (Bible judge, XVI; 17 f), he left his power. After that, “Miracle Apostle” was established by professor Hans Stars (* 1889).” one is sure that by cutting her hair, the woman robs the man of a great power source, because the hair takes very increased cosmic magnetism and holds him.” (Stars of the, Hans: Spring in the village, Leipzig, 1929; s. 105)

The same view was expressed by his time-known practitioner Karl Quail and closed the question:” why do shorn horses need more feed than those who left their hair?”(Quail Born, Karl :”the medicine on energy basis and the law of the disease”, hellerau-Dresden, 1940; 1, p. 64-65)General Doctor Dr. Med. Felix Butter (1865-1950) means:” perhaps the hair of the female sex is the first, even visible section of an unconscious mental transmission apparatus. In the early middle ages, the virgins wore long, free hair (every hair an antenna)…. and when the girls entering a monastery had to cut off their hair, they cut their antennae to their psycho environment.” (Butter Sack, Felix: “soul rays and resonance” Leipzig, 1937; s. 38)

In the book “the golden band” is on s. 230 the following on hair:” the woman cuts Samson during the sleep, the head, the seat of his gigantic creativity. The Crested is also hidden in the crested. The Religion-Moon-related religion in the fish age represents the emasculation through the church tonsure and the society by making the hair of the prospective nun. St. Paul explains that he wants to make eunuchs from all Christians. The Kings of divine origin had dense hair hair, they were hairy all over the body and cut themselves as a sign of their royalty, never hair. The pelas were hairy.

The Sihks in India, an warlike race, never cut their hair. It’s the aryans from the time of a falling of Alexander the great. The Merovingian Kings will be resurrected one day from their graves with their manes same blond, hyper hair. The Shepherd Kings of the hyksos should have had dense hair growth and, like Esau, long hair.”Also the great naturalist and scientist, Victor Look (1885-1958), says about hair:” the bubi fashion is still young and yet there are sometimes light women who are already light, yes once and for all, and it is deeply regrettable that women are already beginning to imitate the men. Growing bald is indeed a shabby phenomenon of a time when it goes wrong everywhere and where much is neither beautiful nor beneficial.

No wonder we can no longer see the constantly growing bald ones on our mountains, which, like the bald ones of women, are also owed by hairdressers who have no idea that all growth phenomena, such as hair and trees, intermediaries of atmospheric and geo Spherical for are. Without them, there is neither fertility nor ceremony if the places that have covered nature with hair or trees are bald or show other mange characteristics. It used to be enough when a linde hands cut over a bushy man head to bring feelings to spark and crackle, so today no massage, no head wash and brush to lure even a tiny of from a more or less old baldy “Victor look” by Franz Ferzak, s. 224-225)Everyone can now make a judgment.

A present example of this subject is the film “Lord of the rings”. even there all people have long hair. Why is this? Well, because hair is antennas!Just the woman shouldn’t cut her long hair short, because until the hair, the female aura is enough. If you cut your hair, the female aura is severely disturbed – even destroyed.Just women know the feeling of sadness that causes almost physical pain when the barber cut their hair too short. Hair is more than a beauty appearance.

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