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Best of Zeus Revelations Today. The eye has it.

  More thought bombs by Zeus Revelations. website https://ahuwahzeus.wixsite.com/mysite/single-post/2017/07/18/The-Holy-See The Holy See Archbishops govern over their districts known as episcopal sees. Bishops and Cardinals are the eyes of the Vatican and Holy See. The Holy See is the All Seeing Eye. The word holy derives from the Greek word holos which means whole. All is aContinue reading “Best of Zeus Revelations Today. The eye has it.”

6 Pak of Occulted Truths; Washington D.C., the Jesuits and our Continued Enslavement. The Lies End Now.

Why do you pay taxes? a: Because I’ll go to jail! Do you know where your taxes, registrations, fees, dues, lottery payments, etc. go once you send your hard earned money to the government???? No, you don’t! Much of the money we pay in goes into special administrative and investment funds under corporate filings. TheContinue reading “6 Pak of Occulted Truths; Washington D.C., the Jesuits and our Continued Enslavement. The Lies End Now.”

Insurance Companies Want to/Will Own Your Soul

http://www.blacklistednews.com/Insurance_Industry_Leads_The_Way_in_Social_Credit_Systems/59420/0/38/38/Y/M.html The whole 12 page pull-out in the Times makes for utterly depressing reading when considering the future. The insurance business is now going to measure the risk on everything you do including what is in your weekly shopping basket. A fews bottles of Chardonnay, a pack of oven chips and BBQ sauce will push up premiumsContinue reading “Insurance Companies Want to/Will Own Your Soul”

IRS is a privately owned Puerto Rican trust.

Ever wonder why your tax return goes to one address and your Fed tax payment to another?? This memorandum will be construed to comply with provisions necessary to establish presumed fact (Rule 301, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and attending State rules) should interested parties fail to rebut any given allegation or matter of lawContinue reading “IRS is a privately owned Puerto Rican trust.”

One World Bank; One World Government; Cashless Society

Financially, there are only four countries. One bank, the Bank of International Settlement, run by the Rothschild’s in Geneva, Switzerland. The same Rothschild’s who are the Bankers to the Vatican.  The  countries that do not clear through the BIS, are Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran North Korea and Syria. Is it any wonder Russia and theContinue reading “One World Bank; One World Government; Cashless Society”