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Quote of the Flat Earth Day

Flat Earth Quote of the Day Jupiter rising Automatically held OK, lets put this to bed. I used to work as an aircraft instrument technician! I pulled hundreds of artificial horizons apart, overhauled them, and recalibrated them, I would like a $ for everyone I have done mostly military aircraft, fighter bombers and fighter jets. IContinue reading “Quote of the Flat Earth Day”

FREE! Flat Earth Book

Favor/Request                      FE Color FINAL Book 7.24.17 Dear Flat Out Truth Seekers,  I have spent two years doing research and putting together this book. I really hope you enjoy it and find it full of useful information that you can share with others.  One of my reviewers called this book, “The People magazine of FlatContinue reading “FREE! Flat Earth Book”

Anniversary Thank You and a Favorable Review

Hi Dear Readers who read this here and now. Thank you all who have supported this effort to alert, educate, and inform all to alternative thought and truths. It’s been quite the journey. I have been blessed to have just gone over 4 million views on my blogs and You Tube as to viewership numbers.Continue reading “Anniversary Thank You and a Favorable Review”