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Activist in Action Tool Kit

Please click on the links for the .pdf file. These are formatted in 20’h x 16 wide. You can order from Staples of Office Depot, dual sided laminated prints.

These are great for topical discussion. They are laid out in picture storybook form and the images turn out very clear. Cost is $6-10 per 2 sided laminate copy.

Activists in Action


aaa 1A Laser rosa fire

aaa 1B most selective srosa fires

aaa 2A dustification srosa fire

aaa 2B winds srosa fire





aaa 3A Weather WSAC

aaa 3B ge chem hurricane

aaa 4B wifi

aaa 4A 5g

aaa 5A Freemason

aaa 5B jesuit

aaa 6A nano food

aaa 6B nano food


aaa 7A genocide

aaa 7B Awareness

aaa 8A lightning

aaa 8B ge chem

aaa 9A HOax

aaa 9B New Pedo

aaa 10A Its Flat