Hell No! to Mandatory Forced Vaccinations

Get Educated, get informed, pass it on.


No forced Vaccination

One thought on “Hell No! to Mandatory Forced Vaccinations

  1. JMRobby July 23, 2016 at 12:58 PM Reply

    I am very happy to come to this topic about forced vacination in America. I think the same in UK. Here in UK you could be prosecuted if you do not vacinate your child. I had been treatened by the local authorities to vacinate my little child when she started nursery. I really hate vacines. I do not trust them, you do not know really what they are doing, the could even insert microchips or nanotechnology in the body of millions of children. All the vacinations I had been forced to put to my child I believe most of them were really unecesary. A good profit for biological laboratories that create the illness first and then the vacine. How can people can play with peoples lives? Life is just a beautiful holiday, not a hell!


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