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Deadly Vaccines in China Getting Much Worse; 83% of all Vaccines made in China

Your doctor does not even know that the vaccines they prescribe are mostly made in China. (there drug rep won’t tell them)

Your doctor likely does not even read the list of ingredients provided by the manufacturer in the insert. (there drug rep won’t tell them)

Your doctor is likely not aware that over $4 billion has been awarded to victims of vaccine injury in very stringent requirements by the Nat’l Vaccine Injury Committee. (there drug rep won’t tell them)

Your doctor makes money in every vaccine he/she sells. (there drug rep also takes them on vacations to exotic areas.)

It is against your doctors personal business interests for all to be healthy.



Massive illegal vaccine scandal in China has citizens asking, ‘Is this genocide?’

As news of an illegal vaccine distribution scandal in China continues to emerge, outraged citizens are demanding to know why the government waited so long to inform the public that their children were at risk. According to the government, an illegal vaccine ring in operation since 2011, distributed $88 million worth of vaccines that had expired or been improperly refrigerated. This placed all children who got the shots at risk of disability or death. It is not known how many children were harmed by the illegal vaccines. The government has known about the ring since April 2015, but did not announce its knowledge until this March.

Sad News for All Fish in the Ocean, Sad News for Humanity, Truth Be Told


“Nearly Half Of The Great Barrier Reef To Die In The Next Month”, Abrupt Climate Shift Is Now

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is one of the “7 wonders of the world”, nearly half of it is expected to die in the next month. Why? The 2 minute video below is a breaking news update from the front lines.
The oceans are superheating, along with the rest of the planet. If the oceans die, we die. Recent studies indicate that half of the barrier reef has already been lost in the previous 3 decades.

Now, in the next 30 days, half of what is left will be lost.

Some want to primarily blame Fukushima for the dying seas, but there is much more to the equation.  In the early 90s I participated in 2 private extended dive excursions on the Barrier reef, such a loss is unimaginable to me. Is anthropogenic (human) activity to blame for the explosion of environmental cataclysms on our planet?

With absolute mathematical certainty the answer is YES.

The human race and the military industrial complex has decimated the planet in countless ways, the ongoing climate engineering insanity is at the top of the list of destruction. The toxic heavy metal fall out from climate engineering is further fueling the global die off.
The destruction of the ozone layer (most directly linked to the ongoing geoengineering assault) is also a massive contributing factor in regard to coral bleaching and the global die-off in general. Earth and its life support systems are in virtual collapse, and even now the vast majority of populations are completely oblivious to what is unfolding around them at absolutely blinding speed.
Even now there are countless groups, organizations, and individuals that are still clinging to carefully crafted power structure propaganda and lies of “global cooling”, “global warming is a hoax”, or “we can’t tell if the planet is warming or cooling”. How can there be such an incomprehensible disconnect? Because the majority are still tragically choosing to form their conclusions from ideology and not front line facts. Because the majority choose not do do any objective research from credible and verifiable sources on an ongoing basis. The chasm of willful confusion is vast and there is plenty of blame to go around.
The environmental/climate science/global warming communities and groups are immersed in inexcusable denial in regard to the geoengineering/solar radiation management atrocities in our skies. How can there be any legitimate discussion of the climate without even mentioning the single largest climate disrupting and damaging factor of all, geoengineering/weather warfare, and SRM programs? Answer? There can’t be. On the other side of the fence there are many who recognize the reality of climate engineering, but unfortunately are in total denial in regard to the unfolding planetary meltdown (that is being made exponentially worse overall by climate intervention programs).
The weather makers can create large scale short term chemical cool-downs at the cost of a worsened overall warmingArctic ice is yet again at record breaking low levels as the ongoing atmospheric spraying continues. Antarctica is also in trouble. The 2 minute video below makes inarguably clear that geoengineering/solar radiation management programs are reality.


Seriously Blurring Lines of Reality and Technological Fakery; Part III News Broadcasting

It is now being released as commercial applications but the lines between reality and virtual are officially melded and blended and non transparent. You cannot trust any visual broadcast anymore..think about that.



Jesuit Quotes of Worldwide Domination Agenda



Following is a compilation of quotes from a variety of sources.  Some admit that their own diabolical organizations were modeled on Jesuit principles.  Others give warning.  A number of those who sought to warn did so at the cost of their lives.  WLC would encourage all to carefully study the following material.

“A wise man will hear, and will increase learning;
and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.”
(Proverbs 1:5, KJV)


Ignatius of Loyola (1491_1556, founder of the Society of Jesus, and First Superior General)

“Nor will it contribute a little to our advantage, if, with caution and secrecy, we foment and heighten the animosities that arise among princes and great men, even to such a degree that they may weaken each other. But if there appear any likelihood of reconciliation, then as soon as possible let us endeavor to be the mediators, lest others prevent us.”1

“Finally, — Let all with such artfulness gain the ascendant over princes, noblemen, and the magistrates of every place, that they may be ready at our beck, even to sacrifice their nearest relations and most intimate friends, when we say it is for our interest and advantage.”2

“Let proper methods be used to get knowledge of the animosities that arise among great men, that we may have a finger in reconciling their differences; for by this means we shall gradually become acquainted with their friends and secret affairs, and of necessity engage one of the parties in our interests.”3

“Immediately upon the death of any person of post, let them take timely care to get some friend of our Society preferred in his room; but this must be cloaked with such cunning and management as to avoid giving the least suspicion of our intending to usurp the prince’s authority . . . ”4

“Putting aside all private judgment we should always be ready to accept this principle: I will believe that the white I see is black, if the hierarchical Church so defines it.”5

“Princes and persons of distinction everywhere must, by all means be so managed that we may have their ear, and that will easily secure their hearts: by which way of proceeding, all persons will become our creatures, and no one will dare to give the Society the least disquiet or opposition . . . Finally, the Society must endeavor to effect this at least, that having gotten the favor and authority of princes, those who do not love them at least fear them.”6

 Paolo Sarpi (1552-1623, a Venetian patriot, scholar, scientist and church reformer)

“They are a public plague, and the plague of the world . . . From the Jesuit colleges there never is sent a pupil obedient to his father, devoted to his country, loyal to his prince.”7

“Every species of vice finds its patronage in them. There is no perjury, nor sacrilege, nor parricide, nor incest, nor rapine, nor fraud, nor treason which cannot be masked as meritorious beneath the mantle of their dispensation.”8

 Mutio Vitelleschi (1562-1645, Sixth Superior General of the Society of Jesus)

“When Sovereigns require a Jesuit’s opinion on any subject, the Jesuit in question is to report the matter to his Superior, who is to lay it before several Jesuits for discussion. The resolution formed after this consultation is supplied to the Jesuit who has been consulted by the Sovereign.”9

Priest Antoine Arnauld (1612-169410)

“Do you wish to excite troubles, to provoke revolution, to produce the total ruin of your country? Call in the Jesuits . . . and build magnificent colleges for these hot-headed religionists; suffer those audacious priests, in their dictatorial and dogmatic tone, to decide on affairs of State.”11

Michelangelo Tamburini (1648-1730, Fourteenth Superior General of the Society of Jesus)

“See, sir, from this chamber I govern not only to Paris, but to China, not only to China, but to all the world, without any one to know how I do it.”12

 Pope Clement XIV (1705-1774)

Following are Pope Clement XIV’s words, upon signing the Bull of Suppression and Extinction of the Jesuits (a bull is the strongest legal document a Pope can issue):

“The suppression is accomplished, I do not repent of it, having only resolved on it after examining and weighing everything, and because I thought it necessary for the church.  If it were not done, I would do it now.  But this suppression will be my death.13

Pope Clement XIV knew the Jesuits very well, and expected to die at their hands.  He was correct.  He was poisoned:

“ . . . a peasant woman was persuaded, by means of a disguise, to procure entrance into the Vatican, and offer to the Pope a fig in which poison was concealed.  Clement XIV was exceedingly fond of this fruit, and ate it without hesitation.  The same day the first symptoms of severe illness were observed, and to these, rapidly succeeded violent inflammation of the bowels.  He soon became convinced that he was poisoned, and remarked: ‘Alas! I knew they would poison me; but I did not expect to die in so slow and cruel a manner.’  His terrible sufferings continued for several months, when he died, ‘the poor victim,’ said Cormenin, ‘of the execrable Jesuits to which the Bishop of Pistoia, Scipio di’ Ricci, the nephew and heir of Jesuit General Ricci, fully agreed.’ ”14


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Are Celebrities Being “Suicided” in Their 60’s by MKUltra?

Just these past few weeks many B celebrities in their 60’s are dying deaths where no reports are given.  It is the stated agenda of those in Mind Control to delete those who have worked for them but no longer can be trusted to keep hidden dark secrets, so they are “suicided”.  Please watch vid/doc on how Robin Williams “suicide” was fortold on Family Guy years before.

Numerology; (MK-Ultra Mind Control), =71 (Rockstar Killing / Musicians Killed / Ritual Murders / Mossad)

Past Few Weeks. Did they all make a Faustian deal with the devil and payment came due???
Oscar-Winning Actress Patty Duke Dies at 69

Garry Shandling Dead: ‘Larry Sanders Show’ Star Dies at 66 .

The Eagles’ Glenn Frey dead at 67

Ken Howard, actor and president of SAG-AFTRA, dies at 71


Robin Williams dies aged 63 from suspected suicide ..

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Jesuits Best Hits in Modern Times

Ahriman Is Here


Anthroposofically; Ahriman, Satan & Christ

According to Rudolf Steiner, we have a devil on each shoulder, and the angel or Christ is within our hearts.

Christ between Lucifer and Ahriman (Satan)
The anthroposophical view is that good is found in the balance between two polar, generally evil influences on world and human evolution. Two spiritual adversaries endeavour to tempt and corrupt humanity: Lucifer and his counterpart Ahriman. Steiner described both positive and negative aspects of both figures.

Lucifer is the light spirit, which “plays on human pride and offers the delusion of divinity”, but also motivates creativity and spirituality.  Lucifer is the “light bearer”, carries the message of spirit and denial of the material

Ahriman is the dark spirit, which tempts human beings to “…deny [their] link with divinity and to live entirely on the material plane”, but also stimulates intellectuality and technology. Ahriman is like Satan, who carries the message of materiality and denial of the spiritual.

Both figures exert a negative effect on humanity when their influence becomes misplaced or one-sided, yet their influences are necessary for human freedom to unfold.
Each human being has the task to find a balance between these opposing influences, and each is helped in this task by the mediation of the Representative of Humanity, also known as the Christ being, a spiritual entity who stands between and harmonizes the two extremes. The Christ being, or Representative of Humanity, is the True You – your highest self – your soul.

Today people divide Christ into aspects such as “historical,” “cosmic,” “mystical” and so on. But Christ in his essence is one and indivisible. There is only one Christ – the living Christ who is the manifestation of God, the manifestation of Love. Christ is God revealing Himself to the world.  As a manifestation of God, Christ cannot be separated from Him, cannot be considered apart from Him.  And when I speak of Christ, I do not mean an abstract principle, but rather an actual incarnation of Love.

This approach translates very well to the three pillars of the kabbalah..

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How Our Electromagnetic Plasma Uni-verse May Work Inside Our Dome

Still need to resolve:

  1. The physics, or electromagnetic properties as to how the Sun and Moon move to their outer and inner limits between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer throughout the year.
  2. How the Sun and Moon speed up and slow down between Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn
  3. How high, how thick, how impregnable is the Dome?
  4. Is Tesla technology of Free Energy using Dome principles available to all today but being kept secret?
  5. Was the Dome put in place to keep us from contaminating the ROU (Rest of Universe)?
  6. How would tides vary in different areas based on an Electromagnetic Plasmic field inside a dome?
  7. What Plasmic Principles effect the Hot, Warm Electric Golden Sun light and the Cool, Silvery Magnetic Moon light that make them glow and give off heat and coolness?
  8. More?