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  1. Greg July 31, 2018 at 2:15 PM Reply

    Watching your clip of the Organic Act of 1871 – I see when teasing out the meaning of ‘Columbia’ you purposely side stepped the most widely accepted meaning of the term – the feminized version of ‘Columbus’ (as in Christopher Columbus). I certainly understand given the disinformation we’ve been fed regarding Columus. Below I am providing a link to a translation of the contract that Columbus struck with Fedinand and Isabella. As you can see he obviously knew where he was going. As interesting as this may be it is not the reason this document is posted at Yale Law School’s website. This is one of the longest litigated contract in western jurisprudence. For over 200 years this contract was litigated with the judicator (in this case the Roman Catholic Church) ruling in favor of upholding the contract.

    Another bit of background information you might find interesting is that Christopher Columbus was neither a scientist trying to prove that the world was round – nor was he an explorer looking for a western passage to the east. He was a banker – an agent of the St. George Bank. This entity just happened to be the banking institution used by the Vatican as well as the Holy Roman Empire (Isabella). It should also be mentioned that the other ‘explorers’ credited with the discovery of the New World were also agents of Italian banks… Amerigo Vespucci – Bardi Bank… John Cabot (aka Giovanni Caboto) – Medici Bank.

    The decitful Columbus had already forced the Pope to litigate the ownership of South America. After cutting the deal below with Spain he promptly cut a similar deal with Portugal This resulted in South America being split in half – the west going to Spain the east going to Portugal.

    I think if one dug deep enough they would find that in 1871 someone or some entity held rightful economic claim to North America and that claim was backed by the judicial authority of the Vatican.

    Good luck,


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