Huge Advancement in Cancer Healing Hemp Oil!

Yea Team! As cancer is due to increase 70% by 2030, according to the World Health Org. (source) , advances in medical marijuana, that is curing, not just healing cancer, is ramping up. THC, the pyschoactive ingredient in high concentrate med. herb has been a problem due to the strength of the “buzz”. The StanleyContinue reading “Huge Advancement in Cancer Healing Hemp Oil!”

Vaccine Information & News Website

Here is a new vaccine information website with critical updates. Over 10 states now have proposed mandatory vaccinations on children or no school The Federal Government has proposed mandatory vaccinations on adults and is in the comment period. The proposal says all adults will need to get current on all adult vaccines. Colleges are nowContinue reading “Vaccine Information & News Website”

RIP Breaking the Set, Abby Martin You Will Be Missed.

RIP Breaking the Set, Abby Martin You Will Be Missed. by Jamie Lee; R.I.P. Breaking the Set September 9, 2012 – February 26, 2015 There is yet another unrepairable hole in the whole that is our cosmic fabric of a universal Truth Movement. Few seem to understand or realize what a significant, worldwide platformContinue reading “RIP Breaking the Set, Abby Martin You Will Be Missed.”

Swami Beyondananda’s State of the Universe 2015

“Either we will have an awakening, or there will be a wake.” – Swami Beyondananda Greetings, Mirthlings! Welcome to the state of the Universe — which is of course, everchanging, same as always.   Here we are once again in the here and now, just like last year at this time. So … are youContinue reading “Swami Beyondananda’s State of the Universe 2015”

California’s Big Water Plans; The End of Private Water Rights?

At a news conference on March 19, 2015, California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon warned, “There is no greater crisis facing our state today than our lack of water.”   California’s Big Water Plans; The End of Private Water Rights? Drought-stricken California, which just had its driest January ever recorded, smashed another dismalContinue reading “California’s Big Water Plans; The End of Private Water Rights?”

The Necessary Embrace of Conspiracy

“Con + spirare, from the Latin. To breathe together. Those are the roots of conspiracy. Breathing together doesn’t sound like an activity of the ideologically deracinated whispering seditiously in a dank cellar or a board room, foul breaths denting a weak flame flickering over a candle nub, gunpowder or greed blackened fingers setting a timer,Continue reading “The Necessary Embrace of Conspiracy”