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Your Strawman; by Clint Richardson.

Important Free Ebook to understand Your enslavement to the legal system that puts us all on ships and “out to sea”.      There are millions of John Smiths standing as registered citizen-ships for example, but only one fictional, legally registered name (noun) that is “JOHN W. SMITH” is adjoined with the unique identification tagContinue reading “Your Strawman; by Clint Richardson.”

DOG-LATIN; Language of the Illiterate

https://justiniandeception.wordpress.com/ According to the Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition, DOG-LATIN, is the language of the illiterate, it is the: LATIN-ALL-UPPERCASE-TEXT usurped into the English Descriptive text, appearing under the grammatical rules of Descriptive English Text, (ALL UPPERCASE SYMBOLIC TEXT without the hyphens) and not appearing under the true correct grammatical rules of Latin and done in order to deceive theContinue reading “DOG-LATIN; Language of the Illiterate”

Anniversary Thank You and a Favorable Review

Hi Dear Readers who read this here and now. Thank you all who have supported this effort to alert, educate, and inform all to alternative thought and truths. It’s been quite the journey. I have been blessed to have just gone over 4 million views on my blogs and You Tube as to viewership numbers.Continue reading “Anniversary Thank You and a Favorable Review”

Psyop “Conspiracy Theorist”

All by design, all by design CIA Psyop Creation of the word “Conspiracy” in 1967 To Ten Conspiracy Theories That Were True. Conspiracy Theorists USED TO Be Accepted As Normal Democracy and free market capitalism were founded on conspiracy theories. The Magna Carta, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and other  founding Western documents were based onContinue reading “Psyop “Conspiracy Theorist””

Words and Swords; Our Deceptive Language

Bible   Bi-Bull     Baal   Ball Earth Paradox     pair of Ox A Lie N’           aliens Tell Lie Vision    Television Be Lie ve            Belief Believe Scripture         Your Script Egypt           got gypted Isis               Sissy backwards System         sissy stem Hores Meet     Horse meat Gospel          Continue reading “Words and Swords; Our Deceptive Language”

Romanic Depression: A Must Read New Book for Truth Seekers

This is a must read book from Mr. Mclaren/William Garner.  Mr. Garner is one of, if not THE, premier Jesuit/Vatican conspiracy researchers in the world today. His books are a must read for anyone wishing to know who really holds the power and who “they” are.  Share with friends. This book is critical to yourContinue reading “Romanic Depression: A Must Read New Book for Truth Seekers”

One Day of Alt. News 6.11.16

Today is 6/11 which is 9/11 upside down and backwards…same as 11/6/16 when President (S) elections are being held.  hmmm. Word definitions of the day: pharmacy (n.) late 14c., “a medicine,” from Old French farmacie “a purgative” (13c.), from Medieval Latin pharmacia, from Greek pharmakeia “use of drugs, medicines, potions, or spells; poisoning, witchcraft; remedy,Continue reading “One Day of Alt. News 6.11.16”