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Geoengineering Games of Life and Death

“sea ice extent dropped to 4.41 million square kilometers (1.70 million square miles), the fourth lowest minimum in the satellite record. ………… ice extent will now climb through autumn and winter”.~ Official IPCC Sources

This is the “story” that is/will be told to not worry about ice melt in the northernmost latitudes on Earth. It is a superficial, feel good, headline, designed to obfuscate the fact of the greatly decreasing ice DEPTH, not extent going on, but gives Anti-Warming, Climate Change Activists fuel to keep the truth from being accepted by the many, so they can go back to sleep.


Note the HARRP signature “pebble wave” pattern directly above area in next two pics.



NASA satellite images taken September 15, 2015


HI All,

The plane truth is that the Geoengineers are actively controlling weather around the world that is significantly accelerating the die off on Earth by their actions.

Here is solid proof of mass GE in the Arctic with large snow “islands” on water  alone, no land underneath.  Also, the fact that many rogue climate scientists, anti-vaccination doctors and such, just like the dozens of micro-biologists after 9/11 anthrax, that were “suicided” in mysterious deaths.

The game is that they nucleate the Arctic, “hoping” it will very temporarily halt the mass methane pool releases bubbling out as an all out attempt is made to “re-Arctify” the arctic with the thinnest of layers of man made nucleated snow and then sell to the public that snow ice EXTENT is reforming when the ice DEPTH of snow continues to melt un-abated.

The warming of the oceans cause melt from below to accelerate and no amount of “sky painting” and GE snow will change that now.

Please read this damning indictment by Dane Wiggington on the Life and Death struggle that affects, and will have even greater effect going forward, of all life here on Earth, for better or for the worse.

What Are The Climate Engineers Doing In The Arctic? Astounding Images, And Dead Scientists

What Are The Climate Engineers Doing In The Arctic? Astounding Images, And Dead Scientists

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UN One World Order Agenda For Dummies

Truthstream Media) It’s that time again: the United Nations is officially releasing the all new Agenda 2030 sustainable development plan, or what some have hailed as “the new Agenda 21 on steroids,” at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit kicking off today in New York City.

Since these supposedly non-binding international agreements can sometimes be a bit tricky to decode, what with all the weaponized buzz terms and semantics games, we’ve prepared a handy dandy translator on the 17 new Agenda 2030 goals below.

  • Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere
  • Translation: Centralized banks, IMF, World Bank, Fed to control all finances, digital one world currency in a cashless society
  • Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture
  • Translation: GMO
  • Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
  • Translation: Mass vaccination, Codex Alimentarius
  • Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
  • Translation: UN propaganda, brainwashing through compulsory education from cradle to grave
  • Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
  • Translation: Population control through forced “Family Planning”

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Attention All “Coincidence Theorists” ~Mass Immigration Comes to the U.S. It’s not just Europe Folks!

The Powers that Be have disclosed their new strategy to further cause chaos, confusion and disorder in a now classic Modus Operandi of Problem, Reaction, Solution.

Flood the borders, all borders of Europe and the West with open borders, lax immigration, fast tracked citizenship (sold in U.S. as a Democratic Election play) to create added chaos so the New World Order (order out of chaos) can continue to rapidly unfold.

You’ve heard of the flooding of the borders the last two weeks, with not just refugees into Europe, at the gracious behest of a most accommodating NWO shill, Merkel of Germany, but man other countries, now allowing free and unfettered access to Europe.

This are not ragged, worn torn, immigrants, but many young an youthful, health and fairly well dressed. ISIS gets blamed for “infiltration” of mass immigrants seeking safer lands, police security, military prescence, etc. get’s called for to “stem the infiltrated terrorists”, Muslim/Christian, Israel vs. Everyone Else war erupts internally in many nations, and Order out of Chaos is brought to us all by the NWO.

EZ PZ.  the Sheeple will never know what hit ’em.

Problem, Reaction, Solution (See Patriot Act-9/11).

Well, it’s not just happening in Europe, but in the U.S. as well.

Three days previous, out of nowhere, the Governor of California, Jerry “Jesuit Priest” Brown, declares out the blue that California may now begin to see mass migration northward by Central Americans, due to…wait for it….wait for it….wait for it…..okay you ready….????


Disruption and conflict will be endemic features of life,” concludes the Pentagon analysis. “Once again, warfare would define human life.” […]

California governor Jerry Brown warns: ‘Climate change will cause mass migration in the US’

Gov. Jerry Brown said Monday that his legislative setbacks on climate change last week should be viewed “not in terms of me,” warning California will endure European-style effects of mass migration if the state fails to act on global warming.

“What we’ve in Europe now with mass migrations, that will happen in California, as … Central America and Mexico, as they warm, people are going to get on the move,” Brown told reporters at a Mather news conference on California’s wildfires.

Yes, folks like we are not having Climate Change in CA already with 108 degree temperatures recorded for several days now IN mid-SEPTEMBER, with wildfires a-burning all around the state, while in the “Greatest Drought in California History” with even dryer, less precipitation called for by scientists over the next decades, while golf course, wineries, car washes, restaurants and well heeled ‘burbanite’ lawns still green and lush, and a citizenship of state residents in complete denial of the many crisis we all face ahead, like food shortages, as seen from the pictures below recently along Interstate 5 between Sacramento and Redding…

….but now, Gov. Brown is addressing mass migration INTO CA…hmmm.

Also, please note this is going on exactly when the Jade-Helm mass military exercises have supposedly concluded on September 15 without so much as ripple of tanks in the streets, false real crisis actor military ops in cities occurring in the 5 states the drills were supposed to be conducted, etc….mostly no news of Jade-Helm activities reported by the Alt-news internet. double hmmmm.

Now just two days ago, another one for all you “Co-Incident Theorists”, President Obama quietly declares that the U.S. is Fast Track a mass citizenship plan to nationalize as many Latino as possible now and of course being sold to the right wing owned, progessive liberal bastion of all “reliable” news, NPR., being sold as a “Democratic campaign ploy”:


The White House Plan That Could Get Millions Of Immigrants To Vote

It’s a multifaceted effort that could potentially add millions of new people to the voter rolls before the 2016 presidential election. The outreach includes online citizenship practice tests, the ability to pay fees with a credit card, and public service announcements on Univision.

President Obama announced the new initiative in a video Thursday.

Of the 8.8 million legal immigrants eligible to become citizens, about 5.4 million are Latino (and, overwhelmingly, they’re from Mexico).

The White House citizenship effort is part of the president’s Task Force on New Americans, which was created through his 2014 executive actions on immigration. But this particular outreach comes at a time when immigration has also again become a heated campaign topic in the GOP primary.

“Because the debate over immigration has gotten so polarized, and partisan … there’s a widening, deepening sense that immigrants should naturalize and should use the power of the vote to steer policy,” Pastor said.

That seems to be what’s happening.  (no shit Sherlock!)

Tara Raghuveer, the policy and advocacy director at the National Partnership for New Americans, one of the community partners working with the White House to promote citizenship, said her organization is encouraging people to become citizens “specifically in response to all the hate we’ve been seeing on a national stage about immigration recently.”

She added, “We’re telling people to naturalize now; we’ve had enough of this anti-immigrant rhetoric, and it’s time for us to step up.”

This is not Obama’s only actions to porously open up all borders in the U.S.

President Obama attends a news conference in the East Room at the White House in Washington, Aug. 9, 2013. (Associated Press) ** FILE **
President Obama announces porous border mass immigration initiative to whoporate news “reporters”. Aug. 9, 2013. (Dis-Associated Press)

Obama admin. to allow thousands of Haitians into U.S. without visas

The ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee took the Obama administration to task Friday for its “irresponsible” plan to allow as many as 100,000 Haitians to immigrate to the U.S. without a visa.

Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa said the administration’s Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program — which will allow thousands of Haitians awaiting a U.S. visa to enter the country and legally apply for work permits — is “an irresponsible overreach of the executive branch’s authority.”



John Kerry Announces Open Border Policy for United States Immediate Integration w/o Visa or Passport.

At the Hungarian-Austrian border (CNN)U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced at a news conference in Berlin on Sunday that the U.S. will increase the total number of refugees it will admit each year, to 85,000 next fiscal year and 100,000 the year after.

Meanwhile, the main border crossing station between Hungary and Serbia reopened on Sunday, Hungarian government officials confirmed. The closure of the Roszke border crossing caused thousands of asylum seekers over the past week to try to travel through Croatia instead.

“The migration pressure which is falling heavy on Europe has created extraordinary situations in Hungary as well as in Serbia,” said Hungarian Interior Minister Sandor Pinter. “We have devised a solution to this extraordinary situation together, and we attempted to resolve it together.”


Then the question has to be asked, are these really the private armies of para-military of hired mercenaries that have been hardened into loyal fighters for hire, trained and battle hardened by Blackwater/Academia/Xe training sites in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc. now flooding into Western Europe and the U.S. for the Big Takeover?

5 Of the World’s Most Elite Mercenary Armies

Understanding Occult Numerology

Masonic – Occultic Numerology

Their numbers are: 3, 7, 11, 13, and Multiples of them

3 x 7 = 21, 3 x 11 = 33, 3 x 13 = 39, 7 x 11 = 77, 7 x 13 = 91 and 93 is out of Black Magik or a Dark form of the occult. They also use 19.5 sometimes. That is half of 39

They especially like their 7’s 11’s and 33’s. The 33 degrees of Masonry of which the 33rd degree praises Lucifer. I should know, my Grandfather was a 33rd degree Mason. It IS A RELIGION! He died when I was a year and a half and I was left with all of his masonic literature and books. Your not suppose to have access to this material. “The initiates into masonry shall be decease. They think they know what they are being taught, but they don’t really know what they are being taught. Only the princes of masonry shall know the true knowledge.”

Alphabetically 3=C, 7=G, 11=K, 13=M

Also in Ancient Greek where every number = a letter


W = 6 So We will start there.

www on the internet, it could of been just w. or ww. but someone chose www. = 666  [ASCI ]

The Washington Monument is 555 feet high. In inches that = 6660 inches.

It also goes 20% of its height beneath the surface = 110 feet, But what do you want to bet me since this group of would be masons who are not really Masons they are just using Masonic guilds as a front for a Dark form of the Occult. Since the really like their 11’s, I would be willing to bet you it actually goes a 111 feet beneath the surface. That would be 111 feet + 555 feet = 666 feet.

Have you read House Resolution 666. Log on the Library of Congress’s website and put in H.R. 666. Interesting Legislation and also UnConstitutional.

How about in the Internal Revenue Code Book: Code # 666 which requires everyone to take the SS mark (social security) of course codes aren’t Laws.

U.S. Highway 666 leads to Dulce, New Mexico where there is a massive underground facility. It is called Nightmare Hall. (for a good reason)

When the Boy Scouts of Amerika end their motto they say: Everything is A-OK in the Boy Scouts. Then they do the OK sign with their right hand and place it on their forehead. Do it. Then turn your hand around. Do you see the 666 your hand forms. Pretty sneaky little freaks aren’t they. Remember in prophecy: the mark of the beast on your right hand or forehead.

There are 660 rooms in Windsor Castle. Did someone miss 6 rooms?

The Euro coin has 6 stars with 6 rods with 6 more stars = 666

The Eur a PEON Union has 13 countries or 13 colonies

The universal partition code, the bar code on all the products in Amerika, if you know the code the first number is always 6, the middle number is always 6, and the last number is always 6 666. The company was questioned about this and they said it was a coincidence. Yea Right!

The new bar code in Russia to track their people also = 666 ( that was even on ABC in Amerika)

See the 666 in these logos and pictures

Proctor & Gamble has filed lawsuits against several people believed to be responsible for spreading the allegations of devilism. But, in at least one of the lawsuits, the company raised eyebrows when the news came out that Proctor & Gamble was seeking exactly $66,600 in damages!

Look the masons even have their own Bible.

Masonic Motto: ORDO AB CHAO means Order out of Chaos.

Who’s really creating the caos on your earth?

And we have all seen these dolts doing the Horned God symbol.

Now let’s move to 33’s.  More

The No Plane, Plane Truth. Pentagon. 9/11

“Construction on the Pentagon began without fanfare on September 11, 1941–60 years to the day before the terrorist attacks of 2001.”

The 9/11 Official Story

Hani Janjour, after taking command of a commercial jet liner using box cutters and surprise, incapable of getting licensed to fly a small Cessna two seater plane, is said to have taken a Top Gun type flight route from 2700 ft. down to flight deck (Pentagon lawn)  in less than 32 seconds while spiraling a 767 commercial jet, avoiding light poles and nearby buildings to strike perfectly on the West end of the Pentagon, that had recently been reinforced, which housed accounts for the day before announced missing of trillions of dollars by Sec’y Rumseld of Pentagon money striking, yet removing no engine parts, to analyze….yet people were said to have been conclusively identified by teeth.

This after the Pentagon, the most highly defended place on earth with over 32 surface to air missles, a military base w/ rocket loaded f-16’s just miles away, and over an hour of warning that “the nation was under attack”, failed to prevent the airplane, er missile from hitting the Pentagram started 60 yrs earlier on 9/11.  hmmm.

Besides the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, there is no greater Achilles heel in the official 9/11 fiction than the government’s contrived tale of a passenger airliner hitting the Pentagon.

The following news clip was aired once, and only once, before it was memory-holed by the mainstream media. Here we see a CNN reporters confirming LIVE at the scene of the Pentagon on 9/11, reporting that he sees “no evidence of a plane at all.” This was scrubbed from the airwaves forever. Watch it here:

Remember 9/11; The Day that “Changed Everything”

Please continue to review all new and critically important historical data that is continually being presented regarding the 9/11 False flag event.

The whole thing is one absurd lie to believe that 5th world Aghani’s of Saudi Arabian descent, were able to outfox and out fool the entire U.S. Air Force Command for hours at the very heart of the most secure lockdowned area in the world, Wash. D.C…and that Timothy Watson, aka Osama Bin Laden, worked on the payroll for the CIA in the late 1980’s when the Taliban was at war with the Russians.

Never forget that the currency we continue to use today carries the full 9/11 operation when folded like little airplanes.


for a very good running thread of latest 9/11 news and views, please see here.

and here

U.S.S. “Never Forget”. The newest attack naval war ship using 9/11 steel (taken immediately from the biggest crime scene in history) and made into a high tech killing machine of the nastiest sort.

Never Forget, and the real perp-a-TRAITORS of this country must be brought to justice. This will only begin to occur when enough of us continue to speak out and be heard.

U.S. Navy's newest ship a floating tribute to those who stormed cockpit of Flight 93 on September 11


Did you know that former Sec’y of State, Condelleeza Rice had an Oil Tanker from Chevron named after her???? She of the one who had Aug 16th, 2001 Presidential memo saying “Bin Laden determined to attack U.S. that the President et. al, failed to even act upon even though Richard Clark, “Terrorism Czar” pleaded with them to heed the warning.


Condoleezza Rice to Speak at the Commonwealth Club on October 18th – New Book: “Extraordinary, Ordinary People”