The True History of the Creation of Humans?

The Entire History of the Annunaki Gods on Earth”There were two generations of Anunnaki recorded on earth , The 1st generation was the Anunnaki that came to our solar system , They were known as the Greek titans their leader was called El/Cronus/Yahweh/Anu , The 2nd generation of the Annunaki (their children) was the biblical Angels/Elohim or the Geek Olympians who rebelled against their Anunnaki parents , defeated them and decided to take rulership of earth , their leader was called Zeus/Samyaza/Enlil , The young Anunnaki’s had intercoarse with earth women who gave birth to giants called (the Igigi or Nephilim) and used them as slave labour , eventually the giants (Igigi) revolted against the dictatorship of Enlil/Zeus which caused a war (In greek mythology this war was known as the Gigantomachy) , Enlil/Zeus had a half brother called Enki/Prometheus who had intercoarse with an earth women and gave birth to a son called Utnapishtim/Deucalion – The biblical Noah.(In the book of Enoch written around 300BC it clearly states that Noah was born from an “Angel” indicating that he was also a giant and not human)

Because of all the war caused by the giants The supreme god Enlil/Zeus decides to wipe out all humans & giants with a Great Flood, but Enki/Prometheus (who has created mankind), betrays the secret and warns Noah/Utnapishtim/Deucalion about the flood , He Instructs him to build a boat and survive the flood.

After the flood Noah had three sons (Shem , Japheth and Ham) from Japheth came his son Magog (a giant) and the legendary Scythian tribe which leads to the Irish kings.

From Ham came Nimrod/Gilgamesh (a giant) who became the king of Shinar/Sumeria.Eventually Nimrod/Gilgamesh heard his ancestor Noah/Utnapishtim was made immortal by the Anunnaki , so he seeked to find him by going to the resting place of the Annunaki , (which is described being somewhere underground beneath the mountains).

Gilgamesh stumbles upon a female anunnaki who tells him that it is not the destiny of mankind to become immortal or live forever and that he should return home. Gilgamesh ignores her and continues his journey in seek of his great grandfather and eventually finds him , In the end Noah told him all the secrets of the Annunaki but said that he will die like all the other mortals , Gilgamesh shocked of hearing this accepted his fate knowing that he was going to die one day.”

4 thoughts on “The True History of the Creation of Humans?

  1. Probably some truth to this, although everything you describe is software, and the Creator is the hardware we all live in. Physicists have already detected error detection backup algorithms in the universe (and be extension the omniverse) which determine that what we think of and experience as reality is a digital simulation. We are all ones and zeroes, data, except the Creator, which is the hardware. Explains much of quantum mechanics. Christ was an Avatar of the Creator entering his own simulation. Lucifer, the first creation, is software that wants to and never can be hardware, so he chose to be mad and became a virus in the system. However, he does masquerade as god for most people, unfortunately. We are made up of our physical data, our bodies, and our soul/spirit/mind data, our personalities and experiences. They were never meant to be separated by death, but Lucifer made that happen as well by making Adam and Eve chose him, the “god” they could see, over the Creator, the one who required faith and they could not see.


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