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Hey Fellow Truther! How Awake Are You ?

  1. We have had FREE ENERGY (source)  and ABUNDANT PRIMARY WATER for over a century (source) 2. 911 was an inside job and announced the beginning of WW III  (source) 3. Most of Weather today is artificially created and Geoengineered (source) 4. GE is used to create create Hurricanes. (source) 5. Nukes are a Hoax (source)Continue reading “Hey Fellow Truther! How Awake Are You ?”

Excellent Pro Choice Vaccine Data Base

Medical doctors and PhD scientists below, review in great detail that vaccines a) aren’t safe b) aren’t effective c) have never been proven to reduce disease or improve immunity in real world populations and d) have only be proven to worsen the health of all people injected, no exceptions, and in many cases kill theContinue reading “Excellent Pro Choice Vaccine Data Base”