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Super Intense Microwave Radiation Coming to a Utility Pole Right Next to You

Microwave Radiation Coming to a Lamppost Near You Most current cell phone carriers offer fourth-generation (4G or 4G LTE) wireless cellular service, which represents the latest iteration in the “exponential evolution” that began with analog first-generation (1G) service in the early 1980s.5 Each subsequent decade has ushered in a new generation of mobile networks, withContinue reading “Super Intense Microwave Radiation Coming to a Utility Pole Right Next to You”

CIA; Big Brother’s Sick History of Oppression

http://freedom-articles.toolsforfreedom.com/1947-year-everything-changed/?utm_source=Freedom+Articles&utm_campaign=7356a84318-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_cc6823db53-7356a84318-127917881&mc_cid=7356a84318&mc_eid=1ffe7a1b2e http://freedom-articles.toolsforfreedom.com/new-youtube-warnings-soft-censorship/?utm_source=Freedom+Articles&utm_campaign=7356a84318-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_cc6823db53-7356a84318-127917881&mc_cid=7356a84318&mc_eid=1ffe7a1b2e 1947: Truman Signs the National Security Act One way or another, Operation Highjump and the Roswell incident must have had a huge psychological impact upon Truman and the US ruling cabal, because later that year, Truman signed legislation that gave birth to what would become a domestic and international Monster: the US MICContinue reading “CIA; Big Brother’s Sick History of Oppression”

Comment of the Day

 4 hours ago · Automatically held been a TI severe 50 years with long breaks 6 years ago it was like my entire body was electrocuted. shut down totally full to the brim of nano . My entire body spine and brain are taken over and this is hell brought to earth plane. I sitContinue reading “Comment of the Day”

Internet of Things: Checkmate Humanity Powered by 5G

Internet of Things: Fascism by Another Name. Powered by 5G (the “satellite routers’ and satellites to beam 5G are platforms held aloft with lasers and ultra long self powered systems, not satellites…which do not exist.  the article may be misleading in that 5G is being installed on telephone poles every 250-300 meters!…so why satellites?) WeContinue reading “Internet of Things: Checkmate Humanity Powered by 5G”

Quote of the Day

HurricaneKitty67 1 week ago Of all “conspiracy theories” I’ve been called crazy for not simply beLIEving but that I KNOW TO BE FACTUAL, vaccines are BY FAR my favorite & the easiest to prove!! It takes A LOT of definitions, “side effects” searching, specific disease definitions & pointing out the absolute fact that the manufacturersContinue reading “Quote of the Day”