There is NO More Important Subject Matter in Our Time Than This

9 thoughts on “There is NO More Important Subject Matter in Our Time Than This

  1. I think the nuclear fallout from the nuke reactors in usa only 75 percent leak admittedly By CBS NRC Fucashima USa we have nuked test in own country thousand times … Best stocks are cancer infrastructure they cant build fast enough for the private prisons is good hedge bet to portfolio


  2. I wonder how long it will be before people learn that earth is not a planet but a flat plane with a dome over us. That there is no such thing as outer space. Space is water which is above the dome and the stars are in water, same as the wondering stars we call planets.

    There is technology that could neutralize fukushima radiation but they are not using it are they.
    There is technology to create rain that could kill pretty much all wild fires too.
    The controllers want us to suffer but our day is not over yet!

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    1. mjday47362…your comment is fascinating and i love it. i am on a very similar page to that which you are on, though i admit i haven’t been at this too long and therefore had a question in regards to a portion of your comment. this is the first i have heard it mentioned that it is water that is above/beyond the dome & the stars are in water, as are the stars we call planets. what about the stars we see in our sky?
      you make a great point about their not making some rain here to help squelch these very deadly fires they are creating! your comment is from mid july and here it is 3 months later & what a difference 3 months make – look at how much more destruction, lies, death, chaos, shattering of lives, shadow government created homelessness, loss of beautiful land, vegetation, animals, trees, and of course another false flag, this one topping the june 2016 false flag in orlando, as they love to up their numbers, and they love to be able to fake it to the point of splashing “historical” fake numbers in the headlines of their fake newsprint & televised news, internet, too, of course. i just really had to reflect on that & am just about in tears…to think of all that has transpired from july 15th through october 11th – MY!
      i guess the comfort one can find in this, about the only comfort at all, is that it is becoming abundantly clear we are a terminal generation – i am grateful and even in the midst of the evil being thrown at all of us every day, how great it is to feel a pang of joy, as well, knowing we will soon be home with our Lord & Savior. i used to think a person was crazy if i were to hear he or she talk that way, or if i read this some where. it wasn’t that i didn’t believe in Him then, i was just younger, immature in ways, and also could not have imagined i would live in a time in which i could know the end is near.

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  3. i did not watch this video posted here under the link titled “There is NO More Important Subject Matter in Our Time Than This”. guess i’m a little confused? i am new to the TABU website & clicking around here & there…was surprised to see an InfoWars video on this website! hopefully this is the only one or it’s very likely i will unsubscribe. alex jones is NOT on the right side & i thought this was a given?

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      1. mjday47362, yes, I lost interest in Alex Jones early on. i will say he was at least instrumental in my early days of learning the truths. not sure how i did but stumbled onto one of his early documentaries. i’m pretty sure it was late 90s as he looked a lot younger & thinner & sounded less hysterical. i know at this point any so called “truther” who does not acknowledge the elephant in the room isn’t on the right side. are you aware of a website called “”? i found it the other day & not sure how it escaped me for so long. it is a website packed with incredible information, true gold!


  4. Hello.
    Is this video posted anywhere else?
    Of course, YouTube deleted your account. Figures. Although thank goodness there are now alternatives!!


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