Syntho Man & You Pt. II; Humans Need not Apply


Harvard’s secret meeting on synthetic human genome fuels debate

A prominent Stanford scientist has denounced a secret meeting of 150 scientists at Harvard this week to discuss creating a synthetic human genome, or essentially constructing human life from scratch with chemicals, The San Jose Mercury News reports.

The scientist Drew Endy and Northwestern University bioethicist Laurie Zoloth said the moral implications of human genome synthesis are such that discussions “should not occur in closed rooms,” the paper reported Friday.

An invitation for the Harvard meeting that was held Tuesday states that the goal of the proposed project “would be to synthesize a complete human genome in a cell line within a period of 10 years,” according to the paper.

Attendees were instructed not to contact the news media or to post on Twitter during the meeting, The New York Times reported.

The paper reported that the prospect of creating a synthetic human genome, the complete set of DNA in the human body, has spurred intrigue and concern in the life sciences community because it could lead to the use of synthetic genome to create human beings without biological parents.

But one of the organizers of the gathering, Harvard genetics professor George Church, told the paper the proposed project is not aimed at creating people, just cells and would not be restricted to human genomes.

“They’re painting a picture which I don’t think represents the project,” Church said of critics of the meeting.

He also defended holding the event behind closed doors.

1 thought on “Syntho Man & You Pt. II; Humans Need not Apply

  1. The greatest inventors in history other than Tesla never really had no advanced education and thought outside of the box for the advancement of mankind and the rest who have higher education think inside of a box owned by elitists who have used those inventions,discoveries and knowledge make to things from war to medicine that make things that only advance the interests of greedy elitists that destroy mankind more than they help .In other words at the beginning of the industrial revoultion they been weaponizing everything and making things that benifit the enrichment of the %1 while making more effectiveto destroy life on the planet.There have been more illnesses created than cured .There has been more extictions in the last 100 yrs. than in recorded history.There have been more deaths from war than there ever was.Pollution did’nt exist since the industrial revolution.There is more slavery and indentured servitude now to goverments and banks in human history.There are more laws than in the history of mankind.There is more land owned by less people than there ever was.There are more people dying than are being born.There is more destruction than construction .There is more starvation than ever.All this time the moajotity of people are suffering more while less people areprospering from it.More people are being more impoverished to the lowest stds. of living while less people are being more imbelished to higher stds. of living.There is more evil than good.More crime and corruption than the rule of law.More tryany and dictatorship tha freedom and liberty.Please stop me if I am wrong and/or add your own additions and any solutions.


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