Are Celebrities Being “Suicided” in Their 60’s by MKUltra?

Just these past few weeks many B celebrities in their 60’s are dying deaths where no reports are given.  It is the stated agenda of those in Mind Control to delete those who have worked for them but no longer can be trusted to keep hidden dark secrets, so they are “suicided”.  Please watch vid/doc on how Robin Williams “suicide” was fortold on Family Guy years before.

Numerology; (MK-Ultra Mind Control), =71 (Rockstar Killing / Musicians Killed / Ritual Murders / Mossad)

Past Few Weeks. Did they all make a Faustian deal with the devil and payment came due???
Oscar-Winning Actress Patty Duke Dies at 69

Garry Shandling Dead: ‘Larry Sanders Show’ Star Dies at 66 .

The Eagles’ Glenn Frey dead at 67

Ken Howard, actor and president of SAG-AFTRA, dies at 71


Robin Williams dies aged 63 from suspected suicide ..

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1 thought on “Are Celebrities Being “Suicided” in Their 60’s by MKUltra?

  1. As the Father has said they are leaving to hide in the hollows, under the guise of death. There will be no where to hide. But as is said they will hide. Otherwise He would have not said it will be. No mystery!


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