Our Entrainment = Entertainment = Mental Containment of the Sheeple

Predictive Programming or Calling Their Shots, either way this shows three things very clearly

1) How well coordinated and long term planned and thought out that they could make the call of huge life changing significant events years in advance.

2) How they love to throw it in our faces how in control of our lives they are


3) How completely clueless most of the world’s pop. is as to this entrainment and mental containment it all is.

Coincide, Coincidence Etymology
literally “to fall upon together,” from Latin com- “together” (see co-) + incidere “to fall upon” (in- “upon” + cadere “to fall;”)

The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transformation


This episode has even more references to 9/11 at the end, but this short little scene (which Fox eventually cut out of the episode after they shortened all of the old episodes about 2 min for those “syndicated cuts”) just takes the cake. This looks totally like one of the burning twin towers on 9/11.
By the way, the airdate (January 14th, 1993) of “Marge vs. the Monorail” was even before the 1993 WTC bombing (February 26th, 1993). So how did they just happen to come up with this hidden in plain side picture and showing it just after another picture which depicts another catastrophic event (the iconic burning of the Hindenburg – which might also be a false flag)?

In Hollywood’s many Masonic productions, we find the 9/11 World Trade Center “terrorist” attacks alluded to in several films long before 2001! (This propaganda technique is known as Predictive Programming or Revelation of the Method) In 20th Century Fox’s 1988 film Die Hard the first lines are spoken on a plane about how to get over the fear of flying. One guy says what he has done for 9 years and Bruce Willis says what he has been doing for 11 years. So here we have 911, on a plane, talking about fears of flying, from a Masonic production company (notice the one-eye symbolism). In the first Die Hard, John McClane (Bruce Willis) takes on 12 terrorists in a tower; in the second movie it’s terrorists at an airport. Isn’t it interesting how in the 1988 movie we have John McClane afraid of flying, terrorists, towers, 9/11, and in 2008 we had John McCain on a presidential fear campaign revolving around terrorists, towers, and 9/11?

In 1998 we also have Bruce Willis saving the world in Masonic Disney/Touchstone’s Armageddon. Toward the end of the movie there is a countdown which passes 9:11 minutes just as the camera pans past.

In another 1998 Disney/Touchstone film, Enemy of the State, a politician played by Jon Voight has his birthday on September 11th.

In Warner Bros. 1990 film Gremlins 2 there are two reporters from channels 9 and 11 holding microphones with those numbers juxtaposed.

In the 1990 Universal film Problem Child the Healy’s live at house number 911. The actor in this movie, John Ritter, in real life had a baby girl, Stella Ritter born on 9/11/98, then 5 years later suddenly and suspiciously John died on 9/11/03. At first glance these synchronicities may seem like mere coincidence until you realize their Masonic significance, and Hollywood’s Masonic dominance.

In the 1993 Super Mario Brothers movie the Two Towers are depicted eerily half destroyed and smoking just as they would be on 9/11/01. In the movie, the Twin Towers each have on them a large symbol of a hand holding two lightning bolts. This is the very aspect of Tarot imagery from “The Tower” card substituted by “hijacked” planes on 9/11.

In 33rd Degree Mason James Cameron and Columbia Tri-Star’s 1991 Terminator II, Judgment Day, there is an overpass that warns “Caution 9-11.”

In the 1996 film Independence Day, there is also a countdown which just happens to pass 09:11:01 (9/11/01) as the camera pans across. At the start of another Columbia Tri-Star Picture, 2000’s The 6th Day, Arnold Schwarzenegger looks at his schedule which has only two times: 9:00 and 11:0

The same year in Columbia’s The Patriot, Mel Gibson’s first words, weighing a chair, in the film, are: “9 pounds, 11 ounces, perfect.” Here we have 911, the “patriotic” concept of the post-911 “Patriot Act,” a Masonic production company, a Masonic measuring device and symbol of the mystery schools, ounces or OZ (77) revenge of Lamech, and the closing word, “perfect.”

In 1997 DreamWorks’ first film, The Peacemaker, George Clooney is shot perfectly between aisle 9 and 11.

In a 1997 episode of the Simpsons, Lisa holds up a magazine that reads “New York $9” with a picture of the Twin Towers after the 9 which looks like 911.

In 1998’s Godzilla the camera cuts to a wrist-watch showing 8:55 with the little hand on the 9 and the big hand on the 11.

In 1999’s The Thirteenth Floor a wall clock shows 11:45 with the big hand on the 9 and the little hand on the 11. In Universal/Columbia’s 1999 The Bone Collector, Denzel Washington finds a piece of paper from page 119, and the date is 11/9, November 9th.

In Warner Bros. 1999 film The Matrix, Neo’s passport expires on exactly Sept. 11, 2001!

In 2000’s Traffic, a large delivery truck is shown full of boxes, and on every single box are a Scorpio/scorpion symbol and the number 911.

In March, 2001 (6 months before 9/11) the pilot episode for The Lone Gunman aired on FOX with the plotline of terrorists hijacking a plane and crashing it into the World Trade Center! Let me guess, these are all just coincidence, and I’m just a crazy conspiracy theorist, right?


Ok, Beavis and Butt-Head & Vice magazine also depicted 9/11 way in advance. This was in 1994:

2 thoughts on “Our Entrainment = Entertainment = Mental Containment of the Sheeple

  1. sigh… the Vice magazine article was a hoax, published well after 9/11.

    it’s really important that alt-news blogs verify what they publish. please correct!


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