6 Pak of Occulted Truths; Washington D.C., the Jesuits and our Continued Enslavement. The Lies End Now.

Why do you pay taxes?
a: Because I’ll go to jail!
Do you know where your taxes, registrations, fees, dues, lottery payments, etc. go once you send your hard earned money to the government???? No, you don’t!
Much of the money we pay in goes into special administrative and investment funds under corporate filings. The overall larges funds in the US are called Fiduciary (Investments) and Enterprise (Day to day operations).. 70 years ago laws were passed in state, cities and municipalities that money that goes to investments and other interests may not be used to balance any budget deficits!
The money invested, gains interest and is funneled to the wealthy elite and onto the Vatican and City of London for their vig.

Here are four other important vid/docs on the founding, naming and ownership of Wash.D.C.

Who Founded and Owns Wash. D.C., USA?

Who Founded and Owns Wash D.C.? #2 ; Our Legal Enslavement

Why is our Federal Gov’t called the District of Columbia?

Occult Origins of the UNITED STATES INC. Banking, Law & Monetary Systems.




15 thoughts on “6 Pak of Occulted Truths; Washington D.C., the Jesuits and our Continued Enslavement. The Lies End Now.

  1. Now knowing all this, what do we do about it? How do we rise up? Defense is the best offense. Knowledge is Power. Power to the People.


      1. jwlpeace, as a follow up to this article I’d strongly recommend you look up skywatchtv.com.

        The CEO/founder, Tom Horn has produced along with the Faull brothers, an excellent fact-filled Documentary called “The Belly of the Beast.”

        It is over 2 hours of fascinating information about the Masons and the occultic Washington monument and other things that are hard to believe, but I know enough now that I believe it because they have a lot of evidence to back it up.


    1. In reality, the military is suppose to remove tyrannical rulers. The people also have the right, no I should have said DUTY to do so, the question remains, how many have a set of gonads large enough to step up to the plate? I would guess, Not Many.


  2. Humanity has lived a better life, year after year. The worst thing today is that we don’t need to really fight for life or to live: boaring to our inner genitics so much so that we create these fights? I don’t know if “they” are really trying to hurt humanity, or control it in a better and more peaceful manner. I have seen neighbors fight over a tree hanging over a fence, almost to death… Man would be be so screwed if they rulled the world… Maybe we are lucky that these things happened, as others may just have us in real cages, with no hope what’s so ever? The fact that we can talk about this is a construct of man in control… maybe man needs boundries as strong fences make good neighbors. Maybe we owe the one’s at the top who sit in termoil for us to have simplicity, something?

    I think it’s a great way to take over rather than how they did the native north americans… sadly, this has gone on as long as we have.

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    1. NO, I don’t care about stupid people gifting for a tree, that’s not me, I was born as a free INDEPENDENT individual, not some else property.


  3. Where we go one – We go all.
    It’s inferred in some esoteric systems that the current condition of the world is a reflection of human consciousness as a whole. That attachment to the world even anything given a name in the world of your perception is an impediment to transitioning to an enlightened state of being.
    I wonder.
    I abide by natural law. I do not purposefully cause harm to other men or women. I don’t steal. I practice non-aggression and try and do for others and treat them with the love and respect that I would like to be treated. I know right behavior from wrong and am not a moral relativist.
    I wonder.
    Was I born this way? Are the vast majority of babies a blank slate imbued with a spark of the divine? Is our believing that we were born in sin any less ridiculous than inbred blue-blood dynasties claiming a divine right to rule, and dominion over their subject’s very breath?
    I wonder.
    Would men and women who hadn’t been enslaved in a violent matrix of fear and ignorance and dark priesthoods for eons even consider violence upon another? Probably. Individuated mankind becomes with a shade that is to be known and integrated into the new being. Some require no Teacher at all, but the wisdom is here. The Teachers were murdered.
    What about war?
    Would any young man hope to join in battle, in uni-form, risking death or pain and disfigurement; committing murder and desecrating the homes and families of another tribe?
    Few, if they were not taught wisdom.
    Is a child born who has an innate desire to rape and pillage and poison his own Mother Earth?
    Is this fear-based, debt-based, disease-ridden, ego-driven field of lies and deception and fake history and fake religion and fake love and fake money and fake selves and fake news a reflection of the baseness of the human spirit?
    Or is it the principalities and powers that created this brutal Human farm.
    I wonder.
    If enough awaken, will we finally be free again?


    1. There was a time when I revered the US military, but Knowing what I know now, (if anyone is in the military, plz don’t take this as a direct insult) there is no way I could ever give or show respect for our military again. Not only will I never support a mission, I also, will never say “I support our troops though”. Many of these young men who sign-up are Patriotic but perhaps naive, idk. What I do know, is that when the establishment tells us “We are spreading democracy”, “Liberating countries from dictatorships”, or, “Assad must go” – I be like, and WHY must he go? And then I start questioning the narrative again. “Aaaand, Where’s the Proof”? And then Something clicks. I don’t want to think that something’s not right, but something’s not right. We get told, over and over again, if it wasn’t for our military, we wouldn’t have our freedom or Liberty. Yet, it is this country that is doing the Invading of other sovereign Nations. Wiping out entire communities, entire cities, entire families and even entire generations. Bombings, killings, mayhem, death & destruction and citizens completely terrorized, and for what? Pipelines? Install Puppet Gov’ts? Or because, those leaders don’t want centralized banking system?
      And when c i a funded terrorist strike back in our Homeland, we’re told they Hate our “freedoms” or “they Hate our way of life”. I’m thinking, they Hate being invaded, killing their own people.
      Then ya see someone like the Journalists, Seymour Hersh, and things become more clear and a better understanding of just how Evil the Beast is.


  4. Thank you! Jamie. Is the Wikipedia link you used in the ‘Why is Washington Named the District of Columbia?’ video still active? I could not find it.


  5. You should have footnotes and references to the info you are posting. Some people will not believe it only they go and find it.


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