Who I Write For

Who I write for by Jon Rappoport April 8, 2015 NoMoreFakeNews.com OutsideTheRealityMachine Consciousness. Freedom. Power. The individual. Imagination. Creating new realities. Society and civilization as a potential force for helping to liberate the individual. Underneath all my articles, all my investigations into corruption and crime at the highest levels, these above factors have been myContinue reading “Who I Write For”

Mark Passio; “If We’re Really Being Honest Here…”

GIVE THE GIFT OF TRUTH THIS CHRISTMAS   Seasons Greetings, Mark Passio was a priest in the Church of Satan for 10 years. He lived the occult life and spent intimate time with the few who control our lives to extents few are aware of today. The deepest, darkest secrets of all. Whilst living inContinue reading “Mark Passio; “If We’re Really Being Honest Here…””

Spiritual Science ~ A New Understanding of What it Means to Be a Conscious Human Being

Speaking of Vortex’s….. Mars’ Victoria crater Jupiter’s polar vortex Cartwheel galaxy Corona loops Galaxy M81 Science arose from poetry ~ when times change the two can meet again on a higher level as friends. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Know ThyselfOracle of Delphi   *** The New Einstein’s; Brian Swimme: Eloquently Bringing Science into Spirit andContinue reading “Spiritual Science ~ A New Understanding of What it Means to Be a Conscious Human Being”

Lighting the Creative Fire Within

A primary feature of the Rockefeller Center is the statue of Prometheus. In the occult circle Prometheus, Jesus, Moses and Jesus are one and the same. He, who stole the fire from the God, carries the fire down to Earth and gave it to men. “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides andContinue reading “Lighting the Creative Fire Within”