4 thoughts on “5G Small Cell Towers; Checkmate Humanity

  1. All one has to do to affirm this information is to watch FCC chief, John Wheeler, tell the press..the mainstream press!..that essentially,” were rolling this out and we dont care what you think” {or the collateral damage as to Americans getting sick from these frequencies!}
    This John Wheeler reminded me of Hitler! He is fucking scary..this technology is frightening, but whats more frightening to me, as a resident on this planet for 64 yrs, consciously observing the changes in our society…..Is that ..we all are so effected by these existing technologies…we are all so effected ,depending on our ability to resist…the herd mentality….which madison ave, corporate media etc etc. .And now 5g..oh my God! Pulsing frequencies that are known to effect humans.
    I applaud your work and commitment. Cant tell you how many photos and films I have of the Climate engineering, AKA chemtrails and the cell towers popping up like mushrooms on our coastal area,{and across the country} over the past 12 years.
    And to Kenneth, If this is interesting information{ which i consider quite an understatement]
    I urge you to continue your investigation seriously, before we are unable to think clear enough to resist…while being bathed in pulsed frequency microwaves everywhere.
    Power To The People!….but not for long.


  2. Jamie any chance you have a link to that comment by “Dave Bryant” or the name of the video where he posted it? I’d love to check out what else he has to say. Good info.


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