It’s Time for Tribe

It’s Time For Tribe

Though many problems we face today are world-wide in nature, the only long term, tried and true, viable solutions are to “Go Tribal”.  Only when you can look, touch, see and feel someone can you have meaningful interaction.

Only with those you can “punch in the nose” can you find reconcilliation for problems as well as address local needs and concerns.

The Govern = to rule, Ment = Mental, is all about mind control. If people developed tribes, local currencies and self sufficient, self reliant living, they could make their own rules, raise their children together, and shun outside needs and influence.

It all begins with stop paying into the system that enslaves and finding like minded neighbors to develop tribal existence.

It worked for some ten-to-hundreds of thousands of years, pre-Industrial Devolution, it can work again as system collapse continues due to the planned obsolescence societies of today. It worked for the Native Americans who lived in harmony with Father Sky and Mother Earth for some 8,000 years before the pillage and rape by the White Man. It can work again….if we have the time, if we have the time left.


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