It’s a Selection Not an Election; It’s All Theater of the Absurd Ad Naseum

Firstly, 54 of the richest White guys, many still beholden to England Monarchy, sign a Compact (contract) that says “We the People….” in 1776.

When they are done with this document… that allegedly Presidents, cops, judges, etc. pledge to (a piece of paper?)…only 7% of the population at the time (rich white guys with land ownership) get to vote for their “representative” to own authority over their lives…(Minorities, had to wait another 75 years and women over 100 years, of the We the People, to be “given” a right to vote)

…so much for We the People.

Second, it is the Electoral College which supposedly elects the POTUS, not ‘We the Sheeple’ in a “Democratic” process.

Who Will Elect the President? The Electoral College System

Every four years, the Electoral College, a little known feature of our Constitution, enjoys a fleeting movement of fame. About six weeks after the long grind of the presidential election is over, the 538 members of the college meet in their respective states to perform their sole constitutional function: to elect the President and Vice-President of the United States.

Yet, the ‘Trumpettes” (a Jesuit production) and

“Socialist/Communists for Bernie crowd” (didn’t you learn anything from HopeyChangey I’ll Bombyall guy?)…

…truly believe they have a voice/say in who is selected even though nothing ever changes because  they are two branches of the same rotted out tree.

Unflippin’ Real

Thirdly, in reality, it is a member of the royal family bloodline that becomes the face that the world gives over all power and bows to for authority.

…..okay Sheeple…you Decide…yet nothing will ever, ever change as long as the masses keep drinking the Kool-aid and believe that once every four years you can go punch a hole and someone else will make it all better so you don’t have to fight the machine that is destroying all life as we exist on this Earth….

…truth be told sold

Kissing Cousins ~ All Presidents Related by Blood

….And oh yea, one more thing…this country is run by the Jesuits for decades now..

Who really runs America?

Next President? Jesuit or Jesuit? You Choose Amerika?!?


Government Officials Voting Fraudulently: Lawmakers Breaking the Law – Texas Legislature

What would happen to you if police caught you on video fraudulently voting? Would cops quickly arrest you and throw you in jail, only to have the District Attorney immediately charge you with fraud?

What would happen to elected government officials if they were caught doing the same? Absolutely nothing?

In fact, our representatives in the U.S. government have become so brazen, that they commit fraud in plain view, on a daily basis, while at the same time trying to pass laws that would further restrict and criminalize the public for doing the same.

This is a clear sign of excessive government, when the government is so large and overwhelmingly powerful that it’s agents can abuse the civilian population without any sense of guilt, remorse, or fear – when government officials deny charges of illegal conduct made against themselves as a matter of semantics, and when agents of the government expect and get immunity from any of their actions; actions that would be criminally prosecuted upon any other citizens.

Rigged USA Elections Exposed

(the only thing that has changed since 2000 is that electronic voting machine company Diebold changed their name and fixed the problem with discovering their back door access’ to rig the vote.)

“Mr. Curtis,” said the questioner at the U.S. House Judiciary Committee proceedings, “are there programs that can be used to secretly fix elections?”

And so begins the story of Clint Curtis – computer programmer, Floridian, Republican – who was asked by the company he worked for to create a vote-rigging software prototype that he assumed would be used to try and “catch” would-be fraudsters. It was a standard “opposition research” assignment – or so he was told. The truth, of course, was something completely different and weaves into a tangled web the 2000 Presidential Election debacle, a now-sitting U.S. Congressman, and the number one threat to our national security – electronic voting.

(Folks, please help to wake up the Sheeple. Only through numbers of the awakened can we effectively make change…not through a fraudulent system predicated on the masses staying willfully ignorant and clueless wishing/hoping/praying that the next guy will make it all better for them and their children.)

Ron Paul, Just another Jesuit Stooge

According to my source in Italy, Ron Paul lived in Rome, off and on, from 1956 to 1965.  His residence at 16 0018  Via del delfini was paid for by certain priests.  Later he moved to a home near the “Gesu” in the “Pizza del Gesu,” which plaza hosts the headquarters for Scottish-Rite Freemasonry as mentioned above.  Paul is a Masonic shill for the Jesuit papacy.  He has done his job well.  He is not a true, patriotic American.  May the Risen Lord Jesus Christ reward him according to his works.



16 thoughts on “It’s a Selection Not an Election; It’s All Theater of the Absurd Ad Naseum

  1. Dear Jamie,
    This is a painful message to deliver. I greatly respect your work bringing forth so many ugly truths about the system. Like you, I worked over 25 years in finance and now try to make ends meet independently. If you continue with the white guilt trip and implied accusations against all Caucasians with broad strokes I am absolutely certain you will lose the following of those whom you most wish to educate. You are wrong, my friend. All white people are not bad, including you. Just because we were born from European ancestry does not make us bad people. But the way you continue highlighting the “white guy” in your posts makes it seem as if we must be. Please stop it.

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    1. Dear Ol’ Pappy,
      I appreciate your note, yet I never post for viewership or ratings or likes or popularity. Please know this.

      I do not spend hours/days/months and years now, posting for the “crowd”. If you cannot see, accept, know, that the White male has been the greatest purveyor of instigated violence and abuse against all other races, then just move on, Sir.

      I adopted an African American boy and it was not until then I began to research the White Man’s deep role in the greatest abuse on humanity the world has ever seen against another race that my mind became clear as to the White Mans role in history.

      That most White Men fail to even acknowledge this is tragic. That most White Men fail to take responsibility for their ancestors role (“I didn’t do it”) is pathetic, yet they go on and on and on about what great railroads the White Man built (with slave labor from the Yellow Man of China) and the Great Ivy Universities (with slave labor from the Black Man), etc., etc., etc.

      My adopted African American son can only trace his heritage to a boat on the East Coast of the U.S., like nearly all African Americans.

      did you ever consider this fact that a White Man never has to think about, Sir?

      do you know what it is like to walk with my son and have to warn him about police abuse on the Black Man and when he asks why I have to explain the role of the White Man against his race and explain prejudice to him at age 10 for his own safety and protection.

      Did your parents have this talk with you, I think not..why? because, I’m assuming you are a White Man.

      How would that make you feel that your ancestors were clubbed and taken from their families, by the millions, put on slave ships specifically designed so that 20% would die on the crossing of the Atlantic alone, then sold as slaves to their White Man masters, beaten, raped, etc….and that is the history of most blacks in this country.

      Can you even relate?

      Has this country EVER apologized or made restitution? NOPE! Not even a breath of consciousness to this ugly fact that White Men tend to “dismiss” as ….

      And the Native Americans who the alleged story goes that a White Conqueror called “Indians” (because he thought he was in India?), WTF?… who kept these lands healthy, abundant and vibrant until the White Man came ashore to steal, pillage, rape and break every single treaty he made with the “Red Skins”, where the White Man discovered gold on the Indian lands, so they sent Custer, a White Man, into take out all the Natives, as just one example.

      Now, in just a short 400 years the White Men, and their “Captains of Industry” are destroying life on Earth as we know it, where our children may not even survive.

      This was not done by women. This was not done by the Red skin, Yellow skin, Brown skin or Black skin races, it has been done by the White Man. Own it!

      Can you even begin to feel what that history must feel like if you are a Native Indian today with knowing their history and no one cares while they suffer alcoholism, depression and poverty where once they lived in harmony and abundance before the White Man came along?

      Just like the White Man Spanish came across the pond and took over the “other” Americas, then they moved up to CA and killed of more brown skins to set up their Missions, while abusing all.

      hmmm, do you see a pattern here?

      Hitler = White
      Stalin/Lenin/Putin = White
      U.S. Presidents = White (Obombyall is half-white, but nobody talks about that)
      Thatcher/Blair/Cameron = White

      Writers of current world history = White Man (Rockefeller, Rothschilds, etc.)

      I could go on for days, but the main point is to accept our roles, in lieu of our ancestors role, and be the change we must see….and that means acknowledging the White Mans role in history from a purely factual POV.

      It is just my opinion of what I see, read, feel and think.

      If this doesn’t fit your belief system, creed or historical narrative, or makes you angry/uncomfortable, please just move on.


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  2. OK. Never mind. BTW, I can only trace my ancestors back to a boat arriving somewhere on the east coast as well. They were Irish indentured servants. Slaves for all intents and purposes. You need to do a little more reading of real history, my friend. The “white man” was still foraging and hunting with blue face paint while the Persians and Indians were conquering and enslaving Asia. History goes back a little farther than the period for which you feel such profound guilt.

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    1. The reason I’m harping is that in very general, not personal terms, I find White males completely clueless, and uncaring as to the plight of other races, like how can we bomb a country to Shock and Awe based on fabricated Lies of WMD, spending borrowed trillions our children will be indentured slaves to…. and no one is held responsible or culpable?? Where is the outrage?
      Where are the males (white and black) to say “Ya Basta” and step up as warriors to right such wrongs that were done under the U.S. Flag, in our name, with our tax dollars? Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.??
      I’m just ashamed for my race and would like us to own up to our role in history. That’s all.

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    2. pappy, your words would seem a lot less empty if the US and their white friends were not bombing the fuck out of innocent brown people each and every day. the odd-on favorite to win the US election is a woman who bombed water pumping stations in Libya – water pumping stations that perfectly innocent people, including children, depend upon for daily survival.

      your words might have a tiny bit of weight, but not while the US and their white friends support their white cousins in Israel over the rightful owners of the land, who happen to be brown.

      your words might mean something if white people were not trying to remove native americans from their lands right this very moment. your words might means something if the US had honored any of its treaties instead of just being a bunch of typical white liars.

      tell me, are irish neighborhoods being flooded with drugs and guns by whoever today’s equivalent of oliver north is? nope. are unjust drug laws being enforced against irish people disproportionately? nope. are the prison labor camps filled with irish who have unfairly targeted in the war on drugs? nope. do irish people turn on the tv and see ridiculous depictions of irish musicians as almost exclusively clownish thugs? nope. are irish people paid to have fatherless children? nope.

      eventually, people get tired of listening to ‘forked tongue.’


  3. Listen, my friend, I permanently left the US many years ago because I recognized it had been infiltrated and overtaken from by the darkest of dark forces, darker even than those of the days of native American extermination. I in no way support the wars or genocide you speak of, and neither do most Caucasian people. Such things are decided and executed from the top down. Furthermore, look who has been leading this mess for the last eight years, a world class liar and killer, none other than a brown man. I rest my case.

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    1. President is the CEO of a corporation, not the “leader of the free world”. the Jesuits run the whole show (all White males). You would be well advised to understand this very important fact and you can find all the info on the header link above, “Rulers of Evil” then “Who really runs America”. everything you have been taught is one big massive lie.
      Obama is half White, which whites and blacks fail to somehow recite or understand.
      in the end it isn’t color of skin, it is the fact they get us to have this divisive conversations instead of going after the real enemy of all….the Jesuits and their handlers, the 13 Satanic bloodlines.

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    2. His mother was a white CIA agent, and his grandmother was a white CIA agent. His first job out of college was working for a CIA front called Business International. And yes he’s a world class liar and killer, working the service of almost exclusively white institutions.

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  4. Wow. Do you guys have any sense of yourselves? Do you realize that it is YOU who are acting out as racists? I realize the president is nothing more than a figurehead. I realize he and everyone else in positions of power and control are CIA assets. Why do yo you think I like your site so much? Because nothing you write here is new to me. Nothing except your inexplicable self hatred simply because you were born Caucasian. Please understand that the problem is not skin tone. The problem lies in a system that is controlled by psychopaths and promotes psychopathy. Whether this is externally driven by unseen forces I do not know. But I do know it has nothing to do with race so please stop trying to race bait and please continue with your otherwise excellent work.

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    1. Ol’ Pappy, you don’t know me. Ad Hominen attacks are not welcome here. I adopted an African Am. child at birth for Christ sakes, dude!
      If you persist I will have to disavow all connections here.
      FYI, it’s not the CIA, it’s the “ENTITY” That holds power over the CIA, KGB, M16, etc.
      Let’s move on plz.

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  5. Yes, I get it. I know the intel agencies are controlled by something else, something often represented by the invisible capstone, something even they probably don’t understand.. I am well aware and agree. Just as an aside, as far back as 1996 in Season 3, Episodes 15 and 16 of the original X-Files a form of “black goo” extra-plane intelligence was disclosed. I wonder how many people caught that. I hope that your site continues its disclosure project.

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