2 thoughts on “FE 101 #5 Airplanes Never Adjust for Curvature of Earth

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attitude_indicator

    A look at the wikipedia article on attitude indicators paints a different picture concerning what these devices actually do and how they work. Apparently, adjustments and errors are part of the package, as the whole thing operates relative to the internal gyroscope that provides a frame of reference. That video seems more intentionally hysterical and misleading than anything else.


    1. Hey Izzy,
      With all do respect please do your homework, like I have done before putting up nonsensical comments like this quoting wikipedia as your only reason for discounting, and dissing, the evidence provided.
      here is more information on the two different LNS systems used in planes, one mechanical and one laser on commercial planes.
      they are used to account for the longitudinal error due to going around a round disc, not a round ball,and the other to account for the errors in magnetism at the North pole due to the fact that the magnetic field is torodial and not based on a magnetic core of the Earth “theory” (we’ve only ever drilled down 8 miles, so how can they “know” they core?


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