When No One is Held Accountable


fasces (n.) Look up fasces at Dictionary.com1590s, from Latin fasces “bundle of rods containing an axe with the blade projecting” (plural of fascis “bundle” of wood, etc.), from Proto-Italic *faski- “bundle,” perhaps from PIE *bhasko- “band, bundle”  Carried before a lictor, a superior Roman magistrate, as a symbol of power over life and limb: the sticks symbolized punishment by whipping, the axe-head execution by beheading. Hence in Latin it also meant, figuratively, “high office, supreme power.”

If anyone wonders why markets are crashing, it’s because the stock market, is, and has been a Ponzi scheme of placing mass debt on taxpayers while getting funds for illegal business practices by the 2Big2Jail.

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, etc., gets tens of billions in bailout, makes billions in mortgage fees, buys up traunches of foreclosed homes, shorts the Real Estate market at the top, makes billions there, and gets bailed out by our government with no one being liable or culpable or going to jail.

Here is just another prime broker example. These weren’t “shoddy business practices” this was classic pump n’ dump action generally unregulated in the penny pink sheet stocks but when your former boss at GS is running the printing factory at the Treasury and your other GS buddy is running the private corporation FEd Reserve….well the only losers are WE the Sheeple, big time because this debt servitude will be on the books for generations in that our current debt in the U.S. is over $19 Trillion (what’s a trillion daddy?) and derivative debt is in the hundreds of trillions of dollars, whatever that means..

When corporations run a government, it is called facism and is prominently displayed in the very prime location where the POTUS gives his State of the Union Address.

Does anyone care that our country is being run by tyrants, our Congressional houses symbols are of the executioners fasces used in old Rome to control its citizens, or that the “leader of the free country” has signed more executive orders, declaring him sole power, to abduct and assassinate anyone he wishes, to declare marshall law anytime he wishes without reason and can declare war on anyone he wishes?

These powers remain with any new President selected to power in the public domain.

This will only continue to enslave all in mass debt servitude for generations to come.

Does anyone care?

Goldman Sachs to Pay $5 Billion in Mortgage Settlement

January 14th, 2016

Via: CNBC:

Goldman Sachs said Thursday it will pay roughly $5 billion to settle federal and state probes of its role in the sale of shoddy mortgages in the years leading to the housing bubble and subsequent financial crisis.

Below is a complete breakdown of the latest numbers in our bailout database. We’re tracking every dollar and every recipient for both the broader $700 billion TARP bill and the separate bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The State of the Bailout

OUTFLOWS: $618 billion This includes money that has actually been spent, invested, or loaned.

 39.7% of total
Banks and other Financial Institutions
Fannie and Freddie
Auto Companies
$19B (3.1%)
Toxic Asset Purchases
$18.6B (3.0%)
roman-fasces roman fasces
Roman_Lictor_with_fasces lincoln-statue-fasces

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