Revisionist History # 11; Rethink 9/11 ’cause it’s right on the money!

So, you’re starting to rethink 9/11 and the official story. Great!

Now for absolute proof, that anyone should do themselves with a couple folds, here is absolute positive proof that 9.11 was a long term, preplanned,  Inside Job.

It is RIGHT ON THE MONEY, folks, all dressed up like little airplanes!!!  How cute:)(:

Please watch the excellent you tube showing that some of this american currency was put into circulation in 1996 five years before the towers fell  as well as how Washington Square was ‘remodeled’ against great protest so the arch would frame the towers so perfectly and are reflected in the arch surrounding the u.s. currency
Also note that the two companies planes that hit the towers were American and United Airlines…again right on the fold and right on the money.


View from Washington Square Monument of the Twin Towers also framed on the new $ 5, $ 10, $20 and two $50 bills.


9/11: A Conspiracy Theory; Must View

Everything you need to ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.


9/11 And Flight 175

After extensive investigation and research, many of us soon began to realize that our government, along with some other countries and alphabet soup agencies, may have been not been telling us the truth about this horrific event.

In addition, we soon came to the conclusion that these entities, mentioned above, were ultimately responsible for this terrible and shocking tragedy which would be just another example of a false flag operation. The video below is more evidence of the questionable story doled out by the controlled corporate media and government in regards to the 9/11 “terror” attacks.

Flight 175 is the point of focus and therefore, you must really see this video in order to believe it


Further evidence is the employment of crisis actors, the same ones that were eye witness’ on 9/11 were also first person eyewitness’ at the Boston Bombing…..what a coincidence!


“Fear paints pictures of ghosts and hangs them in the gallery of ignorance.”

On this, the 12 year anniversary of the greatest attack on the United States, the evidence is overwhelming that the official story makes no sense on its own merit.

After Pearl Harbor there were no less than 7 official commissions to understand what happen, who was responsible and what actions were needed to prevent another attack.

After 9/11/01, the Bush Administration initially refused to begin an investigation until widows from New Jersey shamed them into an investigation. Then, and only then, the Bush Administration allocated only $3 million dollars and put a short time limit for a conclusion. In comparison over $100 million was spent on the Clinton ‘Depends on what ‘is’ Is’ grand jury trial.  (for an excellent movie watch “911 Press for Truth”).

Up until this evening, September 10th, 2013, no main stream news would even ‘go there’ to suggest that 9/11 could of been an inside job….until the Ms. Abby Martin on Russian TV (Russia is getting to be quite the hero these days!) interviews Kevin Ryan and calls out the powers that be and the incredible lies and inconsistencies in the official story.  Huge cajones and kudos to Abby Martin for speaking truth to power.
The official story and the only story that most people know is that 19 men of  Arab descent (15 from Saudi Arabia) overwhelmed the greatest military/defense system the world has ever known by a factor of beyond huge and completely, without any opposition was able to hijack 4 commercial jet planes with nothing more than simple box cutters and used the planes as weapons to implant themselves in towers and the Penatagon.

Incredibly cell phones were used (though cell phones on planes still cannot be used on planes today) to call loved ones and report on the in air struggle, while our military F-16’s were unable to go after the hijacked airliners for over an hour because, on this exact day, there were 46 live drills simulating air attacks were being conducted on three different areas on the Eastern Seaboard.

Furthermore, the military F-18’s that were finally scrambled, were erroneously sent out to sea rather than to defend the Pentagon, only 12 miles from the AFB in Wash. D.C.

Twin towers One and Two collapsed neatly on their own footprints at free fall speed (10 seconds) even though both structures had extensive additional super structure built in the center to house the internal elevator systems. The chief architect just happened to be in the WTC 1 at the time and died. ( A baseball dropped from the top would of hit the ground at the same time as the towers that  ‘collapsed’.)

Andrea Mitchel of ABC news, wife of Alan Greenspan, former Fed Chairman, was the first to report less than two hours after the first attack that it was most likely an attack by one Osama Bin Laden.   Months later, Secretary of State, Condeleeza Rice, told Congress that President Bush had received a President Briefing memo titled, ‘Bin Laden Determined to Attack the U.S.’ a full month before the attacks, yet no precautions were taken by the President. 

No fires have ever caused super structure high rises to collapse in free fall speed before or since 9.11.  Thousands of architects and engineers have signed documents calling bullshit on the official pancake story. Even the National Science Institute of Technology (NSIT) has admitted that they have no ‘viable reason’ as to why WTC 7 came down on its own footprint, a 47 story high rise who had no attacks on it and would be the tallest building in most cities.,
Much evidence of bombs going off prior to the collapse inside these buildings were reported by many, many fire and police, yet never included in the official 9.11 report.  The steel, which conveniently pulverized into sections to fit on flat bed trucks, were immediately sold for scrap and shipped off to Shanghai, even though this was a crime scene and was evidence.  Listen to the many fireman confirming many, many explosions before the towers fell.
Massive amounts of gold was removed from beneath the towers, yet no one knows where it went.  Many people in power were strangely absent from their offices in the towers that day, man of Israeli descent.   Mr. David Rockefeller, who built owned the land beneath the WTC towers, was conveniently in his office just across the way and was ‘fortunate’ to witness the destruction.


ReThink911 Billboard Towers Over Times Square: Forward the Image Far and Wide

At 5:20 BBC news reported live that the 47 story WTC building 7, which housed the FBI, Secret Service, Mayor Gulianna’s Command Center as well as the SEC with the Bush incriminating evidence of the Enron scandal, had collapsed on its own footprint in free fall speed.
The problem with the BBC report was the WTC 7 was that it hadn’t gotten collpased and was still standing for a good 20 more minutes.

“Lucky Larry”, who had just bought WTC 1,2, and 7 six months prior came on TV and proclaimed that it was his order to ‘pull it’ regarding the demolition of WTC 7.

The WTC buildings had been for sale for years yet no sale occurred because the buildings were filled with asbestos and anyone who bought the buildings would have had to incur mass costs to clear out the toxicity.

Larry Silverstein — Larry is a Jewish American businessman from New York. Larry obtained a 99 year lease on the entire world trade center complex on 24 July, 2001. The nearly worthless trade towers I should point out due to them being filled with asbestos that needed removal; a process that would have produced a cost that would have rivaled the cost of the lease itself. Larry explains his reason for purchasing the towers as “I felt a compelling urge to own them.” Is this a believable reason coming from a supposed successful businessman? Larry had breakfast in “Windows on the World” restaurant (located in North Tower 107th Floor) every single morning. Larry was absent from this routine meeting on the morning of September the 11th. Larry’s two offspring, who also worked in the WTC, also conveniently decided to take the day off. Either the Silverstein family is clairvoyant, or then knew exactly what was going down that day. Take your pick. Larry Silverstein scored more than $4.5 Billion in insurance money as a result of the destruction of his complex. Silverstein was personal friends with key player in Zionist controlled media Rupert Murdoch, former Israeli president & infamous Zionist war criminal Ariel Sharon, as well as Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Silverstein was such good friends with Benjamin Netanyahu that he would receive a phone call from him every single sunday.”

Also, in 1996, a new security system company called Securacom was hired to secure the towers.  They began a major retrofit in the alarms and security in the WTC buildings:

“Marvin P. Bush, the president’s younger brother, was a principal in a company called Securacom that provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport.” And not to be outdone by this fact, we also learn that “from 1999 to January of 2002 (Marvin and George W.’s cousin) Wirt Walker III was the company’s CEO.”

Besides, Lucky Larry, were many, many Zionist jews either involved with the operations or involved with perpetuating the official 911 narrative as well as the ‘Dancing Jews’ who were arrested across from WTC filming the tragedy and were apprehended by police, then let go, never to be seen again. Also, stories abound about many of Jewish religion and faith not showing up for work that day in the towers.
The Official 9.11 report stated that unusually large short put options were placed on United and American Air lines just days prior to the attacks. And that one company, Deutsche Bank had placed all these bets only.  Deutsche Bank had bought Alex Brown and Co. trading a couple years before. The head trader at Alex Brown trading was one ‘Buzzy’ Krongard, who later took a job as the # 3 man for the CIA.  His brother, ‘Cookie’ Krongard resided on the board of Blackwater company, now known as Xe.  Over a hundred million dollars was made on the bet, yet over $40 million remained unclaimed after the disaster.
Over at the Pentagon, Donald Rumsfeld was having brunch with a group of men including the new head to be of the SEC 2B Chairman, Christopher Cox, whose sole comment after he became SEC chairman was that the monies bet just days before the event was due to a single recommendation by a single investment newsletter even thought trading volume was several hundred percent higher than normal daily volume.Luckily for, Mr. Rumsfeld was that the object that hit the Pentagon did so on the complete opposite side, though the track of the plane came from the East side where they were brunching.  Additionally, the day before, on Sept. 10th, Rumsfeld disclosed that trillions of dollars was missing from the Pentagon. an hour after the first attacks, one Hani Hanjour, who could barely even fly a small Cessna plane, takes control of a United 77 and flies an incredible aerial maneuver taking a 77 from over 3000 ft. to flight deck level at over 500 mph and slams it into the West end of the Pentagon, which had just been reinforced with steel, leaving a whole the size of a cruise missile. Many pilots who have studied the maneuver have declared it nearly impossible for the most expert of pilots trained in that type of plane could have pulled off the maneuver the Top Gun of the non existent Afghani flight school pulled off so perfectly:
“The plane began a steep banking descent, circling downward in a 330-degree turn while dropping more than 5,600 feet in three minutes before re-aligning with the Pentagon and increasing to maximum thrust towards the building. The nose was kept down despite the increased lift from the acceleration, while flying so close to the ground that it clipped lamp posts along the interstate highway before plowing into the building at more than 530 mph, precisely hitting a target only 71 feet high, or just 26.5 feet taller than the Boeing 757 itself.[17]    But even more problematic than the question of why Hanjour would perform this maneuver is the question of how he performed it. Perhaps the most incredible thing about this, the official account of what happened to Flight 77, is that Hani Hanjour was in reality such a horrible pilot that he had trouble handling a light single-engine aircraft and even just one month before the attacks was rejected at two different schools because he was judged too incompetent to rent a plane and fly solo.As the Los Angeles Times ironically put it, “For someone suspected of steering a jetliner into the Pentagon, the 29-year-old man who used the name Hani Hanjour sure convinced a lot of people he barely knew how to fly.

Unfortunately, the most defended piece of land on earth, with over 28 anti missile defense systems, with over an hour notice of a nation under attack, failed completely to stop the incoming plane/missile.  Also, the hundreds of security cameras have not released any footage, except for the 5 frames of still photograph, as to what hit the Pentagon. Within a half hour after the attack, the FBI was confiscating video tape from gas stations and stored across from the Pentagon, yet has never released any of that footage.

In Virginia, a gaping hole was found in the ground where flight 93  crashed, yet plane parts were found scattered miles away, suggesting a shoot down.  Bodies were said to have burned beyond recognition but many were later to have been identified by dental records.
Only two of the eight black boxes were recovered of the four planes, though they were all designed to survive impacts much worse than these.
Over $2 Billion was paid out to widows and survivors of 911 with an agreement to never again challenge or contest any incidents of 911.
Just 12 days after 9.11 the Patriot Act was signed, all 3,023 pages of changes of dots, commas, change and to ifs, etc.  When Sr. members of the Democratic Party, Mr. Daschle and Leahy failed to inititially approve the passage of the Act, Anthrax was then found in their mail just days later.  10 days later the Patriot Act was passed stripping massive basic rights of all Americans.

Not one person was fired for dereliction of duty. Many were given promotions like Treasury Secretary, Norm Mineetta, who reported to the 9.11 commission that in effect he heard VP Cheney authorize a cruise missile attack to proceed before the Pentagon attack and Flight 93 shoot down/crash.  Mr. Minetta received the Medal of Honor from President Bush after he recanted some of his sworn testimony.

George W. Bush
uh George the book is …oh never mind
Two years later, on false charges of WMD’s, Mr. Bush invaded Iraq declaring smoking guns might turn into mushroom clouds and that either we were with the enemy or with them.  Also, on the day of the attacks, Mr. Bush was reading ‘My Pet Goat’ (upside down) to a class.  After the initial attacks the Secret Service allowed Mr. Bush to remain reading to the children for over 7 minutes as ‘not to upset the children’ the official story goes.
11 years after the event, the biggest military in the world, with the most sophisticated spying operation on the planet, says it finally found and assassinated the perp, who was solely responsible for the 9.11 attacks even though he was never on the FBI’s most wanted list for lack of evidence.  A former CIA asset at the time called, Tim Watson, later Osama Bin Laden, a 6’6″ guy on a dialysis machine, is assasinated in an alleged hideout in Pakistan.He is then taken out to sea and unceremoniously dumped into the sea, under Islamic tradition, official sources say.  Islamic tradition has no such law.
Additionally,  30 Americans were killed in the crash on August 6, 2011 when insurgents shot down a U.S. military helicopter during fighting in eastern Afghanistan, making it the largest loss of life in a single incident for the U.S. military during the war. 22 of the victims belonged to the same unit as the Navy SEALS involved in the purported Osama Bin Laden operation, just three months earlier.
Osama, Hussein, Barrack, Biden, Bin Laden, Saddam, Obama…..gets kind of confusing doesn’t it????Additionally disturbing is that major whistle blowers Assange, Snowden, Greenwald and Manning all have not brought to light in all their massive insider dumps any anomalies, lies, falsehoods and deceptions brought about by our government and military with any inside information about 9.11.  Curiously the other night, Mr. Assad, PM of Syria, spoke on the Bilberger Shadow Government, made for propaganda TV, The Charlie Rose Show. Mr. Assad is  also speaking about the bogeyman group Al Qaeda, which is a pure CIA creation.(note this article was published in 1998
Russia is now playing hero to the latest conflict in Syria.  Russia TV is the first to report by any news service that 911 could of been and inside job. hmmmm.
Obama’s actions on Syria are equally strange.  There’s a red line, there’s not a red line and now their is a red line crossed.  Go rogue, go it alone, screw the people says the most popularly ‘elected’ Prez in recent history…….oh well, i’ll at least ask Congress but then he adss that he will start WWIII even if Congress does not approve.  THEN, in the 11th hour, one week before the final ultimatum he is now allowing Russia of all country’s to verify disarmament of chemical weapons..
For history nuts, 9/11 has held major historical significance as well. The U.S. backed coup overthrow to install the murderous Pinoche, the Carter Middle East talks, the first day of digging to build the Pentagon and much more.
9.11 Truthers are growing exponentially now as the global power grab gets to big to hide. This week, the first major news network, Russian TV, actually came out and implicated that 9/11 was an inside job.  Clearly, the glass is cracking around the complete bullshit official story that makes no sense whatsoever.*****

9/11 Symbolism in Hollywood

To look deeper as to the Black Magic and occult behind the 9/11 attacks clearly proves that the powers that be are using dark energy for the purpose of their agenda to bring fear and control to all.
So who was really behind the 9/11 attacks?  here is an excellent overview based on evidence to date.
Too many whistleblowers on 911 have been silenced
Is it not coincidence that the countries VP, Dick Cheney developed his personal assassination team directly after 911?
Too many still do not want to ‘go there’ for fear that they would have to admit that the true global dictators and tyrants where nice suits, live in white houses and are from this country of origin. It would also mean that by acknowledging that 9.11 was an Inside Job, that we the people are the only ones to force justice for the heinous crimes committed before, during and after the attacks.
Speak out. Be heard. Act.



Finally seeing that the Hopi Way of balance is the only chance,
many will choose to climb down the ladder,
to go through the Great Spirit gateway.
This time of confusion, in which many will chose either path,
is called a time of purification.
So it seems we now are all at this point in our lives,
where indeed purification is for the world, the order of the day.

This is the time, so the Great Spirit says,
where people will earn the name I chose for them: Hopi,
�the people of peace,� the name they call themselves today.
The Hopi Way is a condition, a way of life,
and as an elder once said, �Our religion may be of benefit to others.�
Indeed it is, for new clans of Hopi are born to teach
       the way of balance,
the Hopi knowledge of peace, the Hopi way.

�Give love to all things, people, animals, plants,
and mountains; for the spirit is one, if Catsinas are many.�
The Prophecy says the Earth will shake three times:
first the Great War, then the Second One,
when the Swastika rose above the battlefields of Europe,
to end in the Rising Sun sinking in a sea of blood.
The end of an Empire � or perhaps the beginning of another?
Now what would the third one be?
This, the Prophecy does not say.
For it depends on which path humankind will walk:
the greed, the comfort, and the profit,
       or the path of love, strength, and balance.

When strong-hearted people keep on singing the Song of Creation,
they will find the true path, forgotten by many,
       so Grandpa David says.
When prayer and meditation are used rather than relying
on new inventions to create more imbalance,
       they will also find the true path.
Mother Nature tells us which is the right way.
When earthquakes, floods, hailstorms, drought, and famine
will be the life of every day, the time will have then come
for the return to the true path, or going the zig-zag way.

Long ago, Massoua told us, �Remember the Pahana,
the white brother. He has the other stone tablet,
but he has not returned it, yet. He will be sent
so the people who hold fast to the Hopi Way can be spared
       from destruction.
He is the purifier, for people to go on with
       the Great Spirit life plan.
It will then open our hearts and minds when a new age
is about to be, with people renewed and purified through fire.
It will be like the pure gold of a new day.
But fire is red, and when it takes command,
it will set the forces of nature in motion.
We will then know purification day has come.
We all are the caretakers of life.
       The balance of nature depends on us.
       The world will be what we want it to be.

For it has a plan, a grid, a course that has been sowed
in the beginning.
The great computer, we might say, has been fed
for all time to come.

So let us hold our breath, and play it right.
On this planet of ours � this �Upperworld,�
as the Hopi would say � no matter how it ends,
we are all in it together.
How many worlds after this one?
The only issue is the individual choice we make.
When events come at us, is when our life gets its meaning.
This is when we do our best, for it is all we can do
to understand the experiences, good or bad,
that make our life.

When we leave our own page of history, our best
is all that counts. When the time come to pack,
and we find no room for all we wanted to take along with us
to the Underworld, our best is all that counts.

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