The No Plane, Plane Truth. Pentagon. 9/11

“Construction on the Pentagon began without fanfare on September 11, 1941–60 years to the day before the terrorist attacks of 2001.”

The 9/11 Official Story

Hani Janjour, after taking command of a commercial jet liner using box cutters and surprise, incapable of getting licensed to fly a small Cessna two seater plane, is said to have taken a Top Gun type flight route from 2700 ft. down to flight deck (Pentagon lawn)  in less than 32 seconds while spiraling a 767 commercial jet, avoiding light poles and nearby buildings to strike perfectly on the West end of the Pentagon, that had recently been reinforced, which housed accounts for the day before announced missing of trillions of dollars by Sec’y Rumseld of Pentagon money striking, yet removing no engine parts, to analyze….yet people were said to have been conclusively identified by teeth.

This after the Pentagon, the most highly defended place on earth with over 32 surface to air missles, a military base w/ rocket loaded f-16’s just miles away, and over an hour of warning that “the nation was under attack”, failed to prevent the airplane, er missile from hitting the Pentagram started 60 yrs earlier on 9/11.  hmmm.

Besides the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, there is no greater Achilles heel in the official 9/11 fiction than the government’s contrived tale of a passenger airliner hitting the Pentagon.

The following news clip was aired once, and only once, before it was memory-holed by the mainstream media. Here we see a CNN reporters confirming LIVE at the scene of the Pentagon on 9/11, reporting that he sees “no evidence of a plane at all.” This was scrubbed from the airwaves forever. Watch it here:

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