Fidel Castro; The Jesuit Plant

Chicago boss Sam Giancana was a member of the Havana Conference and federal documents revealed he was an agent for the CIA and involved with their Bay of Pigs Invasion disguised as a plot to overthrow Castro. The Bay of Pigs was really designed as support for Castro during the Cuban Counter Revolution which is why the Castro family are still in power today.

The CIA never intended to overthrow Castro. At the time the CIA was headed up by Allen Dulles who was a suspected Knight of Malta and his nephew Avery Dulles was a Jesuit priest. The CIA was founded by the OSS Director William Donovan a two time Vatican knight and friend of Allen Dulles.

Robert Maheu was a Jesuit Georgetown graduate, Vegas businessman, and agent of the FBI and CIA whose ties with mafia bosses Sam Giancana and Santo Trafficante Jr. involving the Bay of Pigs operation were exposed in the CIA Director Memorandum on mobster Johnny Roselli. The Trafficante crime family owned casinos in Cuba and the CIA wanted to use their connections for infiltration. They likely still own casinos which are used for laundering drug profits. The Bay of Pigs was really refers to the Spanish-Neopolitan House of Pignatelli which have strong ties with the Vatican and Sicily producing the Jesuit educated Pope Innocent XII.

The Farnese family were also the ones who authorized the Jesuit Order through their Pope Paul III and Fidel Castro was Jesuit educated in a school in Santiago, Cuba. Fidel Castro’s rise to power was directed and financed by Italian-Spanish nobility so that they could set up a criminal haven in the Americas which is what the name Havana really refers to.

Cuba is a mafia hideaway and this is why the Italian Mafia had held their meeting the Havana Conference of 1946 there which was set up by Genovese boss Lucky Luciano. Jesuit Fordham Cuban-American Jose Fanjul and his brother Alfonso Fanjul Jr. own Fanjul Corporation which is a large sugar company based in Florida. Alfonso Fanjul was a shareholder in the Southeast Banking Corporation and this was verified in court documents. Don Francisco Bourbon the Duke of Seville has been the CEO of the Bank of Miami and International Bank of Miami. The Five Families of New York, Trafficante crime family, Chicago Outfit and the Florida based Cuban Mafia have a lot of influences at the ports in Florida.

The Italian Mafia are the eldership and oversee other criminal gangs like the Cuban Mafia’s operations inside the United States. They use the shipping routes with the Dominican Republic as a cover. Italian President Sergio Mattarella’s Jesuit brother Piersanti Mattarella faked his death and I think that he fled to Cuba. Cuba ties in with Mexico and it is Cuban-Spanish-Italian bosses overseeing the Mexican Mafia and drug cartels for the Italian and Spanish nobility.

The purpose of Cuba is to operate as a hideout for wanted or threatened made men in the United States or in Mexico. Havana is a haven for crooks and the US embargo restricting trade and some travel creates a layer of protection for those that flee to Cuba. Public figures are also involved in faking their deaths and some might be hiding out in Cuba. Fake deaths are a tactic developed by the Italian military tactician Niccolo Machiavelli which is being covered up and removed from historical texts.

There is also a Naples, Florida. Orlando is named for the noble House of Orlandini in Florence. Duke Alvaro of Urzaiz and Azlor of Aragon and Escobar is the Duke of Villahermosa today. The Aragon-Escobar family of Spain were part owners of Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel.

The Colonna, Gaetani-D’Aragona, and Aragon-Escobar families made tens of billions off Escobar and still receive dues from their South American drug enterprises. Escobar’s reported wealth of about 50 billion was never accounted for. Aragon is also important because today Chicago-Florida billionaire businessman Kenneth C. Griffin created and runs Citadel Investment Group which manages around 149 billion in assets and his Jesuit Georgetown ex-wife and former Soros associate Anne Dias-Griffin founded Aragon Global Management based in Chicago.

3 thoughts on “Fidel Castro; The Jesuit Plant

    The SS is corrupt, too. SEE:
    THEY are capable of anything. THEY WILL PROBABLY KEEP ON SHOOTING UP SCHOOLS AND CITIES LIKE LV, as well as crashing planes but fortunately, more fake news exposures (i.e., see: and Nothing is beyond their capacity for evil. LBJ, GHW Bush, and the CIA killed JFK. It is pretty obvious. He that has eyes can see unless you are a moron. There is no justice anymore. They also killed RFK and MLK. They also tried to kill Reagan. They also killed John Lennon and Prince. KIL LAIR RY killed JFK Jr. so she could be Senator of NY. They are behind the opium trade. These people are global criminals, i.e., they are the cabal. Nixon was also dirty. They all worship Satan. So what? Anyone can connect the dots and follow the money and money laundering (i.e., it is about trillions of dollars, power, NWO, and evil). Anyone can see this unless they are a moron.
    Who cares? Obviously, no one cares or they would do something about it.
    Best video todate! Thanks! Also, see:

    The Bottomless Pit is opening for all of these evil-doers. Time’s Up! It is moot that Google, Facebook, and YouTube are C.I.A., and even if the C.I.A. and F.B.I. are shut down, it is too, too late.
    They were behind 911, and it was an inside job done by energy weapons which turned the buildings into dust. Duh!
    There is no justice or true investigations presently into these Satanic evildoers, and I am not talking about 13 Russian trolls. However, trolls should also be punished by bullet or rope along side the traitors. See:
    Obama is the evil Anti-Christ, and he will have his reign. That is why he is still around.
    Movies and TV are coded and used to brainwash the populous. It is all a delusion and distraction.
    Some think that President Trump has been compromised. Maybe they have one of his grandchildren. Who knows? Anyone can be gotten to. These deep state Satanists will capture your children, skin them alive, harvest their adrenochrome, organs, souls, eyeballs, etc., and eat the rest. They are political pedophilic cannibals.
    They are in control of the whole world along with their banksters, black hats, black ops, BIG PHARM, and corrupt governments, agencies, and corporations. Hurricanes and earthquakes abound (see: and Perhaps, a mini-ice age will occur.
    Meanwhile, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.
    They intend to tax us to death while providing substandard healthcare, housing, education, infrastructure, and public safety. They care nothing about cleaning up the cities plagued with crime and drugs.
    We are being censored, chemtrailed, i.e., see:, poisoned in our environment, food, medicines like vaccines and Crystal (Apache) Fentanyl, i.e., see:, and water with florine, as well as enslaved with debt and mind-controlled MSM.
    Meanwhile, we are fed government propaganda and lied to by the authorities on every level.
    There are no real arrests, you sleeping sheep! There are supposedly secret arrests or indictments on paper but never in reality, so there is no proof! Hoax. NO MORE SECRETS!!!
    Do not believe anything that you hear and only half of what you see. The horror of it all!
    Fear not, Jesus is coming back. All these evil entities are going to be caste into a lake of fire. I cannot wait!
    Make sure you repent, ask for forgiveness, and hold on to Jesus.
    Frankly, I am grateful that it is almost over. There are not enough serious Patriots to take the government back. It is just delay and stalling until 5G comes online, which will fry your brains and mind-control you even more.
    Not enough people have woke up who can or will do anything. I am going to resist with the Grace of God and fight for the ground that I am standing on LIKE I HAVE BEEN DOING ALL BY MYSELF with God’s help FOR THE LAST 50 YEARS. I will not go quietly.
    People are living obliviously in their own little worlds while civilization finally comes to its miserable end. Thank God!
    What a horrible mess civilization has become.
    If there are any RED-BLOODED PATRIOTS out there, rise up now. Someone may have the plan to actually act now! Is the plan to talk them to death? Listen, they are plenty exposed. Enough talk, talk, talk, and no action. Just fight and enough with the useless and boring planning. The plan is to fight and kill them all. They must be killed because they will never surrender. Fight now, not later! There is no later! The time is now!
    The rest of you cowards should go back to your televisions and x-boxes and continue your useless planning while the rest of us take care of business. You cowards could not fight your way out of a wet paper bag. Enough! We have enough info and intel. Act now! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SURVIVE UNLESS THE BAD GUYS ARE TAKEN OUT. PERHAPS, YOU ARE TOO DUMB TO SURVIVE?


  2. I am curious as to how large these titled families are as of 2018, they number their wealth in the billlions as of 2018 from what this article is saying. Its hard to fathom, but all these old titled families are whats destroying the west through massive corruption, manipulations, and payoffs that keep these families in power. I have always thought that the tactics being used to subvert the west from its traditional path resemble actions used by the mafia, both in Italy and the new world. I believe that these old titled families have gotten extremely large.


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