Las Vegas Money Launderer’s

About a thousand years ago the Conti di Segni family settled a branch in Conty, France which merged with the Bourbons and married in with the French Savoy family branch and La Tremoille family that were the Princes of Taranto. This family moved back to Italy as the Torlonia’s becoming the Vatican’s bankers. The Conti and Contini families had ruling families in Venice as well. The Torlonia family represent the ancient Conti di Segni family today.

The Torlonia family are also the owners of the Pittsburgh crime family or LaRocca crime family. Their Jewish white collar criminal billionaire front man is Mark Cuban who is from Pittsburgh and he moved to Dallas and became the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Mark Cuban is involved in ordering games to be rigged for the mafia’s fixed bets. Sports are rigged for the mafia’s bets.

The House of Torlonia launder their criminal profits from their American crime families and Mexican drug cartels in Las Vegas casinos. The word casino is an Italian term derived from the noble families running gambling events out of their casas or houses. The Torlonia family are owners of the Franciscan Order and Juarez is their territory since their Franciscans founded its first European settlement. The Torlonia family are part owners of the Juarez Cartel and their fascist La Linea death squads.

The Boncompagni-Ludovisi family of Rome are also part owners in the mafia’s Texas operations specifically in Austin and the Dallas crime family is still in operation managed by Civella associates and other various crime families. The Boncompagni family own the Bonanno crime family which were allied with the Cerrito crime family and they covertly moved to Austin, Texas.

Bon-Compagni means Good Fellows a term for made men in the mafia. Prince Nicolo Boncompagni of Rome is the head of this princely family and is married to Rita Jenrette of Texas. The Sforza-Cesarini family has married with the Velasco noble family of Spain with Don Guillermo Maria Miguel Fernandez of Velasco and Balfe married to Princess Carolina Sforza-Cesarini. Velasco, Texas is named after a Mexican General and relative of the Velasco family which ruled as Dukes in Spain. Luis de Velasco was the Viceroy of New Spain ruling from Mexico City.

Las Vegas is a Spanish word and means “the meadows.” Vegas was Spanish-Mexican territory before it became part of the United States and was likely named in honor of the Vega family of Spain represented today by Inigo of Arteaga and Martin the XXVIII Lord of the House of La Vega. The Colonna family run politics in Vegas and the Pallavicini family run business.

They enable organized crime. I believe Caesars’ Palace hotel and casino in Vegas is named in honor of the Sforza-Cesarini family. The mafias are involved in most casinos in the United States and use them for money laundering and gambling rackets using fixed bets and rigged slot machines. The Jesuit Xavier University educated James Zenni Jr. is a founder and owner of Z Capital Group which owns Affinity Gaming with casinos in Vegas including Silver Sevens Casino. The Black Nobility and Ferrari family have the Eldorado Resorts owned by their Carano family agents which also own Ferrari-Carano vineyards and winery

1 thought on “Las Vegas Money Launderer’s

  1. Why does this not surprise me. These old titled and wealthy families make their money
    strong arming and stealing. Has the mafia always been controlled by those with titles? What was it originally ordained to do, was it set up originally as protection for the nobles and popes, and moved into collections and strong arming as a natural extension of protection? The Colonna family were originally not just royals but popes. The family bred one great man who cared for the people who considered him their king and he was gifted lands,Villas, Palaces etc. He is in the Italian history and school books, he was their Robin Hood. I as a genealogists am sorry to see the mess humankind has made of my country and our shared planet. The old titled families are behind much of this destruction. What is hard to understand is why, we are all on this planet together and if it is destroyed, so are we all.
    The human IQ is dropping and with it the intellectual ability of mankind to think beyond his greed. Thanxs for this site.


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