Manmade GEO Storms California; Disaster Capitalism Again

Here are some initial pics i took.  Cars melted to the core, yet trees not affected. An entire block torched, yet forest and homes just feet away, untouched…comments all say the same what i saw. Blue flashes in the sky right before the fires. The firemen i spoke with to a person had 1) never seen anything like it before and 2) said they had no idea how it started and the intensity of the fires were now “the new normal”. i handed out my GE books to them so they can better understand Weather War Terrorism i chronicled in Hurricane Harvey and now N. CA.


How can trees be fine , yet directly below cars are torched?????




Again trees fine, cars torched, hills fine…


It takes 3,000 F to melt steel!

This is Geoengineering Weather Warfare, whether anyone wishes to acknowledge that CA is under attack or not. Greatest Drought followed by Greatest Rain/Snow in history. Orville Dam and now flash fires out of nowhere in the middle of the night. In Houston, all said the same thing, the “hurricane” was like no other they had ever seen before. The officials downgraded the storm to tropical the day before so all stayed. They had 50″ of rain in just 3 hours and there was no wind and came at 1 am, just like here.
ORange County is now on fire and comments are very similar.
This is why i put out my book on Geoengineering. More are awakening that this country is under weather terrorist attacks that are increasing exponentially so now it is hard to keep up. Below you can read the comments on my posts about seeing the blue flashes in the sky, like i saw, and then out of nowhere, fires that came from no lightning, and no storm, just intense winds around the event areas while other areas were left completely untouched.
I’m going out with the GoPro drone and film and will post.
Any “Coincidence” the movie Geostorm is coming out next week?

These fires are not “normal” fires and compare to other Directed Energy Weapon fires as this lady points out and compares with the “Beast Fire” in Alberta Canada last year.

DEW was also used to pulverize into dust the WTC towers on 9/11. They can generate one trillion watts of power on a focused beam of energy from the sky.

Some good pics here as well

In pics attached…Please note how trees were unaffected right next to metal cars that were incinerated. metal melts at 3,000 degrees F!


Inline image 1

kimmer6 2 hours ago · Automatically held
You have a short memory. We had more record breaking rain this year in Nor Cal with major flooding than in the last 15 years. In February the Oroville Dam overflowed and threatened to collapse. They are still rebuilding the destroyed spillway. The drought was officially declared to be over. Whoever is keeping the rain out failed miserably this year.
mistresskeke 41 minutes ago · Automatically held
I live 53 SE of Santa Rosa, in Alameda. I was up late last night, sitting on my back porch playing on youtube. Not a drop of wind. Then suddenly a huge gust of wind whipped thru the yard, flung my heavy wooden gates wide open, despite them being latched shut. That blast of high wind lasted several hours. I saw bright blue flashes in the sky, too. Zero thunder & never saw lightning bolts- so I just assumed the lightning storm was happening really far away. I was wrong. ~ an hour after the wind started, I smelled smoke. Definitely smelled like wildfire, it didn’t have that choking, nostril-searing smell that burning plastics, carpet, mattresses & paint give off in a straight structural fire.
vicky mcfadden 1 hour ago · Automatically held
I live in the northwest, we were up late one night first week of September and in a matter of a few hrs, fires broke out all along the mountains, so fast that we had ambers raining down on the city of Seattle- 60-100 miles away. (first time ever) By the following morning we had fires burning all the way from Montana to Canada. Northern California- to Washington (even the coast). We could not breath fresh air ANYWHERE in the Northwest part of the USA. Everywhere was buried under smoke in less than 17 hrs. We also had similar conditions on the same dates in August. Now on the Same dates in September this happens in California. Looking on Google maps, we could see every fire almost lined up exactly, dot- dot- dot along the mountain ranges, all wind blowing the smoke directly into the population. I can’t understand what is going on here, but it looks like man made fires, nature doesn’t line up fires next to each other for hundreds of miles, blowing all smoke directly into the population.

onkey Warrior 2 hours ago (edited) · Automatically held

You are in Santa Rosa?? The explosions were unreal.. I didn’t leave I’m still in Rincon Valley didn’t leave. There was no wind I was working in my driveway all day.. Went to sleep woke up to a phone call and I was in the middle of a circle of huge Fires and a gale blowing.
Hey man, I live in Northern Cali too (Bay Point/West Pittsburg) 20-30 mins from Napa. I went to the Safeway around 11-11:30 last night and right when I got back home, I seen a HUGE flash in the sky and it caused a blackout maybe 5-6 blocks in the neighborhood. I wonder if was related to the sparks u mentioned.


wisdom keeper 7 hours ago · Automatically held

I felt a strange frequency prior to the wind and fires. So did 2 of my friends. It was like a switch that would turn the winds on and off multiple times. This has happened twice before. Once when Harbin Hot springs burned down and once last year with the winds just swirling out of nowhere. Then a strange energy went through my house as well. It felt like a portal of some sort. This was definitely intentional, and probably some thing like the HAARP or directed CERNS.

Rhyannon Lallatin 10 minutes ago · Automatically held

Anaheim Hills in Orange County on fire now too. Disneyland evacuated… HOW UNAMERICAN is that??? Mickey Mouse is our latest Climate Refugee. Don’t ever go to the FEMA camps, Mickey!! And remember, Double Red Cross only serves us DeCon for breakfast….

R F 5 hours ago · Automatically held
Hey man, I live in Northern Cali too (Bay Point/West Pittsburg) 20-30 mins from Napa. I went to the Safeway around 11-11:30 last night and right when I got back home, I seen a HUGE flash in the sky and it caused a blackout maybe 5-6 blocks in the neighborhood. I wonder if was related to the sparks u mentioned.
Hi again from downtown Santa Rosa 2pm Monday….The wind out of nowhere last night made me think of the ’89 Earthquake when the winds picked up suddenly just prior to it.  I also thought the wind was very strange and not typical.  Then I smelled the smoke.  I knew then that this area was targeted and I am waiting to see if the less desirable neighborhoods get hit the worst….so far this hasn’t happened,  (Fountaingrove & Montecito Heights among the nicest neighborhoods, if not the nicest) have burned to the ground.   Would be interesting to see who among the commercial property owners upped their insurance recently.
Just heard at 7pm Monday that the Red Cross here does not want people to donate food, blankets, diapers, water, etc., things people actually need NOW.   They want people to just send them money via their website and they will ‘make sure the funds get where they are most needed.’ Yeah, like into the pockets of those responsible for this and all the other geo-engineered disasters to which we ALL have been victims.  They also won’t let you in with your pets and suggest taking your animals to an animal shelter if you need shelter from them.  Unbelievable.
walkingaxyl 3 hours ago · Automatically held
Will Mason The chemtrails they spray coat everything with aluminum aerosol which is highly flammable
Right when I started watching this video, it was interrupted by an emergency alert on my phone announcing mandatory evacuations in three Orange County communities. At about 10 this morning a couple of brush fires popped up out of nowhere in Anaheim Hills. They’re setting up an evacuation shelter near Anaheim Civic Center where I live. The sky is all orange and filled with smoke. I’ve got my apartment locked down and sealed off. Here comes trouble….
​This follows the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars document about covert warfare.

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4 thoughts on “Manmade GEO Storms California; Disaster Capitalism Again

  1. Americans, just don’t forget- It is your ZIONIST Government doing this.

    What is the SOLUTION?

    Shouldn’t be hard to figure out. Just ask yourself if a particular Identifiable group in another Neighborhood was doing this, what would you do?.


  2. Found some “interesting” info. This system was first tested off the Central California coast, when it shot down a liquid fuel ballistic missile sometime in July of 2017. Of note is the “color” of the laser blast at approximately 1:36 into the video. And, perhaps more importantly, the fact that it can hit multiple targets at the speed of light from hundreds of miles away — therefore no evidence of overhead aircraft either by sight or by sound. It is virtually a silent killer with an alibi — it was not at the scene of the crime(s). Link to the video:


  3. Two evenings before the Valley Fire burned our home we filmed a thick mist floating around the house up next to Boggs Mtn. We thought it might be smoke from the other fires but there was no smell, it was a hot dry evening, no reason for any sort of mist to be anywhere. I figured they screwed up the aerosol recipe and it was falling on us since the chemtrails were so horrible that week. I couldn’t believe it was actually falling on us. Two days later the Valley fire burned from where we were in Cobb to Middletown in 2 hours. I wasn’t the only person who saw the mist. Someone in Anderson Springs confirmed she saw it also.

    After 8 years of drought I do not buy that every one of these fires started in one night due to PGE. I also heard of some kids up in Kelsyeville that saw 4 bright lights fall over the mountains, but that is second hand so I don’t know the details.


  4. Can someone go get sample from the unburned foliage around the burned areas and test what is on the surfaces of leaves – this week? Seriously!


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