Best of Zeus Revelations Today; Prince William, Cult of Bacchus Head

Prince William is the head of the Cult of Bacchus today. Bacchus in Latin or Dionysus in Greek is a deity connected with theater, ritual madness, and grape harvest. Grapes and wine are occultic metaphors for blood. The Cult of Bacchus are blood intoxicated Satanists involved in insane terroristic warfare. Both the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church practice the Eucharist which is the consumption of bread chips and wine as an allegory for flesh and blood.
While most members of these religious organizations practice this in allegory the initiates of secret societies and satanic cults practice literal blood drinking. Adrenochrome is the term used for adrenaline in drug form extracted from the adrenal glands. Genuine hunters and butchers are trained to slaughter and kill animals in calm states so that adrenaline is not released into the blood and flesh because of its negative and adverse effects. Studies have shown that schizophrenia is linked with high levels of adrenaline release in the brain as well as causing states of euphoria. The basal ganglia also known as the “reptilian complex” is the most primitive part of the human brain which regulates the “fight or flight” response induced from adrenaline release.
The basal ganglia has been referred to as the reptilian complex because it is the shared link in the brain between reptiles and mammals. Serpents are considered calculating and are predatory and this part of the brain may calculate whether to flee or fight for instance. The basal ganglia connects to the spinal cord and this is the basic anatomy of a serpent. Satanists involved with consuming adrenaline blood are activating this part of the brain and become like cold blooded snakes or psychopaths and sociopaths.
This all links back to the Cult of Bacchus in regards to ritual madness and grape or rather blood harvest. Satanists get intoxicated off of adrenochrome obtained through animal and human sacrifice. They become extremely arrogant, narcissistic and violent and are the ones carrying out the satanic ritual abuse in society. They use premeditated warfare on others like it is a prewritten theater. They are calculating and premeditated so they operate extremely covertly. Many members of the Illuminati are involved with blood drinking however those involved in premeditated plots which they call a theater are members of the Cult of Bacchus. The House of Ruspoli use grape vines on their coat of arms and are also high level members of this blood drinking cult. Top members include Prince William, Prince Edouard de Ligne, Prince Mario Chigi-Albani, Patrick Guinness, and many members in Hollywood.

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