Waldorf Steiner Schools Infiltrated by the Jesuits

( ~ Ed. Jesuits have infiltrated every crevice of every business, commerce, politico and education to depths previously unknown to most. this in depth article from a former Jesuit priest himself)

Jesuit Spies In Anthroposophy

After earning a few degrees, two of which were doctorates, at Jesuit universities, I was given the task of studying Anthroposophy and becoming a Steiner scholar for the Jesuits. I was to become an “expert” in Steiner and Anthroposophy. Jesuits typically work outside of the normal “boundaries” of a parish or the church. They are social activists, students of the occult and magic, Freemasons, and every other profession and scholar imaginable. 

     Jesuits keep track of the “competition” as well as their enemies. Any useful thing in Anthroposophy or Waldorf education became the focus of my studies. I traveled to Dornach and throughout Europe and America until I settled next to another Jesuit (we often work in pairs) who was living in an anthroposophical community on the east coast.  This other Jesuit was not known as a Jesuit or even as a Catholic. He was so anthroposophical in all his daily tasks that you would have mistaken him for the most devote anthroposophist. He was the gatekeeper for the community and if you wanted to live there, you had to have his blessing. He wore the right planetary color underwear for each day and only ate the “grain of the day” that Steiner had assigned. He was a member of the First Class, a section member, a member of the youth circle and every other part of anthroposophy he could infiltrate. He was also moderately clairvoyant but had enhanced his clairvoyance with the practices of Steiner. He taught me the “methods” of Steiner.

   I lived in that community three different times and I never told anyone I was an active Jesuit studying Anthroposophy and Waldorf for the Catholic Church. My mentor at that time was also a secret Jesuit who wrote a well-known book on Steiner. My friend’s mentor also wrote a book on Steiner’s life and is still not known as a Jesuit. Both books read like Anthroposophy but are twisted forms of Steiner’s teachings that lead to a materialistic view of the spiritual. 

     Another Jesuit friend eventually became so anthroposophic that he left the church and tried to become a Christian Community priest. He left no writings except his “report” to the church which essentially said, “Steiner is the way.” 

     My Jesuit path lead me to become a certified Waldorf teacher with a degree in Anthroposophical Studies from a Catholic college in Detroit. And all along the way I was traveling around the world meeting Anthroposophists, attending conferences and lectures, and studying Steiner lecture by lecture as a Jesuit. 

What the Jesuits Didn’t Know About Me

    What the Jesuits didn’t know about me is that long before I joined the Society of Jesus, I was a scholar of Rudolf Steiner and loyal member of the Anthroposophical Society. 

    While I was stationed in Fort Bragg, prior to becoming a Trappist monk, I happened into a local bookstore. As I was looking down one of the isle, a book dropped to the floor with its pages opened face down upon the floor. I went to pick it up and reshelf it, glancing at the interior pages. The subject was on the akashic records from a book by Rudolf Steiner entitled Cosmic Memory. I was ecstatic reading the pages as I had looked extensively for someone who understood what I had clairvoyantly seen since birth. 

    I looked up to see where the book had been shelved and found about twenty books by Rudolf Steiner. I gathered them all and took them to the proprietor of the store for payment. 

    He seemed greatly relieved and said, “I was wondering when you would come in to get the books you ordered.”

    I told him that I had not ordered these books to which he responded that a young man like me had ordered the books but never came in to get them so he put them on the general shelf the day prior. He was glad that I wanted to purchase all of them as they were not books that would typically be stocked in his store.

    I devoured all twenty books in every spare moment I had. As soon as I was able to take time off my job, I traveled to the Anthroposophic Press in Spring Valley. I wanted to buy a copy of each Steiner book and lecture they had in print. I studied each book and lecture and became a general member of the Anthroposophical Society.

     I then made it a personal mission whenever I had time off to travel across the United States to meet anyone who had known Steiner personally and to visit Waldorf schools, Camphill communities, Christian Community churches, bio-dynamic farms, conferences, and workshops. I traveled to Emerson College in the U.K. and to Dornach as part of my self-directed anthroposophical studies. 

     After I was dismissed from the military, I became a Trappist monk as I describe above. This is when I began having the visions that lead me to becoming a Jesuit.

     I knew before I entered the Jesuits that they would capitalize on my clairvoyant capacities and place me in sensitive positions because there are few clairvoyants in the Catholic Church and fewer still trained in the rigors of Jesuitism. I passed through my Jesuit training with the help of a Christian Community priest who guided me using Steiner’s lectures, From Jesus to Christ, the antidote to the Manresa. 

     During this time, I was introduced to other Jesuits studying Anthroposophy, Theosophy, and other occult sciences. We all worked together to try and fully understand the missions we had been given.

     Some Jesuits start out stealing from the enemy and using their own tactics against them, but in the end become “better” Anthroposophists than their peers. This has been the case with half the Jesuits I have known who studied Steiner. 

    In case you are wondering about my own reports back to the Catholic Church they indicated that Steiner’s Christology was the most developed available and that Waldorf methods should be adopted by all parochial schools. 


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2 thoughts on “Waldorf Steiner Schools Infiltrated by the Jesuits

  1. Thank you for your wondeful work. I follow the “planetruth” and this site daily. I have a cousin whose son and daughter study at Waldorf school since they were little. She is very passionate about the system and the community. I have concerns about her excessive enthusiasm since noticing paterns similar to many other cults. The teacher and creator Rudolf Steiner is long gone, which means things can be easily “derailed”.Do you think this infiltration is across the board? Are there any other sources of info about this that you can share? Thank you!


    1. Hey Oliver, I’m also a Waldorf parent and have approached the school but they have no background of Jesuit reference to how far their tentacles reach. So i sent them my interview on Jesuits. No response. I’m afraid they are too far down the rabbit hole. I also showed them Steiner’s book “EviL” that stated the “inoculations will be the Anti-Christ at the end of the 20th century”. and silence as well.

      Yea, I believe the Jesuit influence is everywhere anywhere higher consciousness training is being attempted, especially with our youth.
      thanx for the support as well, means a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

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