2 thoughts on “Desperate Weather Wars; The Case for All Weather Being Artificial Manmade

  1. I’ve missed something. How are they managing storm movement which is to say how are they generating high and low pressure areas and moving them around? HOw are they controlling the global jet stream? How are THEY, whoever they are, countering the effects of the solar minimums which allow more cosmic rays to intensify upper atmospheric conditions, including clouds and rain. This phenomenon is cyclical and it has been 200ish years since the last big bad weather DArk Ages kind of climate shift. AND these grand solar minimums have been weird in the way that Alaska will be warm while immediately east northern Canada will be in a deep freeze. Not climate collapse but definitely climate chaos as long as the earth’s protection from the sun is absent which is the case during the solar minimums, especially when they are as severe as the one we are now several years into and about to dive deeper into the trough. 2018 is generally among climate change heretics the year we will see the most severe impacts from weather in agriculture areas, for instance. Food shortages and/or higher food prices, fuel prices because of corn crop failures (ethanol), etc etc.


    1. Through the use of ionospheric heaters electromagnetic fields and metal particulates sprayed in the air with chemtrails


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