The Many, Many Allegories Behind The Wizard of Oz

Just as you can read between the gory lines in the newspaper on any given day in America, you can discover clues and truths slipped in by the Powers that be… if you look hard enough as to what is actually going on. Such “notice” can also be found in somewhat lighter fare, the movies!

As you well know, movies have become the national pastime of entertainment. Millions go to the movies, VHS tapes and DVD’s fill in the rest of the gap. The story line, topics, and time-frames vary as to the manuscript and the vision of the Directors.

Such a movie was “The Wizard of Oz,” an allegory for the new state of affairs in America in the 1930’s following the stock market crash [and manipulated withdrawal of the money supply led to] the factual bankruptcy of the United States Government immediately following.

“The Wizard of Oz” movie is not just a movie for children, though perceived today it is, and it has become a national icon of an historical nature, replayed every year on television… just for the children.

What is missed by most is the symbolism in the movie, in almost every character and aspects of the “set” and so-called “special effects” and props back then. After reading these articles and then seeing the movie again, it will never be the same for you … or your children!

Welcome to the world of subliminal messaging, to program the sheeple and alert the “knowing” of their insider tricks and deeds.


The Allegory of the Wizard of OZ

6a00d83451628569e201bb0835d640970d The Wizard of Oz was produced as a motion picture in 1939 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. (Book by L. Frank Baum; Adaption by Noel Langley; Screenplay by Florence Ryerson, Noel Langley, and Edgar Allan Woolf; Lyrics by E. Y. Harburg; Produced by Mervyn LeRoy; Directed by Victor Fleming.)

Many people believe that The Wizard of Oz was (and is) an allegory for the radically new state of affairs that existed in America in the 1930s, following the stock market crash and the bankruptcy of the United States Government which occurred immediately thereafter. For all extents and purposes, it can still be viewed as the current state of affairs, inasmuch as the allegorical nature, the clues strewn throughout the story, are still relevant today.


The Tin Man arrives next on the scene. I.e. the “T-I-N” (Taxpayer Identification Number) Man is a hollow man of metal, a “vessel” or “vehicle”, the newly created commercial code words for the Straw Man. Just as the Scarecrow/Straw Man has no brain, the Tin Man has no heart. Both are “artificial persons”. Natural person are created by nature or God, while artificial persons are created by human laws, for the purposes of society/government (“bodies politic” or “corporations”).

One of the definitions in Webster’s Dictionary is “counterfeit”. Thus the Tin Man might also represent the mechanical and heartless aspect of commerce and commercial law. As they are reputed to say in the Mafia: “Nothing personal, it’s just business.”

The Tin Man also carries an ax. Did you ever wonder about that? The ax is a traditional symbol for that which is above a King. In this case, commercial law, i.e. Corporate Rule is above the sovereign! It’s not a nice connotation — any more than the “Axis Powers” of World War II included Nazi Germany, Italy (a fascist state) and Japan; or the more recent “Axis of Evil”, coined by President George Bush in 2002, but curiously not yet applied to Cheney, Ashcroft and himself — the ABC’s of such.


The Tin Man, expressing relief after Dorothy had oiled his arm, said: “I’ve held that ax up for ages.” And perhaps he is still having to do so. For the symbol for fascism is the “fasces”, a bundle of rods with an ax bound up in the middle, but with its blade projecting. This fasces may be found on the American Mercury-head Dime (the Roman deity Mercury was the God of Commerce), and on the wall behind, and on each side of, the speaker’s podium in the US Senate (each gold fasces being approximately six feet in height). At the base of the podium of the seal of the US Senate are two crossed fasces. Hmmmm…

The Tim Man also needs Oil in order to bring the Ax down and cut the heads of those that do not follow his wishes because he has no heart.

still-of-bert-lahr-in-the-wizard-of-oz-1939-large-pictureDorothy, the Scarecrow and Tin Man are soon joined by the Cowardly Lion. Known as the “king of the beasts”, it’s surprising to find one so cowardly. It appears to represent the once-fearless American people who had lost their courage, the courage to denounce the US Bankruptcy, and inform its creditors that they were not the chattel that could be used as collateral for the moneys allegedly owed. Of course, dealing with the IRS tends to leave most of us in the cowardly state; but that is due in large part to the heartless, brainless actions of an organization operating strictly under the laws of Commerce.

In order for Dorothy and the gang to find the Wizard (the supposed answer to their prayers), they had to “follow the yellow brick road.” In other words, follow the money — the trail of the gold taken from America — and find who had absconded with it.

It’s important to recall from the beginning of the movie, that the Wizard was represented by a traveling mystic, a “Professor Marvel,” whom Dorothy had first encountered when she ran away with Toto. The Professor’s shingle claimed that he was “Acclaimed by the Crowned Heads of Europe, Past, Present, and Future.”

That’s quite a claim — to include the future — but seems well justified in that the Wizard is still acclaimed by the “crowned heads of Europe.” Before the Banksters looted America, they had already disempowered the monarchies of Europe and looted their kingdoms. And with a human skull atop the perch above the door to his wagon, the Wizard began to lecture Dorothy about the priests of Isis and Osiris and the days of Egypt’s pharaohs.

Between 1916 and 1933, most of America’s gold was rounded up — aided by President Franklin Roosevelt (whose physical problems may well have symbolized America’s “crippled state”). The gold went to The Federal Reserve private Bank, and was shipped off by the Fed owners to England and Germany. This was accomplished because of the fact Federal Reserve Notes could be redeemed in gold, and their use carried an interest penalty that could also only be paid in gold. The US traded its gold for paper, while its previous currency, United States Notes, carried no such interest requirement. When the US Bankruptcy was declared in 1993, there was the added caveat that all Americans were required to turn in all gold coins, gold bullion, and gold certificates by May 1 —

Our heroine was Dorothy Gale. Did you know her last name? Or that a gale, with the impact of water as well as wind, is considered potentially more powerful than a tornado? In any case, when she and her friends emerged from the forest, they were elated to see the Emerald City only a short distance away. The Wicked Witch of the West, desperate for the ruby slippers that Dorothy was wearing, knew she had to make her move before Dorothy and the others were inside the walls of Emerald City. But what was so special about Dorothy’s slippers? Was the Wicked Witch an earlier version of Emelda Marcus? Or something else?

Obviously, Dorothy’s red-colored, ruby slippers were the same color as blood, as in flesh and blood, thus symbolizing a living, breathing man or woman — i.e. a non-corporation, a natural person. As such her slippers also symbolized “private” as opposed to “public”. (Even a Social InSecurity card uses a red serial number, signifying the private-side account and its attachment to the public-side.) It is likely the ruby slippers symbolized the blood in the veins of the American people — as opposed to “citizens of the United States”, where the blue and black ink on a birth certificate is the “corporate blood”. The Wicked Witch wanted the life blood of the living human beings — not just their Straw Men.

Her tactic was to cover the countryside with poppy flowers — i.e. the source of heroin, opium, and morphine — symbolically drugging Dorothy, et al into unconsciousness, and then just step in and snatch the slippers. I.e. dull the senses of the American people and then slip in and swipe the gold.

The drugging worked on Dorothy, the Lion and Toto, the flesh and blood friends, but did not effect the artificial persons of the Scarecrow and Tin Man. The latter two cried out for help, and the Good Witch of the North came to the rescue with a blanket of snow to nullify the narcotic effect of the poppies on Dorothy, the Lion and Toto. [So, who’s the “Good Witch of the North”? Perhaps, that remains to be seen.]


 “There is a strong tendency in modern novelists towards introducing some vein of mysticism or occultism into their writings. Books of this character are eagerly bought and read by the people, both in Europe and America.

It shows the innate longing in our natures to unravel the mysterious: to seek some explanation, however fictitious, of the unexplainable in nature and in our daily existence.

For, as we advance in education, our desire for knowledge increases, and we are less satisfied to remain in ignorance of that mysterious fountain-head from which emanates all that is sublime and grand and incomprehensible in nature.” 

-L. Frank Baum, Author, Wizard of OZ, February 22nd 1890

The Parable of the Wizard of Oz

Kansas and the Land of Oz

Reality is dimensional and it is the conscious awareness of the mind that determines the status of what is real. The reality of black and white Kansas as opposed to the colorful dreamlike place of Oz signify the altered states of reality. Of note is that Dorothy is in Oz questing to return to Kansas which is symbolic of the return of the soul to the home of origin after travelling through a land of imagery, good and evil characters and challenging adventures.  (Seems to nicely tie into the gnostic assertion that the kingdom is within, and new age thought that we are spiritual beings having a material experience.)

Miss Gulch

In the story Miss Gulch represents those who place high regard in the law and their entitlement within the law. It matters not that the law does not always represent truth or the moral conscious. That Miss Gulch wants Toto destroyed as due process of the law because he had bitten her represents the fundamentalists and literalists in religions who often base what is ethical or moral strictly on the word of the established religious law, abdicating their responsibilities as ethical human beings.

The Cyclone

The cyclone represents the catalyst in our lives, usually a traumatic event that causes inner conflict and in turn pushes us forward into a different direction. Without these events we become stymied in a course of mindless routine. As is often the case, traumatic events such as divorce, death, loss of job or lifestyle force us to reassess our life journey. It is neither an act of good or evil, but merely the force that redirects us into the next phase of our lives. In the story, the cyclone transports Dorothy to the Land of Oz where she begins a journey of discovery and eventually returns to Kansas understanding that the desires of her heart have always been in her “backyard.”

The Window

As the house is swept up into the cyclone Dorothy peers out the window to see the images of the carnage caused by the cyclone. She sees a buggy, a tree, a henhouse, a crowing rooster swirling around outside of the window. The window represents the inner consciousness, the dream state where the unconscious and the conscious parts of our awareness meet and suggests that symbolism can provide answers and meaning.


An illustration by W. W. Denslow from The Wond...

The dog Toto represents the intuitive inner self. Throughout the story Dorothy has conversations with Toto, questioning and using the dog as a sounding board to focus her thoughts and direct her path. When the dog barks at the Scarecrow, Dorothy tries to ignore him suggesting that the intuitive self realizes reality in a way that the logical self does not comprehend. The dog barks at the curtain and eventually the wizard is exposed as a fraud suggesting that the inner self provides intuition that guides the awareness of truth. It is the dog by running away that causes Dorothy to abandon the balloon ride back to Kansas, which represents the intuitive self as knowing the truer path.

The Munchkins

The Munchkins represent the spiritual ideal of the inner child state. The hidden inner self that is free to live in the moment without the weight of emotional baggage. The state where as the Munchkins would say, truth is “Morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely . . . true.”  Another line of thought holds that the Munchkins being held in servitude to the Witch of the East represents the masses being held in servitude to the doctrines of organized religion.

Glinda the Good Witch

Glinda represents the divine spark within that balances, supports and guides the spirit on the quest. Symbolic of light and goodness, she guides Dorothy in the beginning and the end of the journey, leaving Dorothy to traverse the yellow brick road in a journey of self discovery.


Wizard of Oz…the “Coded” Movie of What Really Happened to America

The setting was Kansas: Heartland America, the geographical center of the USA. In comes the twister, the tornado, i.e. a whirling confusion of the stock market crash that left everybody economically “dizzy!”

It represents the theft of America’s gold, the coming US bankruptcy, the Great Depression and the tornado whisked Dorothy and Toto up into a new, artificial (dream-like) dimension somewhere above the solid ground of Kansas. When Dorothy wakes up, she finds herself in the “Land of Oz.” Dorothy comments to her little companion; “Toto, I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore.”

That’s right. After the bankruptcy, Kansas was no longer just plain old “Kansas,” it was now “KS,” an artificial corporate venue of the bankrupt United States, newly established “federal territory,” part of the “Federal Zone,” and Dorothy and Toto were in “this state” now. On her journey in this unfamiliar land, Dorothy meets up with three unusual “characters” each having certainly a different problem or aspect as portrayed on the silver screen, but their true identity had been decoded and it follows!

After Dorothy and her three companions made their way to Oz, they had learned that they had to go see the ‘Wizard.’ To find the Wizard, they had to just “follow the yellow brick road,” (gold is known as ‘yellow bricks’ and are melted into ‘ingots!’) All one has to do is follow the trail of America’s stolen gold and you will find the thief who stole it. In the beginning of the movie, the Wizard was represented by the traveling mystic, Professor Marvel,” whom Dorothy encountered when she ran away with Toto. His macabre shingle touted that he was “Acclaimed By The Crowned Heads of Europe, Past, Present and Future.” Boy, that Professor Marvel must have been a regular wizard to be acclaimed by the future crowned heads of Europe before they were even crowned!

The first was the Scarecrow (a man of straw – a front) and “he” identified his straw-man persona for Dorothy; “Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking. Of course, I am not bright about doing things.” And in his classic song, “If I only had a Brain,” the Scarecrow/Straw Man succinctly augured; “I’d unravel every riddle for every ‘individuadle’ (individual) in trouble or in pain.”

Today, in light of Redemption, we would translate it as; Once one discovers that his straw-man exists, all political and legal mysteries, complexities and conditions are resolved or understood and one takes legal title (control) to his ‘Straw-man’, he become the ‘authorized representative’ of the ‘Straw-man’ to accept and discharge (settle) all commercial affairs as in Oz (the new commercial world – aka the MATRIX) because the ‘Straw-man’ has no BRAINS, and no hands and fingers to grasp a pen to write a check, so to speak, to pay a fine, fee, tax or debt!

The second character was the Tin Man, or T.I.N. man ( also identified as; Tax payer Identification Number”). The Tin Man was a hollow man of metal, a “vessel,” a “vehicle”, newly created commercial code words for the straw man. Just like the Scarecrow, the Tin Man had no brain and no heart. Both were “artificial persons.” One of the definitions of “tin” in Webster’s is “counterfeit.” The Tin Man also represented the mechanical and heartless aspect of commerce and commercial law. Just like they say in the Mafia; “Nothing personal, it’s just business.” And in another profession similar to the Mafia, the business of lawyering, they have the attitude that it’s nothing personal, “bidness is bidness.”

The heartless Tin Man also carried an ax, the traditional symbol for God, i.e., modern commercial law in most earlier dominant civilizations, including fascist states. In the words of the Tin Man, expressing relief after Dorothy had oiled his rusty points and parts said; “ I’ve held that ax up for ages.”

The word “ace” is etymologically related to the word “ax,” and in a deck of cards the only one above the King is the Ace. i.e. God. One of the “Axis” Powers of World War II. Italy, was a fascist state. The symbol for fascism is the “fasces,” a bundle of rods with an ax bound up in the middle and its blade projecting. The fasces may be found on the reverse side of the American Mercury-head Dime (in Roman deity ‘Mercury’ was the God of Commerce). It can also be found on the wall behind, and on each side of, the speaker’s podium in the US Senate (each gilded fasces is approximately six feet in height), and at the base of the US Senate are two crossed fasces.

The third character that Dorothy met was the Cowardly Lion, or “King of Beasts” and as the most feared of all animals in the jungle, was lacking in ‘courage.’ The Lion is symbolic of the once fearless American people, who have since lost their courage. Yes, there are a lot of “hot talkers” out there, just listen to your local radio talk shows. American men love to talk, but none have the courage to “DO” a damn thing! The American people are scared of the corporate Federal System and local revenue collectors i.e. cops and judges in their so-called courtrooms (tribunals) of justice (commerce).

After your first few go-arounds with the “Just-Us” system, believing there was ‘justice’ in the courts, you probably lost some of your courage too. And you may have not known it, but the IRS has been dealing with only your ‘Straw-man’ (Debtor) strictly under the laws of Commerce and they are just like the Tin Man, heartless!

At the time the book was written America still had all its gold and silver, and the value of one ounce of gold was set at 15 ounces of silver, silver being the more plentiful of the two metals and was known as ‘poor man’s gold!’. Just as the silver slippers carried Dorothy, America’s stockpile of silver and gold, backing the currency carried the country to a position of preeminence throughout the world at that time. But, as mentioned, when the movie came out in 1939, the slippers were not silver, but red.

Between 1916 and 1933, most of America’s gold was rounded up by the ‘privately owned’ Federal Reserve Banks and shipped off to the Fed owners in England and Germany. The reason for this was that Federal Reserve Notes could be redeemed in gold and the use of Federal Reserve Notes carried an interest penalty that could only be paid in gold. The American people were defrauded into trading their gold for (worthless) paper with green ink on it, and our previous currency, United States Notes, carried no such interest requirement, but such was the bargain that came with the Federal Reserve Notes.

The reason why JFK was murdered was because he was re-issuing United States Notes – interest free! Go to any coin store and see or buy a 1963 U.S. (not Federal Reserve Note).

When the bankruptcy was declared in 1933, Americans were required (misdirected) to turn in all gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates by May 1st, ‘May Day’(the birthday of Communism in Bavaria in 1776, the birthday of the IRS, and celebrated worldwide as the International Workers Holiday,” (a holy day to the Wizard and his tribe).

Talking to the people who were alive at that time, you may find out that the general sentiment toward such thievery bordered on a second revolution. Maybe it was just too much of a clue, or too much salt in the wound for Dorothy to be skipping down the “Yellow Brick Road” in a pair of “silver slippers” so , for whatever reason, a color less likely to annoy or provoke was selected. (i.e., Red)

With regard to the choice of “ruby” or red-colored, slippers: Red’s primary significance, at least on documents and the like, is that it is the color of blood, as in flesh –and-blood, and symbolizes a living breathing man or woman, i.e. non corporate non artificial.

The color ‘Red’ could also have been chosen for the related tie to the International Banking, Federal Reserve founder, the Rothschild, [aka Red Shield] family? It does signify “private” as opposed to “public.”

Your new Social Security Card has a red serial number on the reverse, likely signifying the private-side ‘bond/account’ attached to the public side of your ‘Straw-mans’ Social Security Account.


The Occult Roots of The Wizard of Oz

L. Frank Baum, the author of the Wizard of Oz was a member of the Theosophical Society, which is an organization based on occult research and the comparative study of religions. Baum had a deep understanding of Theosophy and, consciously or not,  created an allegory of Theosophic teachings when he wrote the Wizard of Oz.

With its memorable story and its cast of colorful characters, the Wizard of Oz quickly became an American classic. More than a hundred years after the release of this book, kids everywhere are still enchanted by Oz’s world of wonder. Few, however, recognize that, under its deceptive simplicity, the story of the Wizard of Oz conceals deep esoteric truths inspired by Theosophy. Here we’ll look at the Wizard of Oz’s occult meaning and its author’s background.


The Wizard of Oz = the Crown Temple

Who finally exposed the Wizard for what he really was? Toto, the ugly (or cute, depending on your perspective) and somewhat annoying little dog. Toto means “in total, all together; Latin in toto.” Notice how Toto was not scared of the Great Wizard’s theatrics, yet he was so small in size compared to the Wizard, no-one seemed to notice him. The smoke, flames and holo- gram images were designed to frighten people into doing as the Great Wizard of Oz com- manded.

Toto simply went over, looked behind the curtain – the court – (see the definition for curtain above), saw it was a scam, and started barking until others paid attention to him and came to see what all the barking was about. Just an ordinary person controlling the levers that created the illusions of the Great Wizard’s power and authority.

The veil hiding the cor- porate legal fiction and its false courts was removed. The Wizard’s game was up. It’s too bad that people don’t realize how loud a bark from a little dog is. How about your bark? Do you just remain silent and wait to be given whatever food and recognition, if any, your legal mas- ter gives you?

wizard-oz_2964882kLet’s not forget those pesky flying monkeys. What a perfect mythical creature to symbolize the Bar Association Attorners who attack and control all the little people for the Great Crown Wizard, the powerful and grand Bankers of Oz – Gold. What is it going to take to expose the Wizard and tear down the court veil for what they really are? Each of us needs only a brain, a heart and soul, and courage. Then, and most importantly, we all need to learn how to work together. Only “in toto,” working together as one Body of the King of Kings, can we ever be free or have the freedom given under God’s Law.

OZ = Gold Ounce…and check out the new $100 Bill

The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill!

1 thought on “The Many, Many Allegories Behind The Wizard of Oz

  1. Another excellent expose, unfortunately the analysis is made deficient by the author’s reliance solely on the movie rather than reading the actual book. For in the book Dorothy’s slippers were made of silver, signifying the PTB’s next theft from the people following their gold heist. And indeed that’s exactly what happened. For the curious reader the only known research of the secret society behind the silver heist is recommended here. One does not even dare mention their name in a post such as this.


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