Crisis Actor Extraordinaire Shows Up Now in Burns, Oregon

You      Just     Cannot    Make      this         Shi-te Up!!!!!

Where are the investigative journalist in “News” gathering picking this incredible ongoing story of a crisis actor playing roles of anchor, local resident, family friend of victim, etc…the proof is overwhelming with anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear?

This proves, once and for all, ALL journalism is contrived, fake and not to be trusted as only propaganda for mass mind control. ALL OF IT.

Yet, 74% of all people get their news of the world from TV and whorporate news media.

CNN Reporter Crisis Actor Barbara Starr Shows Up Again In Burns, Oregon

crisis actors.


Now Being Interviewed as a Local  in Burns, Oregon

How many lives does CNN Crisis actor Barbara Starr have? Or maybe we should ask ourselves, how distracted and gullible are we the American people.  The temerity of CNN and the woman named “Barbara Starr” is beyond the pale.

Well she’s at it again in Burns Oregon but was quickly “picked” out by a caller named James who called in on the Connors Report.

He noticed a woman on the RT interview regarding the Oregon standoff. Right away, he noticed her eyes and glasses and knew that he had seen her before. He began going through videos that had crisis actors in them and realized she was at Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, San Bernardino, and other false flags. “This one lady kept popping up.“


Reporting as Pentagon expert on CNN


Barbara As A Boston Bombing Witness


Barbara As A Watertown Witness After The Boston Bombing


Barbara Starr As Bouthaina Shabaan, Aid To Bashar Al-Assad


The Real Bouthaina Shaaban, Aide To Bashar Al-Asaad



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