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The first step towards needed change is education. We must know what is going on, how it happened, what has been successful, what has failed and what options are available to us to design a much better future. Only through us all educating each other can we be better informed and help raise all to higher forms of consciousness. I believe this is why the internet was created.

There can be no doubt. We all are in a period of Great Transition.  History has shown us time and again that there are periods of great consistency and “sameness” and then there are times of great upheaval and rapid change. The greatest changes now being to our weather and to our radiated world we’ve created through technology and very short term, for-profit actions around our planet.

Fukushima has shown us a clear example that our government, nor any government on this planet, cares about our and our families health and well being and they are set up now to only protect corporate interests who fund their residency.

One example of citizen response is the world wide web’s in response to Fukushima. Since the government isn’t doing it, individuals and groups have taken it upon themselves in the blogoshpere to set up citizen monitoring stations. This is one of the great powers of the internet. our world and what it means to grow in higher consciousness.  Here are just two examples:

Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center

Radiation Network

Another example is the complete mainstream media blackout that China had banned all shellfish from the West coasts of North America.  Quickly, a Department of Health official declared the usual, “‘It’s all good, go back to sleep, nothing to know here..”, just like they told us after the massive Gulf Oil Spill followed by heavy toxic spraying of Corexit that killed, and is still killing most life in the Gulf and main stream news is silent because they are owned by global corporations that do not want bad press.



For over 20 years I worked on, in and around Wall Street.  In 1991, I started my own company after working for two investment banks as an institutional sales trader. As technology advanced exponentially I was able to work from home and do well for myself however something very wonderful and terribly troubling happened to me over the course of a few years.

I realized I was creating zero, nada, zilch to benefit anyone else but me as well as never knowing or seeing who took the other side of the losses when I was successful in my trading and investing. Two, especially after 9/11/01, I came to see my industry as a Pariah, with no soul and no conscience. It was going to devour everything until there was nothing left but ruin and chaos because that is when the most money is made. I understood that Wall Street was going to lead this country down a path of ultimate greed and destruction and I needed to get out of debt completely, power down, learn where things come from and become as self-reliant and sufficient as I could around like-minded people.

First, though “making it” by mainstreamers, I came to realize that the big picture game was being played globally was the game called “Monopoly”. Our capitalist system was heading quickly through the “efficient market system” where the very few owned, and would need to control, the very many.  From the Patriot Act through the newly created Dept. of Homeland Insecurity and their increased freedom from oversight or accountability as well as the vast spook spy agencies, the NSA, FBI, CIA etc., we were heading down the same path as Totalitarian governments of past.

Like robbing a bank, once you have taken everyone’s money, you must keep them from trying to take it back or coming after you.  This is why our current president,  a Constitutional Professor for several years, gutted our individual right to trial and to have charges against anyone heard and right to attorney taken away with his executive order under the 2009 NDAA Act. Source.

He has later authorized executive orders to allow for drone killing of Americans he alone deems necessary. This is not just now law for Mr. Obama’s presidency, but for all Presidents going forward. We should all be alarmed. Source

Financial markets are owned and controlled by a very, very few now.  With nearly everyone’s wealth and 401k’s tied to stocks and bonds, they can crash the markets in a matter of seconds (flash crash 1,000 pt. drop in minutes) or pump it up higher and higher printing fake money using complete absurd actions like “Quantitative Easing” to increase our obligated debt to some $16 TRILLION dollars when our country makes little, saves nothing and has borrowed until their heads are caving in.

The introduction of the computers to investing and wealth accumulation has led to more ‘quant’ trading, to the point now over 70% of all trading on major stock exchanges are done by High Frequency Traders who make guaranteed profits, at lightning speeds, running ahead of customer orders, like yours and mine. For a great explanation of today’s markets see this excellent video:

The economy must collapse at some point. All debt based economies have throughout history. You simply cannot buy your way out of debt by creating more debt. 2008 was just the Introduction to what lays ahead for our economy and our capitalist system.  Jobs will not come back to this country because our wages are too high to the rest of the world, robots are replacing humans at alarming rates source and we are all now common laborers to the global plutocracy that has been engineered over the past decades.

Secondly, over those few years of awakening,  I came to realize that energy was finite, something very very serious, was rapidly changing  with our weather through artificial and anthropogenic means. Geoengineering (Chemtrails, HAARP) are real and secret scientists are playing God with our atmosphere and our health. Our food is consciously poisoned so we will get sicker because the stock market will rise as more people get sick, especially our children, who will be “clients” for life.

Additionally, the ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ agenda being implemented is stealthy using fear and the threats of yearly deadly virus’ to get all vaccinated with some very, very questionable contents, which so very few are aware are even added to vaccines, especially our doctors and nurse practioners. Source

Additionally, we are learning that the environment does matter. We are losing 200 species a day, every day and to think we will not be a part of this 6th Great extinction is pure folly, yet so many are drugged down and medicated with Fluoride in our waters, the crapification of our food supplies and the deliberate mind control propaganization of our abilities to think independently by accessing and greatly influencing our desirous natures through TV, Wifi, Dumbphones, Sports, Unreality Shows, etc. we do not see the nets directly over our heads or the walls closing in.

The boiling frog story is critical to understand as to how those who control all our lives behind the veil of governments and legalese that only benefits the rich and powerful.

They say that if you put a frog into a pot of boiling water,
it will leap out right away to escape the danger.

But, if you put a frog in a kettle that is filled with water that is cool and pleasant,
and then you gradually heat the kettle until it starts boiling,
the frog will not become aware of the threat until it is too late.
The frog’s survival instincts are geared towards detecting sudden changes.

This is a story that is used to illustrate how people might get themselves into terrible trouble.
This parable is often used to illustrate how humans have to be careful to watch slowly changing trends in the environment, not just the sudden changes. Its a warning to keep us paying attention not just to obvious threats but to more slowly developing ones.

No one goes to jail for their high crimes in this country anymore so the stealing and looting of our nations wealth will continue on until we all say “Enough!”.


I reside in the sunny climes of Northern California on a 100 yr. old farm where we have our own food, water and energy. I have spent 7 years ‘Prepping’ as to be able to hopefully mitigate, navigate and make it through these next few years and decades. It is going to be rough times for most, very rough, but those who act and have prepared in advance will have a much greater chance than those who rely solely on our “Leaders” to fix things or run down to their local Safeway to get food and water with everyone else when TSHTF.

In Wall Street they have a famous altruism, “You are either at the table or on the table”.

This site has been created to use what knowledge I have gained to help others become more awake and aware and to take action because even a dead fish goes with the flow.

I hope this effort helps you and yours towards a much better understanding.

Love and Light,


22 thoughts on “Why this Blog?

  1. Hey Jamie, “Like robbing a bank, once you have taken everyone’s money, you must keep them from trying to take it back or coming after you. ” Speaking of which, I hear the TPP might outlaw Public Banks

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  2. Hi Jamie,
    I found your blog on an activist post comment.about education and American history. I agree with many of your suppositions. However when you refer to “capitalism ” it would be more accurate to say” crony capitalism” because that is what we have had for many decades. Cronies use the government to enforce regulation ,eliminate competition and secure profits. Therefore, they control the economy.
    I am a former educator and retired because I saw the indoctrination that the common core was using and it was an awakening. I am enjoying your articles.

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    1. Hi Karen,
      thanx so much for the kind note. I worked on Wall St. for 22 years and saw the crony capitalism, or more like, “plutocracy” first hand to the point I quit and became an organic food farmer. I wish all educator’s cared enough, like yourself, to awaken, alert and educate the next gen. as to the truth and reality of how things really work. peace.

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  3. Hello,
    Thank you for this information,
    as a regular on MemoryHoleblog.com do you have a bio,
    I understand the need for privacy but I would like to know more about the author of these intriguing articles,
    stay safe

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  4. Thank you so much for your articles, links and sources. I wish I had found your site before I retired as a teacher (3 years ago); that would have been material they’d have gobbled up with a vengeance! Sometimes, when I take a look around me and see this bubbling cesspool, it warms my heart to think of all these youngsters that simply would not be dumbed down. There is a legion of Spunk, Heart and Brain running a warm up round, searching frantically for information that makes sense on an entirely different level than this consensus reality.
    Glad to see you came to yóur senses in such a vigorous way, and decided to share what you came to know.
    May you walk a sunny path showered with blessings, wherever you need to be.

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    1. You have no idea how wonderful this makes me feel. Most of the time i work, research, copy, etc. then post and get back crickets, or criticism from trolls at best. Thank you for having an open heart to very difficult truths about who we are. Yet that is also the forever key to the mystery, right?
      “Know Thyself”. I’m just glad to be a tiny blip in helping turn the wheel towards greater understanding.
      Again, thank you.


  5. I am just amazed at your endless information. What an awesome job of researching and exposing/sharing such important articles of past and up to-date history….and imagine, I just stumbled upon your blog. Thank You!

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  6. Hello, my name is Jairo and I am so happy to tell you that I am enjoying sharing and reading your blog/.com. it really is a wonderful source for information and I am endlessly grateful you created this space here in the web moreover it is a huge library going back many years wow. So very thankful to you.
    Whom every you my be you have a friend in me your reader & supporter. Jairo Bonilla.

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  7. I am blessed to have come across your blog.
    Like you, I have been doing research for years in a quest to educate and “protect” myself and family.
    I was in the medical field and have first hand seen the destruction that is being forced upon people physically and mentally. When they saw that I was no longer going along with their program, I was layed-off from my job. What a great thing! I feel relieved to not be around it anymore but now I feel pained that there is such a high percentage of people with their head in the sand.
    You are doing a great service for people and I will do what I can to spread your word.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  8. Hey Jamie,
    I have been following your vids on you tube for about 8 months…I think you do great work and dig for the truth,however I have not seen any new stuff lately…at least I can’t pull anything up newer than a month or two. Why is that? I live in CA and deal with the fire situation here like we all do who live here.I was born and raised here I have seen this State go from the most beautiful in the U.S. to a depleted habitat that is controlled by vested interests and all for negative outcomes for the people who live here.These latest fires up in Paradise CA have all the signatures of DEW ignitions. I know how passionate you are about this subject and no word on you tube. Just wondering what”s up.



  9. Hi Jamie, listening to you on an older sage of quay, on the Jesuits. Nothing new to me, but sometimes I listen to old ones just to keep reminding me. I wanted to tell you I support you,and believe you and love you for all your time and effort. I have no idea of our outcome, but I have to believe those of us who know and care somehow will get out of this mess.


  10. Very nice story. I love the Monopoly analogy but reality is far ahead of the game : bank secrecy itself (not even talking of debt or money creation) is a scam.
    A kid after the age of 7 refuses to play with the bank under the table.
    The truth about war, terrorism or health is hidden by this evil secrecy.


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