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Trees Dying Everywhere; We’re Next

Forests and trees are dying around the world.
Though record heat is a factor, it is not the sole reason we are seeing die of unprecedented in human history.
The Geoenineering of the Earth has greatly reduced our life saving protective ozone layer. In this video we show where true cancer causing, tree killing UV-B is some 1,000 % over safe levels while our government regulators and authorities are blaming record heat and drought as the sole causal factor.

Additionally, trees are dying off, especially in urban areas, due the mass increase of WIFI radiation over the past decade.

Not only are forests dying rapidly but our food supplies are being effected as well. Is this why Bill Gates, et. al built the Doomsday Seed Vault in Norway in 2007?

This a call for everyone to call for a complete and total halt to all Geoengineering activities, and please share this video with all.

Extinction Sucks and time is short.
Speak out. Be heard