Police State Amerika and You

(I’ll be on RT America’s “Breaking the Set with Abby Martin”  national TV tomorrow night (Monday 11/17) at 6:30 pm discussing Mendocino Counties historic local law just passed declaring our rights to self-govern ourselves over state and federal jurisdictions.  http://rt.com/shows/breaking-set-summary/) **** (The following interview about a family who in CA who has been traumatized byContinue reading “Police State Amerika and You”

Cerberus Capital Management; The Big Dog that Hunts and Preys

“You’re either at the Table or On the Table. “ Old Wall St. adage Dante and Virgil encounter Cerberus at the Gates of Hell”            by Christopher ´Topher´ Allen Shepard ***** Cerberus Capital Management ~ The Big Dog that Hunts and Preys by Jamie Lee https://tabublog.com/ Cerberus is named after the mythological three-headed dog thatContinue reading “Cerberus Capital Management; The Big Dog that Hunts and Preys”