Police State Amerika and You

(I’ll be on RT America’s “Breaking the Set with Abby Martin”  national TV tomorrow night (Monday 11/17) at 6:30 pm discussing Mendocino Counties historic local law just passed declaring our rights to self-govern ourselves over state and federal jurisdictions.  http://rt.com/shows/breaking-set-summary/) **** (The following interview about a family who in CA who has been traumatized byContinue reading “Police State Amerika and You”

The Great Ebola Hoax Part III; NWO Endgame On

 F.E.A.R.?   Fear Everyone and Run ?   False Evidence Appearing Real ??   Face Everything and Reform ???   Fire. Earth. Air and Rain (of tears). Interesting times indeed. It is very hard to make any sense out of the madness that is the Great Ebola CR-ISIS and only two people have allegedly diedContinue reading “The Great Ebola Hoax Part III; NWO Endgame On”

The Great Ebola Hoax Part II; The Hype, The Hypno & The Hypo

The Hypno, The Hype and the Hypo hypno- word-forming element meaning “sleep,” from Greek hypno-, comb. form of hypnos “sleep” (see somnolence). hype (n.) “excessive or misleading publicity or advertising,” 1967, American English (the verb is attested from 1937), probably in part a back-formation of hyperbole, but also from underworld slang sense “swindle by overchargingContinue reading “The Great Ebola Hoax Part II; The Hype, The Hypno & The Hypo”

The Great Ebola Hoax Part I; The Fix is In

Once again, major, hard evidence is available from government scientific websites showing that major fraud is being perp’d on us all regarding the latest vaccine scam through a well coordinated fear campaign by our government and associated regulatory agencies. Weeks ago we first heard of Ebola out of Africa where no remedy was available. ThenContinue reading “The Great Ebola Hoax Part I; The Fix is In”