The True Pyramid of Hierarchical Structure Today

(note conversations amongst most today only involves the lowest of the lower base of the pyramid) The True Pyramid of our Hierarchical Power Structure Today  ~ from Hundreth Monkey website Let’s start with who we believe the major players to be in what are known to some as the global elite. The Council of 13Continue reading “The True Pyramid of Hierarchical Structure Today”

State of the Planet Report 2015

“If we don’t change direction we will end up exactly where we are headed”   ***** As Above, So Below, A Cosmic Perspective   **** The Most Important Chart You Will Ever See in Your Lifetime Though you will not hear about it on your corporate nightly news simply because there is zero benefit forContinue reading “State of the Planet Report 2015”

2014 Alt-Media News “Truther” Honors Roll

    “It is not enough for journalists to see themselves as mere messengers without understanding the hidden agendas of the message and myths that surround it.”  John Pilger     Alternative News Media “Truther” Honors Role for 2014 by Jamie Lee Old media was declared officially dead in 2014 as many more truthContinue reading “2014 Alt-Media News “Truther” Honors Roll”

The Psychosis of Mind Control of the Many by the Very Few

Give the Gift Truth This Holiday Season Psychosis; Psychosis occurs when a person loses contact with reality. The person may: Have false beliefs about what is taking place, or who one is (delusions). See or hear things that are not there (hallucinations). **** The below you tube video is an excellent presentation about the modern historyContinue reading “The Psychosis of Mind Control of the Many by the Very Few”

President Obama, AG Holder Declare War on Black People

“There Comes A Time When Silence is Betrayal”  MLK Dear All, Above is a picture of my son and me on our farm a couple years back. My then wife at the time and I adopted him at birth because the color of one’s skin made no difference to us.  We just wanted a childContinue reading “President Obama, AG Holder Declare War on Black People”

Police State Amerika and You

(I’ll be on RT America’s “Breaking the Set with Abby Martin”  national TV tomorrow night (Monday 11/17) at 6:30 pm discussing Mendocino Counties historic local law just passed declaring our rights to self-govern ourselves over state and federal jurisdictions. **** (The following interview about a family who in CA who has been traumatized byContinue reading “Police State Amerika and You”