May 15, 2014


For the past 6 years, a dog named Capitán has slept on the grave of his owner every night. His owner, Miguel Guzmán died in 2006 and Capitán disappeared shortlyafter the family attended the funeral services. They searched everywhere and put out flyers to try and find him. But no one had seen him. A week later, some people who were at the cemetery late one evening spotted Capitán laying on a grave and they contacted the grounds keeper at the cemetery. The cemetery notified the family who promptly came to pick him up and take him home. But each night he would cry and scratch frantically at the door to go out and he wouldn’t return home until morning. It was later discovered that Capitán would walk the 3 miles back to the cemetary each night to guard his master’s grave. It has been nearly 7 years now. The cemetery does not close the gates until he arrives each night promptly at 6 pm. He sleeps there all night guarding the grave until the grounds keeper opens the gate in the morning.


Building A Movement For Happiness

The State Of Vermont has made happiness, as opposed to GDP, its ultimate goal.


Extremely Simple & Extremely Affordable: The Drinkable Book! It Could Just Save Thousands Of Lives


Surgeon Reveals Link Between Lung Cancer And Household Chemicals

Homemade Cleaners – How to Make Your Own Cleaners


Widepread Chemicals Affecting Human Sperm, Infertility

  New study finds “direct link between exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals from industrial products and adverse effects on human sperm function.”

by Andrea Germanos


New research has linked hormone-altering chemicals found in everyday products including soap, sunscreen and toys to male infertility.

A team of German and Danish researchers studied nearly 100 of these chemicals, called endocrine-disruptors, and found that about one-third of them interfered with human sperm function in ways that could impair egg fertilization.

These chemicals include the antibacterial Triclosan, used in some toothpastes and other personal care products, and 4-methylbenzylidene camphor (4-MBC), found in some sunscreens and deodorants.

Endocrine disruptors have previously been linkedto a range of other health problems including cancer, neurodevelopmental delays and other altered reproductive functions.



In 2001 scientists at the Epicyte bio-lab in San Diego created the ultimate GM crop—’contraceptive corn’—after researchers discovered a rare class of human antibodies that attack sperm. By isolating the genes that regulate the manufacture of these antibodies, and by putting them in corn plants, the company has created tiny horticultural factories that make contraceptives.Announcing his success at a press conference, the president of Epicyte, Mitch Hein, pointing to his GMO corn plants and announced, “We have a hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies.”Shortly after the 2001 Epicyte press release, all discussion of the breakthrough vanished. The company itself was taken over in 2004 by Biolex and nothing more was heard in any media about the development of spermicidal corn.

Did it to go underground? Are your taco shells safe? What of your cornmeal or cornflakes? Is this killer cereal already turning up on our breakfast tables..?


Sinister Sites: The Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones is a mysterious monument on which are carved ten “commandments” for a “New Age of Reason”. The first commandment? Maintaining the world population under 500 million people. Another sinister fact: the authors of what we now call the American Stonehenge are still a “mystery”… except for those in the know. We will look at the numerous features of this monument, its message calling for a New World Order and explain how it is the work of an occult secret society.

The 10 Commandements



W.H.O; Global cancer rates to skyrocket by 70% over next 20 years, Big Biz to make Big Bucks with Obamadoesn’tcare.

(NaturalNews) The overall number of new people who will develop cancer in a given year is expected to nearly double over the next two decades, claims a new report put out by the World Health Organization (WHO). Analysts at the international governing body say the current global rate of about 14 million new cancer cases annually, per 2012 data, will eventually balloon to somewhere in the ballpark of 25 million new cancer cases annually by 2035.

The sobering report comes on the heels of an earlier one out of France that similarly calculated a 75 percent increase in cancer diagnoses by 2030


Report: Food Prices Skyrocket: “We’re Going to Have a Major Problem Coming Into the Fall”

While government statisticians claim robust growth, recent data points suggest otherwise. Consumers are quickly running out of money, home sales have collapsed and hit their biggest drop in three years, there are more Americans out of the labor force than ever before, and one third of adults under the age of 35 are living with their parents because they can no longer afford to pay their own mortgage.

By all accounts, the reality is that we are now factually in a recession, a point further emphasized by the recent revelation that American companies are experiencing near zero percent earnings growth.

But that’s just the beginning. As we warned earlier this year, food prices would see a steady rise through 2014 because of increased global demand, drought and continued degradation of the U.S. dollar.

The Producer Price Index made available by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics this morning has now confirmed those fears. Consumers are seeing an immediate impact to their wallets in the form of food price inflation and in all likelihood the trend will continue going forward.

These latest numbers are serious. So much so that according to Zero Hedge, “the last time food prices spiked by this much in one month, the resulting Arab Spring wave of revolutions tumbled governments across north Africa and the middle east.”


The trend over the last several months shows a clear and sustained rise in prices for food, something that nearly 50 millions are already struggling to acquire, even with assistance from the government. Now their food stamps buy even less. And if people are spending more on food, it means they’ll be spending less in other sectors of the economy.

Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker warns that this is bad news because consumers are now paying 7.4% more for food on an annual basis than they were last year, a scenario which could lead to macro-economic repercussions by Fall.


Summer Blockbuster? El Niño Looking More Likely

AS Oceans heat, more methane seams get released into the atmosphere creating more intense heat as the feedback loops recycle among themselves. This is now an unstoppable process.

It’s looking more and more certain that an El Niño is in the works and could arrive as soon as early summer — bringing with it warmer average global temperatures, fewer Atlantic hurricanes, and possible drought relief for the U.S. West — according to the latest forecast from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, released Thursday.


Humanity’s Twilight; Could survival without love actually be worse than extinction?

The future can be nothing but a mirror of the past. What you put into it is what you get out of it. The pessimistic professor Guy McPherson reminds us that the environmental impacts we are feeling now are but the results of the industrial pollution of the 1970s. So if we live that long, we can look forward to 50 more years of garbage in the lungs of our planet to affect us more significantly in the coming years. If you think that’s going to be like getting hit by a speeding freight train, you’d be correct. Needless to say, it becomes difficult to contemplate scientific projections that will erase us all from the foreseeable future.

But how much can we lose before we can no longer endure? And will that survival be something we can continue to call human?

Even as the Siberian tundra now erupts in an epidemic of methane-fueled forest fires, you look ahead and the forecast is disaster. Panicked, you turn to the past and see nothing but the rubble of an endless series of calculated catastrophes and misunderstandings that have led to this unfolding apocalypse about to explode upon us.

Which way to turn? It’s as bad looking backward as it is looking forward, as the corruption of the past creates a hopeless future.

Look back on the loves we have squandered, the people we have betrayed, the children we have abused, the forests we have ruined, the oceans we have poisoned, the species we have extincted. And the millions of people we have killed for reasons that were lies. This is a past we can run from. But there’s no running from the future. It’s about to hit us head on.

Turn toward the future and witness the silence, see the blindness, hear the world all tied up in lies by which people can absolutely not find themselves. Or any solutions to any of their problems.

Then swallow this one. We killed the world on our watch.

Don’t think I’m trying to scare you. These are only details. If you’re not scared, you’re stupid.

Mind-controlled schools dumbing down anorexic sociopaths, self-absorbed professors insisting their political analyses are the most important issues, righteous preachers diddling porn stars on the side, homo actors pretending to be our leaders gratuitously comforting the grieving parents of children murdered in a false flag government exercise, and conceited children ridiculing their parents for naively prioritizing justice over power.

Nowhere to turn, forwards or backwards. Or even standing still.

The future looks like flames, toxic garbage, mindless people eating shit, dying in landfills, not trusting anyone, savaging each other. The past feels like tragedy, missed opportunities, betrayed friendships, missed opportunities, lost loves, abandoned children.

That thing you said you loved? You killed it. You said you didn’t mean to. But it’s dying right before your eyes.


The White House’s Nazis

(this is NOT a partnership, this is who runs our country today. Operation Paperclip brought thousands of high ranking Nazi’s to the U.S. where they were and are inserted at high levels of power to this day. Werner Von Bruan ran NASA for 23 years.  Before that he was the CEO for Hitlers Nazi’s of the bombing of England with V2 buzz bombs.)

Among Washington’s most unsavory allies could be counted the unelected hereditary regime of Saudi Arabia, the homophobic, violent mobs of Thaksin Shinawatra in Thailand, and of course Al Qaeda who has been serving America’s geopolitical agenda since the 1980′s when it first gathered the sectarian extremists together as a mercenary army to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Today the global terror enterprise is fighting on NATO’s behalf in Libya, Syria, Egypt, and southern Russia. But there is one group in particular that special interests within the United States has coddled, before, during, and after World War II that is perhaps the most iconic villain of recent human history – Adolf Hitler’s Nazis. A long and checkered history entwines the United States with the Nazi regime, leading up to present day where the heirs of this toxic ideology are being provided political and material support in overrunning the Eastern European nation of Ukraine. US Collaboration with Nazis Before and During World War 2  Prescott Bush Prior to WW2, many prominent American business owners and politicians were involved in the rise of Nazism. Fascist forces around the globe, not just Germany and Italy, gravitated around and contributed to the rise of Adolf Hitler. In the United States, no example of this is more notorious than that of Prescott Bush, farther to US President George H.W. Bush, and grandfather of US President George W. Bush. The Guardian in an article titled, “How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power,” states:

George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany. The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism. His business dealings, which continued until his company’s assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave labourers at Auschwitz and to a hum of pre-election controversy.

Banker and politician Prescott Bush wasn’t the only prominent member of America’s monied elite to collaborate with Hitler’s Nazis. Chase Bank, controlled by the Rockefeller family, assisted Germany in the plundering of Jewish assets as well as with other financial services. The New York Daily News reported in an article titled, “Chase Banked on Nazis – Report,” that:

Chase National Bank the precursor of today’s Chase Manhattan Bank allegedly helped the Nazis plunder Jewish property in France during World War II, according to a published report. The New York-based bank controlled by the Rockefeller family closed Jewish accounts even before the Germans ordered them to do so and did business with the Nazis while they were sending Jews to the gas chambers, Newsweek magazine reports in this week’s edition. And while the U.S. was at war with the Nazis, Chase also apparently helped German banks do business with their overseas branches, the magazine reported. Chase Manhattan is now the largest bank company in the U.S. with more than $300 billion in assets.

The same report would astoundingly claim (emphasis added):

Recently declassified documents revealed that at least 300 U.S. companies continued doing business in Germany during the war, Newsweek reported. And subsidiaries of Ford and General Motors have been accused of forcing thousands of Jews, Poles and others to work as slave laborers.


The Horrible Secrets of Operation Paperclip: An Interview with Annie Jacobsen About Her Stunning Account

The Horrible Secrets of Operation Paperclip: An Interview with Annie Jacobsen About Her Stunning Account – See more at:

I came across Operation Paperclip when I was writing Area 51, which involved the two Nazi aircraft designers who were brothers, Walter and Reimar Horten. The Horten brothers did not come to America as part of Paperclip, but their boss certainly did. His name was Siegfried Knemeyer, he was Herman Goering’s most important scientists for the Luftwaffe. Gorring liked him so much that he referred to him as ‘my boy‘ and made him chief of all technical engineering. When I learned that shortly after the war Knemeyer came to the United states with his seven children and his wife, had a long and prosperous career with the U.S. Air force, and that when he retired in the mid 1970s the Defense Department awarded him with the Distinguished Civilian Service Award — the highest award a scientist can get from the Pentagon — I thought to myself, how does that happen? How do you go from having Herman Goring as your boss then to having the U.S. Defense Department as your boss, and to be so important to both? That is where I became instantly curious about Operation Paperclip.

Former Vice President Henry Wallace, under Franklin Roosevelt, is perhaps best known for running for President, and refusing to renounce the support of U.S. Communists. What did he have to do with Operation Paperclip?

That’s such an interesting detail for you to pick up on and it was such an interesting element to write about. Although he had been Vice President and Truman later became Roosevelt’s Vice President, then of course fate and circumstance elevates Truman to the President. Henry Wallace is then Secretary of Commerce. What was interesting is that the Secretary of Commerce had a place on the JIOA, and was privy to some, but not all of the information regarding Operation Paperclip that was being run by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Wallace as Secretary of Commerce was incredibly gung-ho about getting Americans back to work. He had this book called, Sixty Million Jobs, and he intended to help America reach that milestone, the post-war prosperity that everyone in the nation was hoping for. Wallace saw science as a means to do that. Without knowledge of who these Nazi scientists were and what their pasts were Wallace endorsed this program, to such a degree that he wrote a letter to President Truman himself, saying you need to get on board with this program. That had a huge impact on Operation Paperclip which at that very moment in time, this is just a few months after the end of the war, the Joint Chiefs were struggling with the idea of Paperclip because the perception was that it was a deal with the devil. When Wallace stepped in, and said this is brilliant for commerce, it was exactly what the Joint Chiefs had been looking for.

t was really one of the most traumatic elements of researching and going through the documents, seeing how there were different factions in the Pentagon — because the program was run out of the Pentagon by Joint Chiefs of Staff. They created a specific unit called the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA), which was in charge of Paperclip. In these documents you can see the tug-of-war between generals who were absolutely opposed to the idea of bringing anyone who participated in the Reich’s rise to power, they were loathe to bring these scientists here, they did not want to. I quote transcripts where certain generals saying exactly that. On the other hand, there were other individuals, generals and colonels, who were gun-ho about the prospect about making America’s arsenal, the aggregate of our military strength, the strongest in the world, and certainly stronger than the Soviets. To that end they did not see any problem in bringing these scientists to the U.S. and were seemingly willing to not only overlook the past of these Nazi scientists, but to white wash them.

The former Nazi Surgeon General, Walter Scheiber, had an advocate in the U.S in the person of Colonel Charles Loucks. You describe a photo taken of Loucks in Japan where he is standing by an “enormous pile of dead bodies” that in turn lay “next to a stack of incendiary bombs,” with a look of detachment.” This reminded me of the famous quote by U.S. General Curtis LeMay: 

Killing Japanese didn’t bother me very much at that time… I suppose if I had lost the war, I would have been tried as a war criminal…. Every soldier thinks something of the moral aspects of what he is doing. But all war is immoral and if you let that bother you, you’re not a good soldier.”

LeMay and Louck’s justifications do not sound much different than the Nazi rationale of, “I was only following orders.” How do you see this and has your thinking changed in the course of writing this?

Certainly with some of the individuals involved a kind of necessary detachment in their perception of what they needed to do to serve their country. Mindful of the fact that I was not there during the Cold War and looking at history, one must take into account how high the stakes were — thermo nuclear war. Some of the individuals involved in Paperclip, i.e. the American officials, as a journalist I was able to consider that and see the paradox and conflict and empathize with having to make those very tough decisions.

General Loucks, however, stuck out as an exception to me because he didn’t only see work with Hitler’s closest confidants as a matter of national security for the United States moving forward, he grew to actually respect and appreciate the Nazi scientists. I found these quotes from him in his diaries, which he left posthumously to the Military History Institute in Pennsylvania. You see him discussing his fondness for example, a former Brigadier Fuhrer, Walter Schrieber, who was on Himmler’s personal staff and was so close to Hitler he was given a gold Party badge, which meant he was in favor by the Fuhrer. Sheiber was involved in concentration camp experiments, he was the liaison between Otto Ambros and Reich’s chemical committee, he had direct knowledge of the most horrific elements of the concentration camp, including genocide. Here he was being invited into the home of General Louck. At one point in the diary, I learned, he would even spend the night at the General’s home as a houseguest.

Now you point out an interesting passage in the book that I think gives a little perspective on General Loucks and made me wonder about how much the war had possibly transformed him? He was in charge overseeing the chemical weapons intelligence in Japan after the war. As I describe in the book going out into the Japanese countryside and taking a look at these incendiary bombs that he was in charge of manufacturing for the Americans during the war. He talks with this peculiar detachment about coming across a pile of what was left of these incendiary bombs and a pile of dead bodies, Japanese civilians who had been killed. He talks about them with such a strange perspective where he is only interested in seeing if his incendiary bombs had worked that it… gave me pause.

– See more at:


Food Justice: What It Means And Why We Need It

This Resilient Restaurant Hasn’t Produced Trash In Over Two Years

Cities All Over America Are Becoming Extremely Cruel To The Homeless

(we can spend for wars, we can spend for drones, we can give brutal Dicatatorships like Egypt, Israel and Bhurain billions of dollars and military hardware, yet 59 million in this country are on food stamps, they will not raise the minimum wage except for Federal workers and they will not even address this huge, growing problem that will only exponentially accelerate as food prices go postal at the end of this summertime.  Why isn’t anyone speaking out????)

or this:

CNN: Problem From Hell: Tons Of Highly Radioactive Liquid Pouring Out Of Fukushima Reactor 2 Each Day

This is May, this is unbelievable. This is something we should see in October,” Chief Michael Davis said. “I haven’t seen it this hot, this dry, this long in May.”

Wildfires Spread In Southern California, San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Evacuated

The Carlsbad fire broke out around 10:30 a.m. and spread through heavy brush before jumping into residential areas. The wind-driven wildfire tossed embers onto roofs and trees, igniting them. Firefighters found themselves evacuating people and battling the blaze at the same time.

The city’s fire chief said the blazes were unprecedented in his 27-year firefighting career because they are so early in the year. “This is May, this is unbelievable. This is something we should see in October,” Chief Michael Davis said. “I haven’t seen it this hot, this dry, this long in May.”

Meantime, firefighters gained ground on another San Diego County fire that broke out Tuesday and forced the evacuation of 20,000 homes. Authorities reported 50 percent containment of the 2.42-square-mile fire that broke out in the Rancho Bernardo area of San Diego.

Frackquakes Return To Texas, Continue In Oklahoma


President Obama Receives “Ambassador for Humanity” Award (Not Satire)

By Felicity Arbuthnot

| Global Research

USC Shoah Foundation's 20th Anniversary Gala - Show

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.”  (Voltaire, 1694-1778.)

It is impossible not to gain the impression that the criteria for being awarded prestigious honors for services to “peace”, “humanity” or “distinguished public service” is a candidate who is duplicitous, vicious, stone hearted and above all prepared to kill, plan killings or rejoice in killing on an industrial scale as brutally as can be devised.

Moments after being informed of the horrific death of Libyan Leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in October 2011, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said “Wow!” then unforgettably and chillingly laughed telling a television crew: “We came, we saw, he died.” Asked if her recent visit to Libya might have had anything to do with his death, she: “… rolled her eyes” and said: “I’m sure it did.”(1)

Six months later, in April 2012, Clinton received the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service. The following month she received the Champions for Change Award for Leadership and in May 2013, the inaugural Warren Christopher Public Service Award.


This madness has to end and people have to be brought aware of the global elites genocide of children for Satanic ritual cult practices. This is at the heart of all corruption of power today.

GUILTY! Final Verdict is Rendered in First Common Law Court Case against the Vatican and Canada for Genocide

Pope, Queen and Canadian Prime Minister found Guilty of Crimes against Humanity and Sentenced to Twenty Five Year Prison Terms –

Court Orders them to Surrender by March 4 or face Citizens’ Arrests


Pope Benedict will go to jail for twenty five years for his role in Crimes against Humanity, and Vatican wealth and property is to be seized, according to today’s historic verdict of the International Common Law Court of Justice.

The Brussels-based Court handed down a unanimous guilty verdict from its Citizen Jurors and ordered the arrest of thirty Defendants commencing March 4 in a Court Order issued to them today.

The verdict read in part,

“We the Citizen Jury find that the Defendants in this case are guilty of the two indictments, that is, they are guilty of committing or aiding and abetting Crimes against Humanity, and of being part of an ongoing Criminal Conspiracy”

The Jury ruled that each Defendant receive a mandatory twenty five year prison sentence without parole, and have all their personal assets seized.

The Court went on to declare in its Order No. 022513-001,

“The Defendants are ordered to surrender themselves voluntarily to Peace Officers and Agents authorized by this COURT, having been found Guilty as charged.

“The Defendants have seven days from the issuing of this ORDER, until March 4, 2103, to comply. After March 4, 2013, an International Arrest Warrant will be issued against these Defendants”.

The guilty parties include Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of England, Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, and the head officers of the Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada. (A complete copy of the Verdict, the Court Order and a list of the Defendants is enclosed on the accompanying you tube link).

Mass Ritual Genocide in
BRANTFORD, ON, CANADA used for Ritual Sacrifice by Wealthy Elite.

Mass graves of Mohawk children have been uncovered by ground-penetrating radar at the Mohawk Institute, a residential school for Mohawk operated by the Church of England and the Vatican before its closure in 1970.

According to Rev. Kevin Annett, Secretary of the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and States, the Mohawk Institute was,

“set up by the Anglican Church of England in 1832 to imprison and destroy generations of Mohawk children. This very first Indian residential school in Canada lasted until 1970, and, like in most residential schools, more than half of the children imprisoned there never returned. Many of them are buried all around the school.”

Unearthing mass aboriginal graves

at the Mohawk Institute, Canada Credit: ITCCS.ORG

Preliminary scanning by ground penetrating radar adjacent to the now closed main building Mohawk Institute has revealed that, “between 15-20 feet of soil” was brought in and put over the mass graves just before the Mohawk Institute closed in 1970 in order to camouflage the mass graves of Mohawk Children and avoid prosecution for genocide and crimes against humanity under,

  • the Geneva Conventions

  • the International Criminal Court

  • cooperating national courts

International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and States is expected to commence judicial proceedings starting in late October 2011 in Brussels, Belgium and Dublin, Ireland for child genocide crimes against humanity against defendants,

…both of whom knowingly participated in the planning and cover-up of the child genocide, according to forensic evidence.

The Tribunal sessions were originally to have been held in London, U.K. However, The U.K. government has denied entrance to the Secretary and major jurists and staff of the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and States without cause.

The discovery of the mass graves of Mohawk children, uncovered by ground-penetrating radar at the Mohawk Institute comes on the heels of videotaped evidence by eyewitness William Coombes, who in October 1964 witnessed Elizabeth Windsor, as Head of State of Canada and Head of the Church of England, visit an aboriginal school in Kamloops, British Columbia, choose 10 young aboriginal children, made them kiss her feet, and allegedly took them from the school for a picnic at a lake.

The 10 aboriginal children were never seen again. Mr. Coombes, who was to give evidence at the Tribunal for Crimes of Church and States of Elizabeth Windsor’s child genocide, was murdered in February 2011.

Fortunately, Mr. Coombes’ testimony was videotaped before his death and is available for the Tribunal.

Rev. Kevin Annett states that instruments of torture such as a rack for torturing the Mohawk children in ritual torture have been found at the now closed Mohawk Institute. Eyewitnesses from the Mohawk community have stated they witnessed priests in red robes torturing children in ritual torture.

Rev. Annett made these revelations in an exclusive October 7, 2011 interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre.

In the interview, Rev. Annett acknowledges the close parallels between the October 1964 personal child genocide and possible ritual killings of 10 aboriginal children by Elizabeth Windsor, Head of State of Canada and Head of the Church of England, and the child genocides occurring during the same period at the Mohawk Institute.

These parallels suggest that Elizabeth Windsor, as Head of State and Head of the Church of England was personally aware of, ordered, and participated in this systematic program of genocide and ritual torture and killings at Church of England residential schools operated by the Church of England and the Vatican.

In his interview, Rev. Annett stated that the mainstream Canadian media, as well as the government of Canada, are maintaining a cover-up and media blackout of the discoveries of Mohawk child genocide at the Mohawk Institute.


Joe Biden’s Son Joins Board Of Ukranian Gas Company


Is Your Job at Risk from Robot Labor? Check This Handy Interactive Chart

In the second machine age, robots will perform tasks once thought to require uniquely human abilities, like driving our taxis and filleting our fish. But not all jobs will be equally affected by automation. The interactive plot above attempts to sort out the differences.

We compared three variables related to the American workforce: the median wage for various jobs; the number of people employed in those positions in the United States; and the likelihood that these jobs will become automated. The data for this last metric come from a recent study, “The Future of Employment” (pdf). Use the interactive to explore which jobs are most susceptible to computerization, how many people will be affected, and how much money these workers make.

The densest cluster sits at the bottom-right, representing the massive numbers of workers in jobs that are both low-paying and highly likely to become automated. That corner is home to many occupations that are already being automated: cashier, retail salesperson, telemarketer.


Photos of an NSA “upgrade” factory show Cisco router getting implant

Big Tech is Just Making Enemies with All Countries by Working with Big Brother to Spy on All, everywhere.

A document included in the trove of National Security Agency files released with Glenn Greenwald’s book No Place to Hide details how the agency’s Tailored Access Operations (TAO) unit and other NSA employees intercept servers, routers, and other network gear being shipped to organizations targeted for surveillance and install covert implant firmware onto them before they’re delivered.

These Trojan horse systems were described by an NSA manager as being “some of the most productive operations in TAO because they pre-position access points into hard target networks around the world.”

The document, a June 2010 internal newsletter article by the chief of the NSA’s Access and Target Development department (S3261) includes photos (above) of NSA employees opening the shipping box for a Cisco router and installing beacon firmware with a “load station” designed specifically for the task.

The NSA manager described the process:

Here’s how it works: shipments of computer network devices (servers, routers, etc,) being delivered to our targets throughout the world are intercepted. Next, they are redirected to a secret location where Tailored Access Operations/Access Operations (AO-S326) employees, with the support of the Remote Operations Center (S321), enable the installation of beacon implants directly into our targets’ electronic devices. These devices are then re-packaged and placed back into transit to the original destination. All of this happens with the support of Intelligence Community partners and the technical wizards in TAO


Taser Tots: Indiana Police Taser Ten Year Old Boy At Day Care

(my country tis’ of thee….sweet land of Liberty…of thee I sing…..)

The officers from the Martinsville Police Department responded to a report of an unruly child at a home day care location. Such calls are not uncommon, particularly with so many children with emotional or developmental problems. However, after the police arrived, they introduced tasers at Tender Teddies Day Care as witnesses watched in horror. Even the Martinsville Police Chief Jon Davis has acknowledged that his officers could have avoided using a stun gun on a child and has put the two officers on administrative leave pending investigation.


Rebellion USA!!! – Protesters Take Over Albuquerque City Council and Attempt to Arrest Police Chief

The people are rightfully very upset, which led to a city council meeting being taken over on May 5th by protesters. This display of civil disobedience even led to an attempt to serve Police Chief Gorden Eden with an citizen’s arrest warrant. As a result of the protest, the city council moved to prevent protests at their latest meeting, which may lead to free speech related lawsuits.


Ex-DARPA Director & Google Exec Pushes Microchipping Human Beings


Bombshell: Sandy Hook Massacre Was A DHS Illusion Says School Safety Expert



Whack-a-mole fund managers can’t beat index funds


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