March 31, 2014

We are Stardust, We are Golden, and it is time to Get Back to The Garden.  Joni Mitchell


Living With A Grateful Heart to Bring Forth the Light

As consciousness expands, the heart opens, and we begin to feel. I know many of us feel the suffering of family and friends, and of the collective… the earth, the animals, the people. It comes into our hearts not as emotion, but more as an awareness that contains pain. I imagine we all have a process through which we deal with it. My personal process is to acknowledge that it is there, and then give thanks… yes, I can feel. I’m so grateful to be connected to the heart of the ‘other’. That’s a first step.

Since we’re connected to the people and animals and life, our awareness, warm heart, and gratitude for consciousness may possibly mitigate the suffering of others just a little. That is a hope that we can harbor. Overstanding offers protection for our own emotional system as well, as gratitude and love can form a barrier, or if not a barrier, at least have a transformative effect on the incoming emotional assault.

Concurrently with the process, it helps to keep in mind, in a Knowing sense, that the higher beings, and perhaps our own transdimensional higher self, overstand us as well. This is not fantasy. Evolved energies do exist, as do devolved ones.

There are as many battlefronts as there are soldiers, but the point of all of our battles is that the light comes in. Whether we are being kind to someone, or uncovering a deception, or bringing the earth back to life, or helping someone to heal, or doing the all-important work of self-knowing and self-healing… we are bringing the light in.


“Understanding the nature of time is the single most important problem facing science,”

Time; A Construct of Man that does Not Exist in Nature

(Nature doesn’t “measure”, She ‘senses’ and ‘feels’ and ‘balances’ and ‘adjusts to adapt’.)

The scientific case for time being an illusion is formidable,” he says. “The core of the case against time relies on the way we understand what a law of physics is.” He isn’t saying the laws are wrong, just that scientists don’t understand their true origins. “According to the standard view, everything that happens in the Universe is determined by laws,” he says. “Laws are absolute – they don’t change with time”. It’s this attribute that makes laws so powerful in predicting the future: plug in the Earth’s position today into the law of gravity, and it’ll give a pretty accurate location for its position a million years from now.

The laws also seem to reveal the true nature of time: “They suggest the flow of time is just a convenient illusion that can be replaced by computation,” says Smolin. In other words, time is just a trick that makes the equations spit out the right answers.



At issue is the proposed “Sites” reservoir just east of Lake County and the Mendocino National Forest, not far from the Central Valley town of Maxwell. The huge lake — five times bigger than Lake Sonoma — would not dam a regional watershed or fishery. Instead, it would hold water diverted from the Sacramento River.

The last major reservoir to be built in California was Diamond Valley near Hemet, which can store 800,000 acre-feet of water and is operated by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Sites would hold 1.9 million acre-feet, making it the seventh largest in the state.

The bill from Garamendi and La Malfa is one of numerous proposals floated by federal lawmakers to address the drought, both through new storage and other measures. Republicans already have pushed through legislation in the House that would authorize construction of other major reservoir projects.

Leading among the scaled-down state alternative measures is a $6.8 billion proposal by Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, whose district includes part of Sonoma County. The bill, which specifically provides just over $1 billion for storage, requires that the public’s interests be served and that those who benefit most from the project — such as farmers and water districts — carry the bulk of the financial load. Specific projects also would require approval of the California Water Commission.

The Garamendi/LaMalfa bill seeks to push the federal money through upon approval of the feasibility study, which is unusual, according to Stork, the Friends of the River official. “It (the bill) breaks all of the rules for water projects, which are not supposed to be pre-authorized by Congress,” he said, and that pre-authorization provision may not survive in the Senate, “which has different rules.”

Stop the plan to raise Shasta Dam – Support the Winnemem Wintu

The Bureau of Reclamation released a draft Environmental Impact Statement in July on the U.S. government’s proposal to raise the height of northern California’s Shasta Dam by 18.5 feet. This project would add 14% more water to Shasta Lake during wet years. But while some of this water would be used by new housing developments and southern California residents, much of it is destined for agricultural users who can resell the subsidized water.
But while some of this water would be used by new housing developments and South California residents, most of the water that would be held back by the new dam is destined for agricultural users who can resell the subsidized water.
California’s oil industry will also benefit, as it ramps up the use of water-intensive hydraulic fracking in the southern Central Valley, raising fears of chemical contamination of groundwater and increased earthquake activity.
In addition to creating new environmental problems, the update to the dam would fail to solve others. Native salmon have been blocked from their historic spawning grounds in the upper McCloud, Sacramento and Pit rivers since the Shasta Dam was completed in the 1940s. No bypass for fish species was included in this proposed project.
As if these factors weren’t bad enough, the Shasta Dam project would also flood ceremonial dance grounds still in use by the Winnemem Wintu tribe today. Sacred sites and burials still located at traditional Winnemem village sites would also be flooded, causing irreparable cultural harm.


“Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting over.”

This year, water fights are breaking out in private dining rooms and public meeting halls throughout the West. Federal officials have designated drought-stricken parts of 11 western and central states as natural disaster areas. They stretch from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada, to California, Oregon and Hawaii. But few spots are thirstier than the Golden State, where 62 percent of the state is now in an “extreme” drought.

Most of these fights center on how neighbors use, and misuse, the life-sustaining liquid. Some of the quarrels trace back 100 years, to the ugly days of legendary water thief William Mulholland and the hapless Owens Valley farmers. Back then, when the state had 2 million people, politicians and businessmen used “chicanery, subterfuge … and a strategy of lies” to grab more water than they were entitled to. The water grabs continue. But the problem is bigger than it was in Mulholland’s day, as there are now some 38 million Californians who are facing what could be the worst drought in 500 years.

At a time when many Santa Barbara residents were flushing their low-flow toilets once a day, I had driven by the leveraged buyout king’s lawn, which he had planted with thousands of yellow, thirsty daffodils. As the drought stretched on, Simmons paid $25,000 in water fees one year just so he could dump 10 million gallons into that lawn. The outcry forced him to drill his own well.

But Montecito’s underground water table has been drilled to perdition, and no amount of money is going to change that.

This time, there is talk about the “equality of sacrifice.” Last month, the Montecito Water Board laid things out in a standing-room-only meeting. In addition to hearing about the three estate owners who guzzled enough water to supply about 300 less luxurious households, we learned that several residents spend $8,000 a month to water football field-size lawns, and that Montecito customers use 290 gallons per person per day, compared to 66 gallons per day used by the Goleta customer 10 miles away. Montecito residents who take more than their fair share could face consequences, said the board president, including fines of $30 or even $45 per hundreds of cubic feet (HCF), or 750 gallons, after their monthly allotment. If they continue to overuse after two months, they will have to pay for a flow restrictor, which reduces water pressure. And if they still hog water, they will lose their allotment entirely.

But to citizens like Harold Simmons and Frank Caufield, those fines are chicken feed, Jonathan Rodriquez said during the meeting. “If we think charging $30 [per HCF] in this ZIP code will make a difference, I think we’re smoking crack.”


Mini-me: Pope Francis lifts up 19-month-old Daniele De Sanctis, dressed up as a pope, during his weekly general audience in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican

WTF is Going on At the Vatican??…the Richest, most corrupt institution on the planet.

Italy’s bishops pass Vatican-backed rule that child molestation does not have to be reported

Italy’s bishops have adopted a policy, with backing from the Vatican, that states they are not obliged to inform police officers if they suspect a child has been molested.
The Italian Bishops’ Conference said the guidelines published on Friday reflected suggestions from the Vatican’s office that handles sex abuse investigations.
Victims have denounced how bishops systematically covered up abuse by moving priests while keeping prosecutors in the dark. Only in 2010 did the Vatican instruct bishops to report abuse to police — but only where required by law.

Germany seizes cocaine-filled condoms sent to Vatican

Attempt to Deposit Fake Bonds in Vatican Bank

Vatican police have apprehended a US man and a Dutch man trying to deposit billions of euros and US dollars in fake bonds in the Vatican bank.

The men were stopped by the police when they approached one of the guarded gates at the Vatican and asked to be let through to the Institute for Religious Works (IOR), as the bank is formally known, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said.

The bonds were discovered in a briefcase they were carrying and the men were handed over to Italy’s financial police, who found false passports and other fake documents in their hotel rooms.

The haul came a day after Italian prosecutors said two former top executives at the Vatican bank will go on trial for alleged money laundering in a case that led to the seizure of 23 million euros ($34.18 million).

Former Church of England Bishop who describes Prince Charles as a ‘loyal friend’ charged with sex offences dating back to 1977

A retired Church of England bishop and friend of Prince Charles has been charged with a series of sex offences.

Peter Ball, who once described the Prince of Wales as a loyal friend after being given a place to live by him, is due to appear in court next month over sex offences and misconduct charges.

The 82-year-old former Bishop of Gloucester, who was previously Bishop of Lewes in East Sussex, will be prosecuted for alleged historic offences dating back to 1977.

Ball was enthroned as Bishop of Gloucester in 1992 at a ceremony attended by Prince Charles, and resigned in 1993.

Shortly afterwards Charles invited him to live in Manor Lodge in the village of Aller, Somerset, a property owned by the Duchy of Cornwall.

Ball said at the time: ‘He [Prince Charles] has been wonderfully kind and allowed me to have a Duchy house. The prince is a loyal friend.



97 Percent of The Time, Chemotherapy Does Not Work And Continues To Be Used Only For One Reason


If the drugs and chemicals in the drink won’t kill ya, the sugar will….

Diet Drinks Linked with Heart Disease, Death

Women who drink the most diet sodas may also be more likely to develop heart disease and even to die, according to a new study published Saturday.

Researchers found women who drank two or more diet drinks a day were 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack or other cardiovascular “event,” and 50 percent more likely to die, than women who rarely touch such drinks.

The findings, being presented at a meeting of the American College of Cardiology, don’t suggest that the drinks themselves are killers. But women who toss back too many diet sodas may be trying to make up for unhealthy habits, experts say. “Our study suggests an association between higher diet drink consumption and mortality,” said Dr. Ankur Vyas, a cardiovascular disease expert at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinic, who led the study.

25 Best Ways to Detox From Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Environmental Pollutants, and Metabolic Waste

All Corn Syrup Contains MSG

New York Measles Outbreak 90% Vaccinated


(This is all a well coordinated hit piece against High Frequency Trading.  First 60 minutes, then the next day, the NYTimes article on the exact same subject.   Last year, the English hottie, Laura ?, on 60 minutes came back to the show to tell how she was sexually molested during the Arab Spring protests. Right at the end of her piece, which was the highest rated show for the year, CBS news broke in to tell the “story” that OBL had been captured, killed and his body dumped in the ocean, “according to Islamic law”.  Ha Ha Ha.

This is just two cases of planned propoganda to the masses.  The CIA has been implanted into all major news services for since before the Church Commission hearings in the 1970’s.  It’s all propaganda, not news folks.

This HFT is scaring the bejeesus out of the wealthy elite, who understand that HFT is out of control and is over 75% of all trades now done on exchanges, as explained in the video below…so it must be reigned in.)

“The Market Is Rigged” – Michael Lewis Explains How HFTs “Screw” Investors Every Day


NYTimes Mag.; The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street



Conceived by Britain’s most prolific architect, Lord Norman Forster, this giant pyramid is an odd presence in the middle of the Asian Steppes.  The building is dedicated to  “the renunciation of violence” and “to bring together the world’s religions”. Norman Foster has said that the building has no recognizable religious symbols to permit the harmonious reunification of confessions. In reality, the pyramid is a temple for the occultist’s only TRUE religion: Sun worship. A journey inside this building is a truly symbolic one. It represents each human’s path to illumination. Let’s take the tour.


Did You Know About the “Council of Governors” ??

The Council of Governors is a United States council of state and federal officials that was established to “advise the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and the White House Homeland Security Council on matters related to the National Guard and civil support missions”[1] and to “strengthen further the partnership between the Federal Government and State Governments to protect [the United States] against all types of hazards”.[2] The Council is tasked to review “such matters as involving the National Guard of the various States; homeland defense; civil support; synchronization and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States; and other matters of mutual interest pertaining to National Guard, homeland defense, and civil support activities.”[2]

The Council was authorized and required by the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008, enacted by the 110th Congress and signed by President George W. Bush on January 28, 2008.[1] It was officially established by Executive Order 13528, issued by President Barack Obama on January 11, 2010.[3]

The Council of Governors is composed of 10 members, selected by the President for a term of 2 years from among the governors of the several states and territories of the United States and the Mayor of the District of Columbia.[3][4][5] No more than five members may be from the same political party.[3]

Two members of the Council, of different political parties, are designated by the President to serve as Co-Chairs of the Council.[3]

The work of the Council is coordinated by an Executive Director designated by the Secretary of Defense.[



Another example of the reality that “ endless growth at all costs” is lethal, whether it’s cancer, runaway debt or economic growth. This ends badly for all over time.

Oxygen Stations Set Up Across China So That City Dwellers Can Escape Smog


After Seven Years, Exactly One Person Gets Off the Government No-Fly List

“Wednesday, August 23, 1939 We are disturbed about the effect of the Jewish influence in our press, radio and motion pictures. It may become very serious. [Fulton] Lewis told us of one instance where the Jewish advertising firms threatened to remove all their advertising from the Mutual system if a certain feature were permitted to go on the air. The threat was powerful enough to have the feature removed. Thursday, May 1, 1941 The pressure for war is high and mounting. The people are opposed to it, but the Administration seems to have ‘the bit in its teeth’ and is hell-bent on its way to war. Most of the Jewish interests in the country are behind war, and they control a huge part of our press and radio and most of our motion pictures. There are also the ‘intellectuals’ and the ‘Anglophiles,’ and the British agents who are allowed free rein, the international financial interests, and many others. — LINDBERGH, CHARLES. 20th c. American aviator, writer.(The Wartime journals)


..while $4.5 Billion is being cut from the food stamp program in this country!

Arizona GOP Gives Private Prison Company $1 Million To House Inmates Who Don’t Exist 


Yellowstone National Park Rattled By Largest Earthquake In 34 Years

Magnitude-5.1 earthquake rattles Los Angeles area

Tornadoes in California???????

2 tornadoes reported, multiple funnel clouds spotted in NorCal

Urgent Earthquake Watch – Yellowstone, New Madrid, PNW

Video by Dutchsinse

This screenshot below shows the past 48 hours of earthquakes in the continental United States and Canada … alongside there is a diagram of the North American Craton.

Clearly, heavy activity building upon the Western portion of the plate, and we’re seeing a massive area become displaced — from Southern California, to Yellowstone — from Yellowstone to Oklahoma.

The entire displaced area having moved on a mid 4.0M range (or GREATER) in the past 24 – 48 hours.



Ultimate Star Wars???

How 3D Printing Will Create On-Demand Swarms of Disposable Drones


So after we get done trashing this planet…we can go trash others…

SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. The company was founded in 2002 to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets

U.S. Still Cleaning up Chemical Weapons from World War II…in 40 States

World War II munitions found buried at an Orlando middle school (AP photo)

Bring us your nerve gases, your blister agents, your horrible weapons of warfare, your wretched refuse of World War II… This about sums up the decision of leaders in Washington after World War II when it came time for the American military to dispose of its arsenal of chemical weapons and those belonging to both the countries it fought against and alongside.

After the war’s conclusion, the U.S. government buried thousands of munitions loaded with chemical agents all across the country. These weapons of mass destruction were part of the U.S. arsenal as well as those belonging to ally Britain and enemies Germany and Japan.

The bombs and containers were simply dumped in the ground and buried, without concern for long-term environmental and health consequences.

Alabama is home to the largest of 249 such sites that are located in 40 states. Redstone Arsenal, a longtime U.S. Army base, sits atop miles of hidden trenches containing blister agents, choking agents, blood agents and more.



Earth teach me stillness
as the grasses are stilled with new light.
Earth teach me suffering
as old stones suffer with memory.
Earth teach me humility
as blossoms are humble with beginning.
Earth teach me caring
as the mother who secures her young.
Earth teach me courage
as the tree which stands alone.
Earth teach me limitation
as the ant which crawls on the ground.
Earth teach me freedom
as the eagle which soars in the sky.
Earth teach me acceptance
as the leaves which die in the fall.
Earth teach me renewal
as the seed which rises in the spring.
Earth teach me to forget myself
as melted snow forgets its life.
Earth teach me to remember kindness
as dry fields weep with rain.

~Native American Prayer~

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