March 29, 2014

Crisis = Danger and Opportunity | The Daily Determined


The “Cardinal Grand Cross” Is Starting To Take Shape

(This is a once in thousands of years astrological formation of great significance with the big dates from April 14-20th as the midpoint for great disruption, great confusion and great change. It is also a time of Great Awakening potential of one’s own awakening to change to become the higher visions of which we each hope to aspire in oneselves.

Give people a lot of room and space and empathy as we are all going through this great time of change inside and out.)

The big news in the Big Sky is the “Cardinal Grand Cross” that is starting to take shape…

When you look at the current astrological chart, in a way, it seems rather basic or dull… (yawn)… Not much to look at… Yes, when you draw in the lines, you do see that T-Square (Jupiter/Pluto-Uranus)… And then you notice that Mars is moving backwards into position to “connect the other side”… And the Sun is moving into position as well… (Thanks for sharing that daniel… Please pass the olives will ya?)…

Looking at the chart below… You see all the other planets that pretty much look like they are scattered around randomly… So what’s all the fuss about?… The planets involved in this grand cross configuration are “the rebellious type”…

They can be the trouble-makers that like to stir things up when things get too predictable or too routine… Like mad-scientists that want to try out new experiments just to see what may happen… Some ideas can be pure genius, and others… ummm… not so much… hehehe…

It’s only when you mix astronomy with the astrology that you get a much clearer idea of the significance of this transit… In the image of the current solar system below, you can see how nearly all of the planets are actually connected… (except retro Saturn & Neptune)… A configuration like this is incredible!!



Romancing the Soul

Amidst the barrage of religions, another path emerged.  A way focused more on the individual’s experience of life and their relatedness to it, transforming the imposition and obligation of belief into a lifestyle later to be recognized as spirituality.  There are as many avenues to take on a spiritual path than there are people, as authentic spirituality inspires the apprentice to establish and maintain their own path.  It is a much more challenging endeavor of faith because it requires a diligent expression of bringing one’s personally discovered truth into their daily life through their chosen way of being.  There are few, if any, established guidelines, books, classes and lectures.  For the most part, there are no teachers to guide us in the direction that is most appropriate for “our” spiritual evolution.

Our spirituality is achieved with our willingness and commitment to being present to and interactive with this genuine way of life.  The more we give and share of ourselves, the more we will relate and connect to our spiritual experience.  When we are conscious of this realization, it may often seem as though our symbiosis with our soul is brief at best.

Personal spirituality is a daunting task, as there is very little social support, affirmation and applicable advantages to our every day reality.  There are very few translations of spiritual study to our daily lives that result in financial gain, employment advancement or extraordinary relations with most in our contemporary society.  There are times when these things occur, yet they are few and far between.  Walking our spiritual path is oftentimes so contrary to our daily lifestyle, it may seem almost impossible to attempt, let alone sustain.  When we do savor the fleeting moments of our fulfillment, it is a solitary celebration.  If our authentic experience of life (spirituality) is contingent upon and customized to our choices and involvement, we eventually realize that our spiritual path is for us and us alone.




Things are about to explode, figuratively, literally and deadly. There is a huge ratcheting up of the stakes as the End Game is being played out.  A Hero always needs to slay an enemy, that is the way the myth is told out over history, so Russia becomes the Big Villian (after Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt…Korea..Vietnam…..Germany, Japan…. well you get the picture.

Obama has made great effort to meet with all the powers to coordinate and make sure every leader is on the same script and playbook for the next 9/11 staged event, which looks like its going to be a mushroom cloud, possibly in the U.S. , as our President alluded to.

Sacrificing parts of the U.S is a logical step towards global domination and their stated One World Order, thereby defeating self empowered freedom and liberty for all. Look on the new $100 bill, it has the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence written in the background about abolishing government that no longer serves….

The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill! –



All-Seeing Eye











Video Of World Leaders Wearing The Symbol Of The Pyramid At Major International Meeting

During the Nuclear Security Summit, which was held on March 24th and 25th in the Netherlands, Reuters captured video of presidents and prime ministers from all over the world wearing a very peculiar pyramid-shaped pin.  Those that have studied secret societies and the occult know that the unholy pyramid is a very dark symbol that represents some of the deepest secrets of the elite.  When it shows up in a very public forum like an international summit meeting, it is usually not by accident.  As I will discuss below, thanks to Freemasons we even find this highly occult symbol on the back of all one dollar bills.  Of course the cover story is that all of these world leaders were wearing pyramids to support “nuclear security”, kind of like if you want to support breast cancer you pin a little pink ribbon to your jacket.  And you never know – perhaps that is all that this was.  But when I watched this video for the first time my jaw just about hit the floor.

The video that you are about to see was shot during the Nuclear Security Summit which was recently held at the Hague.  The following is how the Washington Post described the summit…

Nuclear terrorism is officially the main topic for world leaders at a two-day summit in the Netherlands starting Monday. In practice, the Ukraine crisis will likely overshadow those talks.

The Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague will form the backdrop for an emergency meeting of Group of Seven leaders on Russia’s annexation of Crimea. It’s a confrontation between Russia and the West reminiscent of the Cold War.

I have posted the video footage that was captured by Reuters below.  As you can see, Barack Obama appears to be wearing an American flag, but almost all of the other presidents and prime ministers are wearing pyramids…


World Leaders Play ‘Nuclear War Game’ During Netherlands Summit to Test Nuclear Attack Responses

During the G7 nuclear summit in the Netherlands this week, heads of government played a interactive nuclear war game that was designed to test their response to a terrorist plan to set off a “dirty bomb” in a Western metropolis.President Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Chinese premier Xi Jinping were all a part of the games which showed a series of short films where terrorists planed to use stolen nuclear material to set off a “dirty bomb” in a unnamed Western metropolis, reports The Telegraph.A diplomatic source told The Telegraph that the heads of state had to react to the films in real time as they were equipped with a computer tablet with a touch screen displaying responses.

Are these sicko’s planning this to try an immediate cooling???


Then Obama Goes to the Vatican….but the President of the U.S., for the first time, did not Kiss the Holy See (See all-seeing Eye above)

U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Pope Francis, Thursday, March 27, 2014 at the Vatican. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Only God knows for sure: Obama, pope differ on accounts of ‘social schisms’ talk




Then Obama Goes to his Allies in Saudi Arabia.

Obama Goes to Riyadh to Reassure the Saudis on Security – Time

When U.S. President Barack Obama visits Riyadh Friday, one of the main goals is to convey to the Saudis that the American commitment to their security remains iron-clad, the New York Times reports.

The strategic relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia has been a stabilizing force in the Middle East for decades, but recently the allies have faced disagreements over policies toward Iran, Syria and Egypt.

“Their view of Mr. Obama is that his entire understanding is wrong. The trust in him is not very high, so he will not have an easy ride, and a lot of hard questions will be put on the table,” Mustafa Alani, an analyst at the Geneva-based Gulf Research Center, told the Times


Then This Happens at the Exact Same Time !!!

Air Force Fires NINE Nuclear Commanders in One Day, Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oct 2013: Top Nuke Commanders Fired Following Missing Nuclear Warheads

Why Has Obama Fired 197 Senior Military Commanders in 5 years (including 9 Generals in 2013)


Evidence for Ancient Nuclear War on Earth

(Atlantis all over again?? The Ancient Vedic teachings believe this one creation is 4 trillion, 40 billion years in length from creation back to source.  Atlanteans apparently destroyed themselves due to abuse by power of nuclear power, are we just repeating history because we fail to learn our long term lessons??)

Is man on the threshold of a new world or merely stuck on a circular treadmill repeating the doomed lessons from history which he never seems to learn? A growing number of scholars believe the world’s macabre fascination with nuclear war is just the latest repeat in a series of blunders human technology seems obsessed with repeating

Ancient tales speak of flying vimanas. Vimanas were described as real vehicles and were said to have the ability to travel, and deliver explosives, at high speeds. Great wars were described in early religious texts. Weapons could literally level the land like a moving force field.

In ancient India, we find words for certain measurements of length; one was the distance of light-years and one was the length of an atom. Only a society that possessed nuclear energy would have the need for such words.



Ukraine Shocks Population With 100% Heating Price Increase While Restricting Cash Use

I.M.F. Prepares $18 Billion in Loans for Ukraine

The IMF was founded and funded by the U.S. and is incorporated in the City-State of Washington, District of Columbia, a separate legal entity from the United States of America.  $4.5 Billion is being cut from the food stamp programs in the U.S. but we can fund regime change globally as well as support dictatorships in Egypt, Afghanistan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc…


The US Military’s Next Shadow War

U.S. military ops — including airstrikes, raids and proxy wars — have surged by more than 200 percent in Africa


US Citizen? No Foreign Bank Account For You!

Jeff Berwick
Activist PostMany people laughingly remember the image of the Soup Nazi in Seinfeld. If you did anything out of order or that he didn’t like, “No soup for you!”Sadly, thanks to the upcoming Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) in the US, banks around the world are turning away US passport holders, “No bank account for you!” But you don’t even have to do anything wrong other than having been born a US citizen.
Decades ago holding a US passport was a ticket to worldwide opportunity. Today it is nearly the opposite. First it started with the erosion of the US’s reputation as a bastion of freedom. Then, legislation-after-legislation made it nearly impossible to do business with US persons as the nation became increasingly paranoid and fixated with raising funds.
Faced with draconian penalties on foreign banks who accept US citizens countless banks worldwide are deciding it is easier and safer to just turn away all US customer business. Not to mention much cheaper.
Read more »
With the Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines MH-370, Jacob Rothschild Became the Sole Owner of ‘Freescale Semiconductors’ Patent

The disappearance of four members of a patent semiconductor traveling on Malaysia Airlines MH370 makes the famous billionaire Jacob Rothschild at the sole owner of the important patent.

The mystery surrounding the Malaysian Airlines MH-370 is growing as each day passes with more mysterious silence shadowing the disappearance of the airline. More and more conspiracy theories are beginning to boom on the internet.

One of the conspiracies one is the Freescale Semiconductor’s ARM microcontroller ‘KL-03′ which is a new improvised version of an older microcontroller KL-02. This crazy story about how Illuminati Rothschild exploited the airlines to gain full Patent Rights of an incredible KL-03 micro-chip is going haywire across the internet especially when it’s involving Jacob Rothschild as the evil master plotter.

Jacob Rothschild

A US technology company which had 20 senior staff on board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 had just launched a new electronic warfare gadget for military radar systems in the days before the Boeing 777 went missing.

Freescale Semiconductor has been developing microprocessors, sensors and other technology for the past 50 years. The technology it creates is commonly referred to as embedded processors, which according to the firm are “stand-alone semiconductors that perform dedicated computing functions in electronic systems”.



Older Terminal Cancer Patients Walk Away from Hospice with Cannabis Oil and More

When someone is assigned to hospice, it means that he or she has six months or less to live. All medical interventions are canceled, especially since by that time the patient is completely worn out from orthodox treatments and can’t take anymore. While in hospice, the main treatment is morphine to reduce pain, that’s it. For an older person dying of cancer to leave hospice under his own power is somewhat of a miracle, but that is exactly what at least 2 people have done thanks to the healing powers of cannabis.

I’m presenting two such cases, and the miracle worker for each was cannabis. The most recent case involved Nevada City, California resident Ed Moore. Ed was a mess with liver cancer that was stage IV with a seven inch long tumor which had metastasized into his lymph nodes. Ed was around 70, and the doctors told him to pack it in; he was done.

Upon receiving packets of IV morphine from hospice, Ed and his wife Beate decided to take advantage of the fact they could make their own cannabis oil from the hemp they grew on their land, and they also enlisted the service of a local naturopath who put Ed on a list of natural ingredients to support the healing process of cannabis.


Marijuana Medicine’s Near-Miraculous Healing Powers Require the Whole Plant—Not Just One Oil Extract

 CBD-only laws are a pretext to extend marijuana prohibition under the guise of ‘protecting the children.’

Ever since marijuana was banned by the federal government in the 1930s, proponents of prohibition have insisted that cannabis must remain illegal to protect America’s children. “Protecting the children” continues to be the calculated cornerstone of anti-marijuana propaganda, the cynical centerpiece of the war on drugs.

How ironic, then, that today thousands of families in the United States are desperately seeking cannabis remedies to protect their children from deadly diseases. The erstwhile “Assassin of Youth” has become the savior for kids with catastrophic seizure disorders and other life-threatening conditions.

Drawn by the near-miraculous healing power of oil extracted from the marijuana plant, families have been flocking to Colorado and other cannabis-friendly states, where they hope to find a remedy that helps their children, some of whom suffer a hundred seizures a day.


Cure Your Own Cancer with Simpson Hemp Oil


The Agenda 21 Water Police Are Making Their Move to Enslave American Communities

The globalists murdered Detroit through the various free trade agreements consisting of NAFTA, GATT, and CAFTA. And now, their Agenda 21 minions are coming for your water, your homes and your children.There are several parts to this story. First, there is the human interest story of corrupt city forces who are abusing people from a bankrupt city who are down on their luck and are reveling in the joy of bringing misery to the downtrodden. Second, we see CPS rearing their ugly faces as they are attempting to take advantage of a crisis situation by placing more children under their control. Third, we are witnessing the attempted installation of the “Building One America Plan” which will force all suburban residents into densely populated stack-and-pack cities through the regionalization of the control of water supplies. This article examines the dangers posed to American communities through an examination of these three areas related to water control and what it could potentially mean for all US citizens.
(Sooooo,. The Gov’t regulators approve cancer causing cell phones for the public in 1999, knowing 1) would cause cancer, especially in children and 2) progression and buildout would allow all to use cell phones while driving.
  So then a few years later the same folks say, ‘hey driving and talking is dangerous, we must but a ban and attach fines and tell you it is not legal now’…after they sold billions and billions and billions.)
Despite all the warnings about the dangers of talking or texting while driving, a new study suggests that the situation is getting progressively worse.Cellphone use is now estimated to be involved in 26% of all motor vehicle crashes — up from 25% last year, according to “Injury Facts,” the annual survey from the National Safety Council released Tuesday. But it’s not texting or checking status updates — widely regarded as the scourge of road accidents — that’s the biggest problem. Around 5% of cellphone-related crashes involve texting, while the other 21% involve drivers talking on hand-held or hands-free cellphones, the survey found.“Intuitively, texting has more elements of distraction because you’re looking away from the road, but people are more comfortable talking on the phone and probably do it more often,” says Kara Macek, communications director at the Governors Highway Safety Association, a non-profit association in Washington, D.C. representing state highway safety offices across the country. “We suspect a lot of this data is also underreported simply because people will not own up to the fact that they were distracted and caused a crashed.”Drivers using cellphones fail to see up to 50% of the information in their environment, according to David Teater, senior director of transportation initiatives at the National Safety Council, a non-profit organization in Itasca, Ill. And the risk of getting in crashes from texting is getting worse, he says. Texting is increasing in popularity inside and outside of the driver’s seat: One in three Americans favors texting over calling, according to a 2011 study by Pew Research Center, and Americans send an average of 41 texts a day (with those ages 19 to 25 sending an average of 110 texts a day).*****

Homeland Security Launching New High-Tech Citizen-Tracking Program

DHS homeland security license plate tracking

Image source:

A national license plate recognition database apparently will soon become a reality in the United States, thanks to a Department of Homeland Security initiative.

Once the system is activated, personal information will be shared with law enforcement and governmental agencies on demand, allowing officials to know where someone has travelled.

It also will allow DHS agents to grab photos of a license plate with their smartphone and upload it into a government database, which will reportedly include “target vehicles” and “hot list” categories – all in the name of national security.

An official document uploaded to the Federal Business Opportunities website revealed the shocking details involved with the implementation of the national license plate recognition database. According to the government text, the DHS database program will track license plate numbers that either pass by cameras or are “voluntarily” entered into the system via a variety of different sources. The access points include law enforcement control systems and asset recovery specialists. The goal of the program is to “help locate criminal aliens and absconders.”

License plate readers themselves have been the subject of much discussion by civil liberties groups, as Off The Grid News reported. The readers are high-speed cameras and go largely unnoticed but can be found alongside roads, bridges and overpasses, in small towns and big cities alike. They’re also mounted on some police cars. The scanners were the subject of a 2013 report by the ACLU, “You Are Being Tracked: How License Plate Readers Are Being Used To Record Americans’ Movements.”


New Studies Show Wireless Radiation May Be Contributing To Male Infertility


Flickr-sperm-bhav.bhavIf you’ve got low sperm count and can’t figure out why, it may be because of your cell phone and laptop. Researchers have recently found a link between the radiation emitted by these devices and male infertility.

In the past, research studies on low sperm count focused on such things as chromosome defects, hormone imbalances and sperm duct defects. More recently, scientists began studying environmental causes, such as medications (especially steroids and hormones), alcohol, tobacco, pesticides, diet and heavy metal exposure. They even researched prolonged bicycling.

Now they’ve turned to radiation emitted by cell phones and laptops and have found some startling results.

Low Sperm Count and Cell Phone Radiation

Two recent studies have found a link between cell phone radiation and infertility in men. One study was conducted at the Medical University of Graz, in Austria; the other at the Queen’s University in Canada. Men in the studies who reported cell phone use showed lower levels of the luteinizing hormone (LH), an important reproductive hormone that is secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain, and higher levels of circulating testosterone.

The researchers hypothesized that even though cell phone radiation appears to create higher levels of circulating testosterone, the radiation may nonetheless block the conversion of this testosterone to a more active, potent form of testosterone associated with sperm production and fertility.


School Science Project Reveals High Levels Of Fukushima Nuclear Radiation in Grocery Store Seafood

Michael Snyder
Activist PostA Canadian high school student named Bronwyn Delacruz never imagined that her school science project would make headlines all over the world. But that is precisely what has happened. Using a $600 Geiger counter purchased by her father, Delacruz measured seafood bought at local grocery stores for radioactive contamination. What she discovered was absolutely stunning.Much of the seafood, particularly the products that were made in China, tested very high for radiation. So is this being caused by nuclear radiation from Fukushima? Is the seafood that we are eating going to give us cancer and other diseases?The American people deserve the truth, but as you will see below, the U.S. and Canadian governments are not even testing imported seafood for radiation. To say that this is deeply troubling would be a massive understatement.

In fact, what prompted Bronwyn Delacruz to conduct her science project was the fact that the Canadian government stopped testing imported seafood for radiation in 2012

Alberta high-school student Bronwyn Delacruz loves sushi, but became concerned last summer after learning how little food inspection actually takes place on some of its key ingredients.

The Grade 10 student from Grande Prairie said she was shocked to discover that, in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) stopped testing imported foods for radiation in 2012.

Still Killing, Still in Business

BP Doubles Size Of Initial Estimates Of Lake Michigan Oil Spill


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