March 18, 2014

“A mature man, a mature woman knows how to carry grief in one hand and gratitude in the other.” All roads lead to grief.


The workings of the mind are examined with great precision in these teachings of the Buddha that originated in India over 2000 years back. However the way to freedom lies not in a scholarly study of these teachings, but instead in practicing meditation and mindfulness. The reality of suffering draws many to Buddha’s teachings; the teachings are not about suffering though. Instead they are about ultimate freedom, and the exuberance that this freedom is accessible to all. Strive to be a Buddha, not a Buddhist!

Four Noble Truths

1. Suffering exists
2. Suffering arises from attachment to desires
3. Suffering ceases when attachment to desire ceases
4. Freedom from suffering is possible by practicing the Eightfold Path

Noble Eightfold Path

 Three Qualities  Eightfold Path
 Wisdom (panna)  Right View
 Right Thought
 Morality (sila)  Right Speech
 Right Action
 Right Livelihood
 Meditation (samadhi)  Right Effort
 Right Mindfulness
 Right Contemplation

Three Characteristics of Existence

1. Transiency (anicca)
2. Sorrow (dukkha)
3. Selflessness (anatta)


Unwholesome mental states that impede progress towards enlightenment.
1. Sensuous lust
2. Aversion and ill will
3. Sloth and torpor
4. Restlessness and worry
5. Sceptical doubt

Factors of Enlightenment

1. Mindfulness
2. Investigation
3. Energy
4. Rapture
5. Tranquillity
6. Concentration
7. Equanimity


The Meaning and Purpose of Life vs. Economics

In the early 1950s Schumacher became intrested in Asian philosophies. He was influenced by Mohandas Ghandi and G.I. Gurdjieff, and also by his friend, the Buddhist writer Edward Conze. In 1955 Schumacher went to Burma to work as an economic consultant. While he was there, he spent weekends in a Buddhist monastery learning to meditate. The meditation, he said, gave him more mental clarity than he had ever had before.

While in Burma he wrote a paper called “Economics in a Buddhist Country” in which he argued that economics does not stand on its own feet, but instead “is derived from a view of the meaning and purpose of life — whether the economist himself knows this or not.” In this paper, he wrote that a Buddhist approach to economics would be based on two principles:

  • The ideal is sufficiency, not surfeit. “Economic ‘progress’ is good only to the point of sufficiency, beyond that, it is evil, destructive, uneconomic.”
  • A Buddhist economy distinguishes between renewable and non-renewable resources. A civilization built on renewable resources is superior to one built on non-renewable resources.


Full Moon: Virgo’s Kind of Foresight

With Virgo, it’s about getting back to basics and the power of simplicity.

The Full Moon in Virgo on Sunday is angled in a friendly way by heavy-hitter Saturn (in Scorpio). Full Moons are about illumination, and there can be flash (psychic) hits. I’m getting the word digestion — to transform what’s toxic, and to purify.


Photo of the facade of the monastery in Petra.

The setting sun during the winter solstice illuminates a sacred podium in the Monastery.

An ancient civilization built the famous, stone-hewn city of Petra so that the sun would illuminate their sacred places like celestial spotlights, a new study says.

Petra, a giant metropolis of tombs, monuments, and other elaborate religious structures carved into stone cliffs, was the capital of the Nabatean kingdom, a little-understood Middle Eastern culture that ruled much of modern-day Jordan from the third century B.C. until the first century A.D.

These wealthy spice traders worshiped the sun, among other deities, and may have given importance to the equinoxes, solstices, and other astronomical events that are determined by how the sun moves across the sky. (Also see: “‘Lost City’ of Petra Still Has Secrets to Reveal.”)

Solstices, for instance, are the results of Earth‘s north-south axis being tilted 23.5 degrees relative to the plane of our solar system. This tilt causes different amounts of sunlight to reach different regions of the planet during Earth’s year-long orbit around the sun.

Now, a statistical analysis published in the Nexus Network Journal reveals that these heavenly phenomena likely influenced how the Nabateans created structures at Petra, a Greek word that means “rock.”


The World of Quantum Physics: Everything is Energy

Nobel Prize winning physicists have proven beyond doubt that the physical world is one large sea of energy that flashes into and out of being in milliseconds, over and over again.

Nothing is solid. This is the world of Quantum Physics.

They have proven that thoughts are what put together and hold together this ever-changing energy field into the ‘objects’ that we see.

So why do we see a person instead of a flashing cluster of energy?

Think of a movie reel.

A movie is a collection of about 24 frames a second. Each frame is separated by a gap. However, because of the speed at which one frame replaces another, our eyes get cheated into thinking that we see a continuous and moving picture.

Think of television.

A TV tube is simply a tube with heaps of electrons hitting the screen in a certain way, creating the illusion of form and motion.

This is what all objects are anyway. You have 5 physical senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste).



FT-140219-polar vortex
What it the overwhelming trend?  Cooling or Warming?

Not only our the lights about to go out on industrial civilization, but the lights are about to go out on our species. Marching in lockstep with the dark days faced by society and Homo sapiens is my own heart, heavy with the knowledge in my head and the failure of my personal efforts.”  -Guy R. McPherson, from the introduction to Going Dark

Near-Term Human Extinction: A Conversation with Guy McPherson

(I highly recommend his new book, “Going Dark”.  Mr. McPherson was a tenured top Science Professor at University of AZ when he left to help inform the masses of our collective plight.)

Guy McPherson spent most of his life studying conservation biology. A professor emeritus of natural resources and the environment at the University of Arizona, McPherson has dedicated countless hours over the years assembling the best raw scientific data published on the subject of climate change.

McPherson discovered that not only was climate change a reality, but that certain self-reinforcing feedback loops, such as the liberation of a more potent greenhouse gas than Carbon Dioxide, namely methane gas, has been triggered, leading to even more green house warming.

By June 2012 he finally came to one inescapable conclusion:

The planet will not be habitable for the human species long beyond 2030. And there is NOTHING the human species for all its sophistication and technology can do about it.

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Survive to Thrive Amidst the 6th Great Extinction Event in Planetary History

CO2, Earth’s Global Thermostat Dials Up To Record 401.6 Parts Per Million Daily Value On March 12

Study: Greenland Melting Is More Pervasive Adding To Sea Level Fears


Incredible Edible free food project replicated worldwide

bySophie McAdam | True Activist.

Todmorden in bloom

In the small town of Todmorden in the north of England, fresh organic produce is growing everywhere. There are sweet-smelling herbs at the railway station, vegetables sprouting in the public car park, and an apothecary garden next to the local Health Center.

This is the Incredible Edible movement, a grassroots campaign to provide healthy fresh food to the whole community, while promoting local produce and educating people on the joys of cultivating veggies.

Incredible Edible co-founder Pam Warhurst explained how she and her friends sat around a kitchen table six years ago, brainstorming ways to make positive change in the world.

They began with a simple question: Can we find a unifying language that cuts across age, income and culture, that will help people themselves find a new way of living? Then came the thunderbolt. Food is a basic human need, but fresh, healthy organic food is a basic human right. “None of this is rocket science, but it is inclusive,” Pam says. Ultimately, this is a movement for everyone. We say, ´if you eat, you´re in.´



Consumer prices in the U.S. rose slightly in February because of higher food and housing

(note; this is only March and a near 1/2 % increase in a month on food prices.  The government, when measuring inflation on the Consumer Price Index EXCLUDES food and energy when the report the CPI index, fyi)

The price of food jumped 0.4% — the largest gain since September 2011 — because of higher costs of meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.

Grow Food or Grow Hungry?

The Power Of A Regional Food Commons

How Seeds Could Be Our Saviors If We Save Them First


(Furthering technology to enslave by playing to our those who cannot unplug and detach. Any conversation about having that Wifi Field right next to the temple of your brain????)

Why We Hate Google Glass — And All New Tech

Fairly soon after Google announced Glass, a bar in Seattle banned them. Not long after that, the term “glasshole” entered the popular lexicon, a word specifically created to belittle early adopters as pretentious posers.

“Hey Glassholes We Don’t Want You Filming Us!!!”…When Google Glass becomes dangerous

After Glass wearer Sarah Slocum was assaulted by bar patrons at the Molotov bar in San Francisco, out of fear that she was recording without permission, bars Molotov and The Willows now bans wearing Google Glass; and it seems that the bars are not alone in their thinking Glass is dangerous. Delaware state is also trying to ban the wearable from the road.



Selling the Servitude;  Making All “Drone Friendly”

Have you ever thought “I wish I had a quicker way to get my favorite beer without leaving the house?”  In Minnesota, a local brewing company decided to find a way to meet these needs.  Minnesota-based brewing company Lakemaid developed a beer delivery system  to help make  its popular winter lager more accessible during the long winter months.

Drones over America

Will the skies of the future be filled with buzzing drones? Morley Safer explores the new, hardly regulated world of commercial drones. 60 Minutes Pumps Up the Drone Market for Military and further Intrusion on Personal Civil Liberties and Freedoms.

Missy Cummings: Most of the dramatic leaps in technology will now be happening in the commercial sphere. We will see small drones that deliver wedding cakes. We will see large drones that deliver your FedEx packages. We will see medium size drones that do air quality management.

Morley Safer: There’s something spooky –

Missy Cummings: It is spooky, right?

Morley Safer: About no windshield.

This experimental Medivac chopper can be programmed to fly itself if need be. An onboard pilot is optional.

Missy Cummings: This helicopter will take itself off, navigate itself, land itself, and then you will load that injured person and it will fly off, back to the trauma center, all by itself. This kind of helicopter in the future will be how first response missions are done all over the world.


Wireless Electricity: “It’s Perfectly Safe”

No thanks.

Via: CNN:

Don’t worry about getting zapped: Hall assures that the magnetic fields used to transfer energy are “perfectly safe” — in fact, they are the same kind of fields used in Wi-Fi routers.

In the house of the future, wire-free energy transfer could be as easy as wireless internet.

If all goes to WiTricity’s plans, smartphones will charge in your pocket as you wander around, televisions will flicker with no wires attached, and electric cars will refuel while sitting on the driveway.

WiTricity have already demonstrated their ability to power laptops, cell-phones, and TVs by attaching resonator coils to batteries — and an electric car refueller is reportedly in the works.


(Life would be better for all without Bill Gates of Hell.)

HALF of Silicon Valley start-ups are “silly”, and the price Facebook paid for WhatsApp was “higher than expected”, says Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. “Innovation in California is at its absolute peak right now. Sure, half of the companies are silly, and you know two-thirds of them are going to go bankrupt, but the dozen or so ideas that emerge out of that are going to be really important,” he said in a Rolling Stone interview.


Dear Gun Controllers: Pharmaceutical Drugs Kill More People than Bullets


Gaza Stripped – Israel Calls for “Full Reoccupation”

Zen: In addition to the excellent insights here, you can bet your bottom dollar those recent strikes were false flag ops set off by Israeli operatives, however many even actually happened. Would you invite an aggressive murderous neighbor to retaliate on your homeland by lobbing some random bombs on their population? That’s like the absurd idea Syria would use chemical weapons after the US threat.

You can be sure that 95% of any so called Palestinian incursions on the “beloved” warring state of Israhell were staged, as was the initial false flag attack that kicked off this insanity, the murderous bombing of the King David Hotel back in 1946 to set the current stage. See more Mossad false flag ops HERE.

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has called for the full reoccupation of the besieged Gaza Strip amid rising tensions in the region.

Lieberman made the remarks on Israel’s Channel 2 television following a retaliatory attack by Palestinian resistance movement, Islamic Jihad, against the Israeli regime earlier on Wednesday.

“Following an attack like this — a barrage of more than 50 rockets — there is no alternative to a full reoccupation of the entire Gaza Strip,” said the Israeli foreign minister.

Earlier in the day, an Israeli security source said more than 60 mortar rounds had been fired from Gaza, while the Israeli military put the number at “more than 30 rockets,” adding eight hit urban areas, and another three were intercepted by the Israeli Iron Dome missile system.

“We will continue to strike those who want to harm us. We’ll act against them very forcefully,” Lieberman was quoted by his spokesman, Ofir Gendelman, as saying in a separate statement.

Rachel corrie.jpeg

Gaza children commemorate fourth anniversary of American’s Rachel Corrie‘s Murder by Israeli Forces

Children from the Mini Palestinian Parliament commemorated the fourth anniversary of the loss of the American solidarity activist Rachel Corrie by enacting a permanent exhibit for her that includes pictures and personal belongings at the parliament site in the center of Rafah governorate.

Rachel Aliene Corrie (April 10, 1979 – March 16, 2003) from Olympia, Washington, was an American peace activist[1] as well as a member of the pro-Palestinian group called International Solidarity Movement (ISM).[2] She was crushed to death by an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) armored bulldozer in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip under contested circumstances[1][3] during the height of the second Palestinian intifada[4]

She had come to Gaza as part of her senior-year college assignment to connect her home town with Rafah in a sister cities project.[5] While there she had engaged with other ISM activists in efforts to non-violently prevent the Israeli army’s demolition of the homes of Palestinian people.[1][6][7]

Less than two months after her arrival,[5] on March 16, 2003, Corrie was killed after a three-hour confrontation between two bulldozers and eight ISM activists.[3][8] Wearing a bright orange fluorescent jacket and, until shortly before her death, using a megaphone, she was killed while standing in the path of a bulldozer that she believed was about to demolish the house of local pharmacist Samir Nasralla’s family whom she had befriended.[9] She was run over twice by the bulldozer resulting in a fractured skull, shattered ribs and punctured lungs.[10]


Israel Steals Palestinian Resources. Gaza without Water and Electricity

Tuesday 18th March 2014 at 03:36 By David Icke

‘Ethnic cleansing is official Israeli policy. So is stealing Palestinian land and resources.

Martin Schulz is European Parliament president. He visited Israel. On February 12, he addressed Knesset members. Outrage followed his remarks. Israeli MKs walked out in protest.

Days earlier he met a Palestinian youth. “Why can an Israeli use 70 cubic liters of water daily and a Palestinian only 17,” he asked.

Schulz raised the issue in his remarks. He said he hadn’t “checked the data. I’m asking you if this is correct.”

Right-wing extremist MK Moti Yogev shouted at him while he was speaking. “Shame on you,” he said. “You support someone who incites against Jews.


Mideast Egypt Mass Detentions-1.jpg

Crackdown in Egypt on ousted president’s backers sees 16,000 detained, many reports of abuses

(The U.S. backs Egypt’s military coup overthrowing an elected President with our silence, our U.S. made military hardware and our American dollars…those who still believe in democracy should take note that these same financiers run this country as well..)

Egypt’s crackdown on Islamists has jailed 16,000 people over the past eight months in the country’s biggest round-up in nearly two decades, according to previously unreleased figures from security officials. Rights activists say reports of abuses in prisons are mounting, with prisoners describing systematic beatings and miserable conditions for dozens packed into tiny cells.

The Egyptian government has not released official numbers for those arrested in the sweeps since the military ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in July. But four senior officials — two from the Interior Ministry and two from the military — gave The Associated Press a count of 16,000, including about 3,000 top- or mid-level members of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.



“I will be the MOST transparent President ever!”  Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, 2008

(Where is the outrage from all who supported this fraud of a Man and representative??? Why are people not calling for his impeachment??  A nation of sheep and as a rancher I know one truth, sheep eventually go to slaughter when they’ve been fattened up appropriately.)

Obama Administration Cites ‘National Security’ More Than Ever to Censor, Deny Records

The Obama administration more often than ever censored government files or outright denied access to them last year under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, according to a new analysis of federal data by The Associated Press.

The administration cited more legal exceptions it said justified withholding materials and refused a record number of times to turn over files quickly that might be especially newsworthy. Most agencies also took longer to answer records requests, the analysis found.

The government’s own figures from 99 federal agencies covering six years show that half way through its second term, the administration has made few meaningful improvements in the way it releases records despite its promises from Day 1 to become the most transparent administration in history.

In category after category — except for reducing numbers of old requests and a slight increase in how often it waived copying fees — the government’s efforts to be more open about its activities last year were their worst since President Barack Obama took office.

Just 7 of the Many Broken Promises:
1. Make Government Open and Transparent
2. Make it “Impossible” for Congressmen to slip in Pork Barrel Projects
3. Meetings where laws are written will be more open to the public (republicans shut out)
4. No more secrecy
5. Public will have 5 days to look at a Bill
6. You’ll know what’s in it (Republican Senators didnt know)
7. We will put every pork barrel project online



The College Debt Bubble Is Set to Explode (Micro Documentary)

According to a new documentary from Crush the Street obscene debt levels are being amassed on all levels of secondary education – even if the college in question is not “for profit.”

If you have kids entering college, in college, or graduates living with you at home, the following documentary is one you’ll want to share – just so they know exactly how they’ve been brainwashed into believing that the road to success requires a degree. Moreover, it reveals the reasons for why college education costs are skyrocketing, as well as the end result of the trillion dollar bubble that is sure to pop in coming years.


Insanity Defined:

Worst drought in the history of California yet Frackers are allowed to draw 13 million gallons of potable water per well as needed to keep fracking…while Central Valley Farmers have their water turned off completely!

Largest Anti-Fracking Rally in California History Draws Thousands

By Andy Rowell

They came in their thousands from across the Sunshine State. On Saturday, the largest anti-fracking rally and protest in California’s history took place in the state capital of Sacramento.

The message to California Gov. Jerry Brown was simple: act now to ban fracking.

The rally, which was organized by Californians Against Fracking and some 80 environmental and health organizations, such as Oil Change International (OCI) and

Protestors were young and old, united in their opposition to fracking. One group of grandmothers sang: “We don’t want your fracking turning all our water brown, Take your freakin’ frackin’ drills or we will shut you down! Hydro-FRAC-turing just sucks.”

“Governor Brown has positioned himself as a climate champion, and we want to make it clear that as he decides whether to green light a massive expansion of fracking in California, his legacy is on the line,” said rally organizer Zack Malitz.


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