March 13, 2014

Russian Megalthic Ruins Discovered 8

Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

For years, historians and archaeologists have absolutely marveled at the incredibly huge stones found at Baalbek.  But some of these stones in Russia are reportedly more than twice the size.  Needless to say, a lot of people are getting very excited about this discovery.  The following comes from a Mysterious Universe article

Alternate history buffs are about to be whipped into a frenzy!  OK, maybe not, but they will find this interesting.

An ancient “super-megalithic” site has been found in the Siberian Mountains.  Found recently in Gornaya Shoria (Mount Shoria) in southern Siberia, this site consists of huge blocks of stone, which appear to be granite, with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners.  The blocks appear to be stacked, almost in the manner of cyclopean masonry, and well…they’re enormous!

Russia is no stranger to ancient megalithic sites, like Arkaim or Russia’s Stonehenge, and the Manpupuner formation, just to name two, but the site at Shoria is unique in that, if it’s man-made, the blocks used are undoubtedly the largest ever worked by human hands.

When I say that this is a new discovery, I am not kidding.  In fact, the very first expedition to study these stones happened just a few months ago.  Prior to this expedition, there were no known photographs of these megalithic stones.  Archaeologist John Jensen is mystified by these ancient ruins, and the following is an excerpt from a post on his personal blog

The super megaliths were found and photographed for the first time by Georgy Sidorov on a recent expedition to the Southern Siberian mountains. The following images are from Valery Uvarov’s Russian website.

There are no measurements given, but from the scale depicted by the human figures, these megaliths are much larger (as much as 2 to 3 times larger) than the largest known megaliths in the world. (Example: The Pregnant Woman Stone of Baalbek, Lebanon weighs in at approximately 1,260 ton). Some of these megaliths could easily weigh upwards of 3,000 to 4,000 tons.

Perhaps the most famous are the megalithic ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon…

Baalbek Stone

The following is some information about Baalbek from one of my previous articles…

The ancient city of Baalbek is one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of all time. Located east of the Litani River in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, Baalbek is world famous for its exquisitely detailed yet monumentally scaled Roman temple ruins. In Roman times, Baalbek was known as Heliopolis (after the sun god) and it contained some of the largest and most notable Roman temples ever built. In fact, the Romans had constructed an extraordinary temple complex in Baalbek consisting of three separate temples – one for Jupiter, one for Bacchus and one for Venus. But what these Roman temples were built on top of is much more important. These Roman temples were actually built on top of an ancient 5 million square foot platform that was made from some of the largest stones ever used in any construction project in the history of the earth.  In fact, the largest stone found near the Baalbek ruins weighs approximately 1200 tons and is about 64 feet long.  To put that in perspective, that is the equivalent of approximately 156 full size African elephants.

How people in ancient times were able to move such massive stones is a complete mystery.  In fact, these giant construction stones were stacked so closely together that you can’t even fit a piece of paper between many of them.  Many of the architectural feats found at Baalbek cannot even be duplicated with 21st century technology.

So how did they do it?

How did they move such massive stones to create a structure of such intricate precision?

Keep in mind that the base of the Baalbek ruins alone weighs approximately 5 billion tons.

Evidence continues to mount that very sophisticated technology was used in the ancient world.


Has The Descent Begun?

The Biggest Game Changer for All

On March 9, 2014, Arctic sea ice area was at a record low for the time of the year, at only 12.88731 square kilometers.

Huge amounts of methane have been released from the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean over the past half year, and the resulting high methane concentrations over the Arctic will contribute to local temperature rises.

The image below shows that sea surface temperatures are anomalously high in the Arctic Ocean and off the east coast of North America, from where warm water is carried by the Gulf Stream into the Arctic Ocean.

The prospect of an El Niño event makes the situation even more dire. NOAA recently issued an El Niño Watch. This follows a conclusion by an international research team that found a 75% likelyhood of an El Niño event in late 2014.

The consequences of sea ice collapse would be devastating, as all the heat that previously went into transforming ice into water will be asbsorbed by even darker water, from where less sunlight will be reflected back into space. The danger is that further warming of the Arctic Ocean will trigger massive methane releases is unacceptable and calls for comprehensive and effective action as discussed at the Climate Plan blog.

See Related:

HAARP, Chemtrails, and Weather Modification – The True Source of Climate Change


Now tell me no one thought this through and that the after effects wouldn’t alter humanity’s course and development in a negative way. The point here is that at some level they know, and something’s driving them.

This begins to put Fukushima and the massive proliferation of dangerous nuclear energy reactors and x-ray intensive food, health and security technology into a much more profound perspective. They know, but either they don’t care in their craze to profit from this technology financially and militarily, or perhaps we’re looking at something as disturbing as terraforming; changing the very environment of our home as well as its inhabitants to fit some other, unknown and über Machiavellian agenda.

And that doesn’t mean all those involved in this insanity know what they are part of. That’s a fundamental truth of almost every agenda of this weird matrix now enveloping our planet. The go-fers right up the chain are as dumb as bricks, blinded by their lust for wealth, power and control. An easy drug to pass out for the Controllers steering these jerkwads.


Nuclear Weapon Madness – Some 23,300 nuclear weapons are stored at 111 locations around the world

The world’s approximately 23,300 nuclear weapons are stored at an estimated 111 locations in 14 countries, according to an overview produced by FAS and NRDC.

Nearly half of the weapons are operationally deployed with delivery systems capable of launching on short notice.

Nuclear Reactors Around the World


A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945. (Note that all these explosions continue to release radiation onto Earth and Sea and will continue for thousands and thousands and thousands of years to come.)


The disease is projected to increase nearly 45 percent by that year, from 1.6 million cases to 2.3 million cases annually.

The report particularly highlights the growing needs in the cancer care sector, saying that there will be a shortage of nearly 1,500 oncologists in about 10 years.

“In more concrete terms, given that an oncologist sees an average of 300 new patients each year, nearly 450,000 new patients are likely to face obstacles in getting life-saving care,” the society said in its report summary.

WTO; Worldwide cancer cases expected to soar by 70% over next 20 Years.

Patients’ Costs Skyrocket; Specialists’ Incomes Soar –



But how many of those people celebrating have
ever actually considered what the Declaration was actually about,
and what the colonists actually did? The colonists did not merely
beg the king to change his ways. In fact, the Declaration explains
how they had tried that, to no avail. Instead, the colonists were
doing something far more drastic.

In short, they committed treason. They broke the law. They
disobeyed their government. They were traitors, criminals and tax
cheats. The Boston Tea Party was not merely a tax protest, but open
lawlessness. Furthermore, truth be told, some of the colonists were
even cop-killers. At Lexington, when King George’s “law enforcers”
told the colonists to lay down their guns, the colonists responded
with, “No, you’re not the boss of us!” (Well, that was the meaning,
if not the exact verbiage.) And so we had “The Shot Heard ‘Round
the World,” widely regarded as the beginning of the American

Looking back now, we know the outcome. We know who eventually won,
and we don’t mind cheering for the rebels. But make no mistake:
when you cheer for the founders of this country, you are cheering
for law-breakers and traitors. As well you should. But, for all the
flag-waving and celebrating that goes on every July 4th, do
Americans actually believe in what the colonists did? Do they
really believe in the attitude expressed in the Declaration of
Independence? Are they really still capable of supporting a mantra
of “You’re not the boss of me!”?

Imagine a group of people writing
a letter to the United States government, sending a letter to
Congress and to the President, saying that they would no longer pay
federal taxes, they would no longer obey federal laws, and that
they would resist–by force, if necessary–any attempt by federal
agents to enforce those laws. How would a group which did such
things be viewed today, by most Americans?

They would be viewed as nut-cases, scofflaws and terrorists,
despicable criminals and malcontents. They would be scorned as the
scum of the earth, despised by just about everyone who today
celebrates Independence Day.

How ironic.

So why the double standard? Why would the American public today
condemn the exact same attitudes and behaviors which they glorify
and praise in the context of the American Revolution? Quite simply,
it’s because, for all the proud talk of “land of the free and home
of the brave,” the spirit of resistance–the courage to say “You’re
not the boss of us!”–has been trained out of the American people.

We have become a nation of wimps.


Huge water pulse to bring Colorado river back from dead

When the gates of the Morelos open on 23 March, the river will be reunited with its delta. The eight-week-long pulse will release enough water into the dry riverbed to fill an area the size of a Manhattan city block with a column six kilometres high.

After that, the agreement stipulates that a small continuous flow, totalling an additional 64 billion litres, will infuse the delta over the next three years. It’s a trickle compared with what used to reach the delta, but researchers still expect the water to bring around 950 hectares of the delta to life in the weeks after the pulse.

The experiment isn’t just remarkable for its scale. It is also the first time water has crossed the US-Mexico border for environmental purposes – the result of years of negotiations between Mexican and US water authorities, as well as a host of NGOs. “As far as I know there has never been an agreement to deliver water for biological purposes,” says Michael Cohen of the Pacific Institute in Oakland, California. “It’s been in the works for arguably 20 years.”


Barium’s Function in Chemtrails

According to international reports, barium and cadmium are the most commonly reported chemtrail deposits. And what if our immune systems are suppressed? That may be the barium salts’ purpose in chemtrails. Besides irritating lungs and causing serious heart problems or digestive issues from drinking barium contaminated water, barium can directly diminish the immune system.

Laboratory findings have concluded that barium interferes with our bodies’ activation of T-cells, which are the attack cells against pathogenic microbes. If not directly involved with destroying pathogens, T-cells support other immune functions, including the destruction of cancer cells.

According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, (CDC):

“Ingestion of certain forms of barium (e.g., barium carbonate or barium fluoride) in toxic amounts can lead to gastrointestinal signs and symptoms (e.g., vomiting, abdominal pain, and watery diarrhea). Within 1–4 hours of ingestion, profound hypokalemia and generalized muscle weakness can develop which may progress to paralysis of the limbs and respiratory muscles. Severe hypokalemia induced by barium toxicity can cause ventricular dysrhythmias (1-7).”

This allows other chemtrail heavy metals and biological disease agents found in some chemtrail samples as well as our food, air, and watere to have a field day unless we do everything possible to maintain a strong immune system, including constantly detoxing.


“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozled has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” – Carl Sagan

Obama Administration Continues To Shield Public From Bush CIA Torture Mess

What’s in the more than 9,000 pages of top secrets documents held by the White House that the Senate Intelligence Committee and investigators looking into the Bush administration’s torture program are not allowed to see?


Obama Regime’s Hypocrisy Sets New World Record

Paul Craig Roberts
Activist Post

From the moment that Washington launched its orchestrated coup in Kiev, Washington has been accusing Russia of “intervening in Ukraine.” This propaganda ploy succeeded. The Western presstitute media reported (nonexistent) Russian intervention to the exclusion of coverage of Washington’s obvious intervention.

Having falsely accused Russia of invading Crimea, the Obama regime now demands that Russia interfere in Crimea and prevent the referendum set for next Sunday. Unless Russia uses force to prevent the people of Crimea from exercising their right of self-determination, John Kerry declared that the Obama regime will not discuss the Ukrainian situation with Russia.

So, Kerry has given Russia the green light to send in troops to prevent Crimean self-determination.
The presstitute Western media has not noticed that out of one corner of his mouth Kerry denounces Russia for intervening and out of the other corner of his mouth Kerry demands that Russia intervene in behalf of Washington’s interest and suppress Crimean self-determination.

What is the point of such an absurd demand on Russia?

Pretexts for War: How the public is deceived into fighting


Insurers: At least 20% of new ObamaCare sign-ups failed to pay their first premium on time

Fully one-fifth of the new enrollment numbers that HHS has been waving around are bogus. Their target for the end of January was 4.4 million sign-ups; a few days ago, they told the country they’d made it three-quarters of the way there with 3.3 million. In reality, once the deadbeats are bounced from the rolls by their new insurers, they’ll be in the ballpark of 2.6 million, or 60 percent of their target. And that’s after HHS pressured insurers to extend the payment deadline from December 31 into January, hoping that a little more time for slackers would pad the enrollment figures even more.

Normally, when you fail to pay a premium, the policy is canceled. This means that the White House’s claim of 4.2 million people signed up for Obamacare is deceptive. They may have signed up (and the White House kept using the word “selected” to evade the issue of whether they actually had policies or not) but that does not mean a successful completion for a new insurance policy.

Obamacare Individual Mandate Quietly Repealed for 2 Years

Activist Post

According to a technical bulletin released last week by the Department of Health and Human Services, the individual mandate for citizens to purchase healthcare through government-run exchanges or face a penalty appears to have been repealed for two years by way of new exemptions.


Planetary Fiat: Does a $100 Trillion Debt Matter?

Debt is everywhere, but it just does not seem to matter. Why?

James Hall
Activist Post

Thanks to the folks at Zero Hedge, you get the account Global Debt Crosses $100 Trillion, Rises By $30 Trillion Since 2007; $27 Trillion Is “Foreign-Held” – “Total global debt has exploded by 40% in just 6 short years from 2007 to 2013, from “only” $70 trillion to over $100 trillion as of mid-2013, according to the BIS’ just-released quarterly review”. They make this assessment:

Not surprisingly, given the significant expansion in government spending in recent years, governments (including central, state and local governments) have been the largest debt issuers (Graph C, left-hand panel). They mostly issue debt in domestic markets, where amounts outstanding reached $43 trillion in June 2013, about 80% higher than in mid-2007 (as indicated by the yellow area in Graph C, left-hand panel). Debt issuance by non-financial corporates has grown at a similar rate (albeit from a lower base).

There seems only one valid conclusion drawing upon these figures. Whatever economic activity exists is based upon government expenditures and that corporations have lowered their interest rates on their outstanding debt. The former is most disturbing, while the latter, under normal circumstances, would offer a promise of an expanding economy.


Europe Installs Raw Milk Vending Machines While US Keeps Raw Milk Illegal

Naked Juice isn’t so naked

(Coca Cola owns Naked Juice, fyi)

Photo credit: Kimberly Smith

Naked Juice-loving APU students, take note: The “all natural” juice blend may not be as naked as you think.

The company took a $9 million hit in the Pappas v. Naked Juice lawsuit last July. The action questioned the company’s marketing claims of “100 percent juice” and “No GMOs.”

The legal backing to these claims is not that the vegetable or fruit juices are inorganic, but that there are various additives to the juice products including soy, Firbersol-2 and the fructooligosaccharides, which are genetically modified.

“[Naked] juice is delicious,” sophomore cinema arts major Chandler Nolan said. “It kind of sucks that it’s not natural, but what can you do? Most of the stuff that we eat and drink isn’t natural.”

Naked Juice denied the claims of false advertising, although they did reach the settlement while continuing to defend the quality of the company’s ingredients.

APU, a buyer of Naked Juice, was not affected in the course of this scandal, said Hospitality Services Business Manager Jonathan Teague



Sandy Hook Shocker: Associated Press stories & photos predate the massacre

Remember those heartbreaking RIP, Facebook, donation, and fundraiser webpages that were created several days BEFORE the actual massacre on Dec. 14, 2012, of 20 kids and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT? (See here and here.)

Remember that guide by the Crisis Management Institute on how to talk to children about Sandy Hook which was created four days BEFORE the massacre?

We were told that those pre-dated webpages, websites, and documents were merely due to computer glitches.

But what if I tell you that we have evidence of pre-dated Sandy Hook photos from none other than the venerable Associated Press? And that we’re not talking about one or two, but LOTS of photos? Nor is this about photos predated by a few days, but by MONTHS and YEARS?

Would you still say, “Pfft. It’s just a computer glitch”?

Are you ready?


Sipa Press is a French photo agency based in Paris and the leading photo agency in the world with 20 million pictures in its archives and 12 million in its digital database. Sipa Press distributes up to 6.000 newspictures every day — on politics, economy, entertainment and sports — to customers in more than 40 countries across the world. Sipa’s most important associates are the Associated Press, Rex Features in the United Kingdom and La Presse in Italy.

A blogger named Timothy Hunter gained access to Sipa Press‘ archives through his school. Hunter’s access ended “last semester,” but not before he was able to discover and record stunning evidence that many of the photos the Associated Press (AP) supposedly had taken on the Sandy Hook massacre had dates-of-creation that predated December 14, 2012.

This is Hunter’s video, presenting and describing his findings.

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