March 12, 2015

‘As long as people remain asleep, those who seek power and control will continue to manipulate and engineer the masses, right down to the structure of our very reality.’

This is Google the largest, most powerful company in the world, joining forces with DARPA the most advanced premier military technology. These are their plans (when they tell you there still testing, they are already implementing the products, this is SOP (standard op. procedure)

“Further out, the company is looking at improving on the password by using electronic tattoos, swallowable pills and other forms of authentication. Woodside was joined onstage by Regina Dugan, the former DARPA head that now leads advanced research for Motorola

“big science with driving application”  “decades behind DARPA” Defense  Advanced Technologies Development Group” where she came from.

Authentification.  39X electronic pills/day .  electronic wearables.

“mismatch between humans and electronics”  mechanical mismatch.  islands of silicon structure in accordion sytle layout with  MT10, sensors and rfid wireless.

‘kids will be far more interested in wearing an electronic tattoo to piss off their parents.”

vitamin authentication “small chip inside of it with a switch…inside out potato battery, acid services the electrolite and the switch goes on and off, an 18 bit ecg like switch in your body and your body becomes and authentification token.

Yes, it’s really true, so that becomes my first “super power”. my arms are like wires, my legs are like alligator clips, when i touch my computer, my phone, my door, my car, i am authenticated in,”  made by a company called “Proteus”. cleared by the FDA and can take 30 a day for the rest of your life..we can just tell that you’ve taken the pill, the medical community

Q: Does Google now know everything I do and everywhere I go?  Regina Duncan claps loudly and laughs.  “It’s early, but we are excited about where it is going”, closes head of Google Product Development.”

this dovetails perfectly with Google’s stated 10 yr. vision:

“Google’s IPO, a decade ago this
week, launched the company on a trajectory that continues to reshape its
business and much of the world in its orbit.

And CEO Larry Page is determined to
push even further. Page’s vision is that Google’s
products and services will become the control center of people’s lives:

The company’s driverless cars will chauffeur people
around safer roads and deliver goods within hours of an online order.


Motorola Is Working On a Password Pill for Once-Daily Authentication — Oh, and a Tattoo, Too

Let’s get real: We have a password problem. So why not turn your entire body into an authentication device?


Proteus Creates 200 UK Jobs for Edible Microchip ‘Smart Pill’ Production

US biotech giant will create 200 jobs in Britain as it picks the country to produce a ‘smart pill’ which can tell if a patient has taken their medication or not. Proteus confirmed in a statement that its tablets, which contain edible microchips, will be produced at a site in the UK while several teams within Britain’s state-run National Health Service plan to test the benefits of using the sensor technology in various fields.

In May 2013, Proteus revealed that it received $62.5m in funding for the pill production. Proteus received European and US approval for its technology system where the ‘smart pill’, which is about the size of a grain of sand, is linked to a patch worn on the patient’s abdomen.

Proteus Digital Health, at its core, involves a tiny, all-organic sensor that people swallow with their medication.

The sensor contains tiny amounts of magnesium and copper that react together, sending a wireless signal to a battery-operated patch that’s worn on the patient’s abdomen. The patch, which lasts about a week, reports its data to a tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth, and the device forwards the information up to the cloud. Once the data is in the cloud, it can be monitored by doctors and other caregivers.

Proteus is addressing a key driver of healthcare costs. Repeat illnesses and re-admissions are often caused by patients not taking their medication or failing to follow medical orders while at home. The Proteus hardware and software give caregivers a way to make sure they do.

Proteus became a company in 2001 and has been working with the FDA to approve its technology since the mid-2000s. The company has received European Commission (CE mark) and FDA market clearance in the U.S. for its wearables and Ingestible Sensors.

A handful of health systems in the U.S. and U.K. are now testing the Proteus system in what Proteus calls a “private beta.” The company isn’t saying when the product will become generally available.

Take two microchips, call me in the morning

  • FDA approves first digestible digital pill for use in placebos
  • Silicon chip will react with digestive juices to transmit info
  • Not taking your meds? Microchip will let your doctor know
Take two microchips, call me in the morning!

The pill of the future has arrived. And it’s prepared to hold a one-way conversation with your doctor from deep inside the lining of your stomach.

The FDA has approved the use of tiny sensors to be embedded within drugs to transmit information back to your physician. The silicon chip conveys details about how your body is responding to the medication and your actual frequency of use.

“It’s like Big Brother watching you take your medicine,” said Eric Topol, who is the director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute and has written about the future of medical technology.


How DNA Is Turning Us Into a Nation of Suspects

Every dystopian sci-fi film we’ve ever seen is suddenly converging into this present moment in a dangerous trifecta between science, technology and a government that wants to be all-seeing, all-knowing and all-powerful. By tapping into your phone lines and cell phone communications, the government knows what you say. By uploading all of your emails, opening your mail, and reading your Facebook posts and text messages, the government knows what you write. By monitoring your movements with the use of license plate readers, surveillance cameras and other tracking devices, the government knows where you go


Michigan State Police Get ‘OK’ to Use Drones

Michigan State Police have become one of the first law enforcement agencies in the nation to receive authorization from the Federal Aviation Authority to use unmanned aerial systems, commonly referred to as drones, in police operations. It’s been conducting training flights with the FAA’s permission since February of 2014.


The “Tequila” Sweetener Agave Is Far Worse Than High Fructose Corn Syrup

Story at-a-glance

    • Most agave “nectar” or agave “syrup” is nothing more than a laboratory-generated super-condensed fructose syrup, devoid of virtually all nutrient value, and offering you metabolic problems
    • Most agave syrup has higher fructose content than any commercial sweetener — ranging from 70 to 97 percent, depending on the brand, which is far higher than high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which averages 55 percent.
    • Fructose is the primary sugar in most fruits — it isn’t intrinsically evil, but it becomes dangerous with the massive doses added to most processed foods today. It becomes a metabolic poison when you consume it in quantities greater than 25 grams a day
  • Learn from this article how fructose makes you fat and sick, and how you can radically reduce your intake


Federal health insurance aid in doubt for nearly 8 million


Another day, another young unarmed black man shot down by white policemen.  Nearly everyday this is happening in Amerika.


White Ga. officer shoots, kills black unarmed, naked man

“The caller reported a male acting deranged, knocking on doors and crawling around on the ground naked,” said DeKalb County Police Chief Dr. Cedric Alexander in a Monday afternoon news conference.

When officers arrived, they found the man completely unclothed, in the parking lot.

“The man, he was like drugged, but he was naked, and he was crawling,” Oscar Perez said. “I think the police officer thought he was going to attack, so he shot him.”

Police gave a similar account at the news conference.

“When the male saw the officer, he charged, running at the officer,” Alexander said. “The officer called to him to stop, while stepping backward. He then drew his weapon and fired two shots.”

Police said no weapon was found at the scene, and it appears the man was unarmed. One of the questions that will be examined during the investigation is whether the officer could have used a lesser, alternative method of force to subdue the man


The Great Middle Class Extinction: ”95% of New Homes Built for Rich or Poor”

Homeownership in the fourth quarter dropped to 63.9% on a seasonally adjusted basis, the lowest level since Q3 1994, according to the Commerce Department. In all of 2014, homeownership plunged by 1.2 percentage points, the largest annual drop in the history of the data series going back to 1980


America’s skyrocketing Credit Card Debt…Again
Stupid is as Stupid does…Trillion in student loan debt, $18 Trillion in Gov’t debt and record highs again in credit card debt.  How will this end?


California drought: Big water rate hikes considered by Bay Area agencies

Three of the largest Bay Area water agencies — the Santa Clara Valley Water District, the East Bay Municipal Utility District and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, which runs the Hetch Hetchy system — all are considering water rate hikes of up to 30 percent this year.

The agencies — which serve 5.8 million people, or about 80 percent of the Bay Area’s population — say they need to increase rates because they are selling a lot less water as customers conserve because of the drought.

 “We don’t want to raise water rates,” said Beau Goldie, CEO of the Santa Clara Valley Water District, which provides water to 1.8 million people in Silicon Valley. “But our job is to make sure there is enough clean, safe water to sustain the economy of Santa Clara County. We can’t control the drought.”
 Because they have sold less water, the agencies have lost tens millions of dollars in revenues. They also have had to spend more money on drought-related expenses such as buying extra water from outside the Bay Area to help meet demand, expanding public relations budgets to ask the public to use less water amid shortages, and offering rebates to homeowners who replace lawns with drought-tolerant plants or old, leaky appliances with water-efficient ones.
More than 1.2 million people in the United States are infected with HIV but government officials do not ban HIV infected children and adults from attending school, receiving medical care, being employed, or otherwise participating in society.
In fact, there are anti-discrimination laws that guarantee civil rights protections for Americans infected with HIV or living with AIDS. In 2012, public health officials reported that about two million people in America are infected with chlamydia, tuberculosis, syphilis and gonorrhea, and they estimate another three million people are infected with hepatitis C.
Like those with HIV or AIDS, these citizens are not targeted for discrimination and blocked from getting a public education, being employed or moving freely in society. But in 2015 after a handful of measles cases were identified at Disneyland, suddenly Americans are being asked to surrender civil liberties. Healthy children whose only “crime” is that their parents have chosen to refuse toxic vaccines are suddenly at risk for being denied an education in America and other freedoms granted to other citizens. How did a handful of measles cases at Disneyland turn into a full-scale assault on civil and human rights in America?

Read more…


FDA Must Be Made Accountable for Scientific Misbehavior


Big Pharma’s stranglehold on Washington

You might think our nation’s defense and aerospace companies, which have legions of hired guns on Capitol Hill, are the leaders.  Or perhaps Big Oil, which is perpetually fighting  with environmentalists and consequently needs friends in Washington to block what it considers onerous legislation or regulations.

In both cases, you’d be wrong. It’s actually the pharmaceutical industry that spends the most each year to influence our lawmakers, forking over a total of $2.6 billion on lobbying activities from 1998 through 2012, according to To get some perspective on just how big that number is, consider that oil and gas companies and their trade associations spent $1.4 billion lobbying Congress over the same time frame while the defense and aerospace industry spent $662 million, a fourth of Big Pharma’s total.


How Congress Quietly Overhauled Its Insider-Trading Law to Run Ahead of the Public with Laws they are about to pass (2013)

The White House cited the independent report in explaining why the president signed the bill. And a spokesman for Cantor said the House and Senate were simply following recommendations of the study. But Lisa Rosenberg, a lobbyist for the Sunlight Foundation, which advocated for the STOCK Act, says Congress went too far.

“It’s really shocking that they used basically the situation of questions about whether some language in the bill was overbroad to just gut the bill — to gut the transparency measures that apply to themselves,” she says.


Former SEC Director Warns Against Automated and Secretive Market “Rigged Against Retail Investors”


Amerika R U.S.! Ways the Matrix Coerces Public Consent for Torture

Sigmund Fraud
Activist PostCleverly at work for the dark side, the corporate media isn’t going into great detail about the recent discovery that the Chicago Police Department has for years been operating a secret, off-site, extra-judicial, unconstitutional detention and interrogation center in a nondescript warehouse on the West side of the Windy City. Americans, so the talking heads would have us believe, have more important things to busy ourselves with.The protest against this outrage is growing, however, because at Homan Square, as it’s known, the local police ‘disappear’ American citizens before charging them with any crime. They hide them there for hours or days without the knowledge of lawyers, family, or friends, interrogating, threatening, abusing and at times coming up with cleverly inhumane ways to torture them.

Think Gitmo, think Abu Ghraib. Think Pol Pot, think Mao. Pardon my French here, but, c’est quoi ce bordel?

This sort of thing has always been in the play books of imperialists and barbarians, but in just over a short decade in the ‘land of the free,’ torture has clawed its gory soul into mainstream ideology, and it’s making the death march to becoming acceptable public policy for your local police goons. Who, by the way, are already up-armed to the teeth and better equipped than most of the world’s national armies.


Disneyland Getting Even Creepier

Will the world at large ever become something akin to Disney World, loaded with sensors attuned to our every move, designed to free us? There are signs. It’s already starting to appear on Disney cruise ships, and Staggs says airlines, sports leagues, and sports teams have asked about the technology. “We’re just at the beginning of understanding what to do with this,” he says. What Staggs doesn’t share, but what former team members do, is that Disney already has conceived, designed, and engineered many more features that seem to border on science fiction—features even more ambitious than delivering your food to you without your having to ask.

The MagicBand contains sensors that let guests swipe onto rides and allow Disney to pinpoint their location. At Be Our Guest, they’re what enable the radios in the table and ceiling to triangulate your location so your server can find you. If Disney decides to install those sensors throughout the park, a new world of data opens up. They could have Mickey and Snow White find you. They might use the park’s myriad cameras to capture candid moments of your family—enjoying rides, meeting Snow White—and stitch them together into a personalized film. (The product teams called this the Story Engine.) But they might also know when you’ve waited too long in line and email you a coupon for free ice cream or a pass to another ride. And with that, they’ll have hooked the white whale of customer service: Turning a negative experience into a positive one. It recasts your memories of a place—that’s why casinos comp you drinks and shows when you lose at the tables.

Though Franklin wouldn’t comment on the particulars of these possibilities, he did offer an intriguing summary of them. “What people call the Internet of Things is just a technological underpinning that misses the point, ” he says. “This is about the experiential Internet. The guest doesn’t need to know how it happened. It’s about the magic of the food arriving.”


Privacy advocates try to keep ‘creepy,’ ‘eavesdropping’ Hello Barbie from hitting shelves

This WiFi-connected Barbie may soon be a hit among children used to tinkering with iPads, but children’s privacy advocates are crying foul. Hello Barbie may be more accurately called “eavesdropping” Barbie, says one advocacy group. Another popular description? Creepy.

Hello Barbie works by recording a child’s voice with an embedded microphone that is triggered by pressing a button on the doll. As the doll “listens,” audio recordings travel over the Web to a server where the snippets of speech are recognized and processed. That information is used to help form Hello Barbie’s responses.

“If I had a young child, I would be very concerned that my child’s intimate conversations with her doll were being recorded and analyzed,” Angela Campbell, faculty adviser at Georgetown University’s Center on Privacy and Technology, said in a statement.


When will these pervs in Hollywood, U.S. and British Government, Big Time Sports and the Vatican Go to Jail? When?



The Plan To Replace Existing Humans With ”Transhuman” Hybrids

Michael Snyder
Activist PostTranshumanists believe that the time has come for humans to take control of their own evolution.  Many of them are fully convinced that we can use emerging technologies to “fix” the flaws in the human race and ultimately eradicate sickness, disease, poverty and war.So would you like to have the eyesight of an eagle?  Would you like to download an entire library of information directly into your brain in just minutes?  Would you like to rid your family line of all genetic diseases?  Would you like to extend your lifespan to 500 years or even longer?

Transhumanists promise that all of these things will soon be possible, if we are willing to embrace a new way of doing things. They foresee a future in which we will all have lots of little nanobots running around inside of us, in which we are all connected directly to the Internet, and in which we have all been genetically modified to at least some degree.  In fact, one prominent transhumanist recently stated that he believes that “eventually every human will be designed on a computer.”  In the end, the goal is to produce a vastly improved version of the human race which will usher in a golden new age for the planet.  But as we merge ourselves with animals, machines and weird new technologies that scientists cook up, at what point do we cease to be human?


America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776


Traitorous But True – UN Framework Document For US Subjugation, US Military To Be Absorbed Into UN Peacekeepers and Disbanded

Tuesday 10th March 2015 at 09:29 By David Icke

‘For most Americans, the fact that the United States has filed with the United Nations a document pledging to submit to UN military authority and to dismantle our own military capability in the process would seem unbelievable. The “progressives” have set us down that path and while it won’t happen overnight, they fully intend for it to happen.

The United Nations is far more than an international money skimming operation disguised as an aid organization. It was established as the foundation for a world government, one in which the United States ultimately assumes a subordinate position as just another of many member nations, to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats. It will be modeled along the lines of a worldwide EU, only more austere, oppressive and authoritarian.’

‘As long as people remain asleep, those who seek power and control will continue to manipulate and engineer the masses, right down to the structure of our very reality.’


The hidden power can destroy any public figure anytime they want to, including the Clintons


It was supposed to be a carefully planned anniversary to mark one of the most important and widely praised moments in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political career — and to remind the country, ahead of a likely 2016 presidential campaign, about her long record as a champion for the rights of women and girls. Instead, as Mrs. Clinton commemorates her 1995 women’s rights speech in Beijing in back-to-back events in New York, she finds herself under attack for her family foundation’s acceptance of millions of dollars in donations from Middle Eastern countries known for violence against women and for denying them many basic freedoms.


I love David Icke but he won’t come clean on his own reporting, so he cannot be fully trusted


 In 1999-2000, Warman had worked with various Jewish and anti-racism groups to notify public venues in Canada of discriminatory elements within Icke’s mishmash of conspiracy theories. After being provided with material from Icke’s own writings, a number of these venues withdrew permission for Icke to use their facilities in his tours.In retaliation, Icke included false allegations in his 2001 book Children of the Matrix that Warman was seeking to suppress Icke’s purported exposure of Satanic child abuse and murder.

David Icke made an out-of-court settlement on January 8th paying $90,000 CDN (50,000 GBP)on the eve of a long-delayed trial that was scheduled to begin in Toronto on February 2nd, 2015. The Court order formally discontinuing the claim was issued on 4 March 2015 thus paving the way for this announcement. Insurers for three Canadian bookstores that had refused to stop selling the book after being served with libel notices had previously settled out for $120,000 CDN (67,000 GBP). Information obtained from litigation by Icke against his former US business partner demonstrated that at least 55,000 copies of Children of the Matrix had been sold worldwide.

The settlement includes the requirement that Icke immediately cease any further distribution of Children of the Matrix and remove the defamatory material from any future editions. Warman thanked his lawyers Christine Lonsdale and Elder Marques of law firm McCarthy Tétrault – “They were absolute professionals and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Warman said “This settlement exposes Icke’s argument that no one had ever sued him because his allegations were true as nothing more than a fallacy.” He added, “My reputation has been entirely vindicated. David Icke’s attacks against me were disgraceful and beyond the pale but he’s paid a heavy price for them and I trust this will never happen again.”

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